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It’s the perennial question: what’s one thing you would take with you if your house was on fire? Years ago it would’ve been a photo album or pet but now we’re a bit more practical.

In a recent survey conducted by RACQ, it was found that 71.7 per cent of respondents would run for their wallets or handbags. This was the most popular answer by a long shot – pets were the next to be saved (55.9 per cent).

Interestingly, phones and tablets were third on the list of things to save in a fire. 10 years ago this would’ve been a desktop computer and now it’s a lot easier to just grab your phone and run instead of fiddling with cords.

Others were more sentimental, with a substantial amount saying they’d grab photographs (45.7 per cent) or salvage their uni degree (8.1 per cent) if they were in a fire emergency.

It was also found that one in five people would make a dash for their jewellery, 15 per cent would take glasses while nearly 8 per cent would endeavour to save items from their wardrobe.

Practicality was a priority with survey respondents thinking they’d take cash (45 per cent), their laptop (36.7), passport (35.30), back-up drive (24), glasses (15) and shoes (5.4) if their house was ablaze.

According to a Queensland Fire and Emergency spokeswoman, there were 522 residential structure fires last winter, with 171 occurring in Brisbane.

QFES winter fire safety tips include:

  • Have an adequate number of suitable smoke alarms installed throughout your home and make sure that you test them regularly.
  • Have a written home escape plan in case of fire and practice it regularly.
  • To test an electric blanket lay it flat on top of the bed, then switch it on for five minutes before putting it on your bed.
  • Consider having oil, gas or wood heating units checked and maintained yearly.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher and fire blanket near the exit of your kitchen.
  • Never leave burning candles or any open flame unattended.

Tell us, what would you save in the event of a fire? What is your most precious possession?

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  1. I would grab my handbag because if u loose all your cards licenses etc u r nobody as u have no I’d.

  2. Handbag with purse and credit cards, iPad if near and the dog and cat, although the cat could be problematic if she was being temperamental maybe just call her and prop the door open. How fierce the fire would determine what could be grabbed.

  3. I have my fire box always ready as I live in a bushfire prone semi rural heavily wooded area. I started to evacuate just a couple of weeks ago at 2am. In my bag I stuffed specs, phone and iPad along with chargers. Took two much loved pics of my children (one of which my deceased brother took). Underwear and a change of clothes, bottled water and a bowl for my dog, dog biccys, dog coat, firebox and put them all in the boot ready to go. Then I put keys, dog lead, handbag and walking stick near the door ready for leaving and just continued to water lawns around house and paddocks. After 4 1/2 hrs of burning the fire was under control at 4.30am thanks to an enormous number of firies and engines and I fell asleep exhausted for 2 hrs.

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