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What is your ideal prime minister? No, not who is your ideal prime minister, but what? What is the sort of person you’d like to run this country? 

Years ago, our prime ministers had the utmost of respect from voters. They were a stoic figure and were in a position of power that we acknowledged. We wouldn’t openly slander our head countryman, nor would we try to have them overturned during a term. They were a much more sold and restless time in Australian politics, albeit with some setbacks and controversy along the way. But what has really changed? Is it us, or is it them?

So today, we want to know, what is your ideal prime minister? How would they look? What would they say? What would they do? What would their standings be on major issues? Tony Abbott spill motions aside, who is this imagined person that we want to run our country, without naming names? Are they like the president of Uruguay who gives away his pay cheque to understand the plight of his people? Or are they a smooth talker? Do they face any challenge bravely, or are they more compassionate?

What is our ideal leader? It’s clear we don’t believe we have the ideal leader, so what could we change, who could step up to do everything we want?

Wait, what is it we want? Higher pensions, less homelessness, better economic stability, lowered terrorism threats? Or do we just simply want to feel like our future is in safe hands?

Where did we go so wrong? What happened to our true blue Aussie prime minister? Where in this great land is that person who could give us all hope? The sort of person we’re proud to talk about, the sort of person we could smile at on the street, instead of yelling at. The person we could shake hands with and have a hug from. The person who lives and breathes Australia, who fully comprehends our plights. Who grew up in a humble household and knows how to fight.

Who do we want to lead our nation …and where do we want to go? Is there even a slight possibility of a humanitarian, kind, thoughtful leader who works for the every man? Or are Australian politicians in it for something else?

Tell us today: what is your ideal prime minister? What do they look like? What will they do for you?

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  1. Someone who is honest with The Australian Public BEFORE the election. Someone with integrity and someone who knows what they are doing, and someone who is fair to ALL Australian’s not just just to the rich and powerful. It doesn’t bother me what they look like or what sex they are as long as they fill the above requirements

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    • Do any of you know why Whitlam was push out? Come on ! do some research you people , before you make silly statements . He was a nice friendly guy , but running the country ??? We don’t want to be a little Greece nation . BROKE .

    • Give us honesty & follow through with election promises. Tell us what’s on offer pre-election WITHOUT resorting to sledging the opposition.

    • I agree Bindy and I think it would be wonderful if they could hold a conversation with other world leaders and make people believe that Australia and Australians are not a joke.

    • We need a leader with vision and not just 3 word slogans or party BS from the left or right. We want somebody who can string all the words together, in a complete comprehensible sentence, without mumbling and repeating the same rubbish over and over. Basically, we really need anybody who isn’t a politician… 🙁

    • Gough Whitlam was a great man,but look what they did to an honest man and yes I do know why He was pushed out so I suggest you do your own research Carolyn Brown.

  2. I want the impossible. I want one that governs for all the people. One that’s strong enough to be honest. One that respects the people no matter their wealth, or lack of. I want one that doesn’t think the best way to get your policies through is to be a sneak. One who listens, not just says he/she does, one that will stand firm and absolutely will not attack the basic rights of all the people – health and education.

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    • the basic rights of people is to look after themselves ..the gov is there to provide a safety nett …that is how it was for 200 years .then we decided the govt was our mum and dad ..pay for our babies gear ,pay for child minding pay for school and uni pay dole even if the child is work shy .then a pension and subsidies …well mum and dad have hit harder times and cant give you as much …so cut out the hissy fit and grow up ….. look in the mirror and you will see a person who has the responsibility for looking after you

    • I’ve never had a penny from the government thanks Graeme. But that hasn’t turned me into an arrogant, self absorbed, judgemental, know all, bitter person. I have no problems accepting that everybody’s circumstances are very different. That some people no matter how hard they work, just never catch a break. That some people have ill health, or ill children. I have empathy.
      A governments role is absolutely in a first world country to provide education and health care FOR ALL. That is all I said. HEALTH AND EDUCATION FOR ALL. It appears you resent even the most basic of rights for people because that comment clearly touched a nerve. Medicare is paid for by every single taxpayer. The higher your income, the more you pay. It’s a fair system. Education is compulsory. Parents pay for public schools too. It may be comparatively speaking a small fee of around $500 PA. Small if you’re paying private or religious school fees, but non the less a fee. They don’t get a free ride. The vast majority of people are not getting a free ride.

      If you think there are too many lazy no,good dole bludgers who can but won’t work. Then take it up with Centrelnk. Provide them the names and addresses of these dole bludgers you believe exist. . It’s their job to weed them out. Interestingly they can’t be stuffed. That’s why people get away with doing the wrong thing. A friend phoned them recently, her neighbour is living on a full pension and running an overseas business, as well as living with a quite wealthy man. By all rights, this woman is not entitled to a pension. When my friend rang to report this she was told they would not take the report unless she gave her name and address, they also advised her that this person had a right to know who reported her and she would be told. If my friend had gone ahead with that report she would’ve had to sell up her home and move. So it has gone unreported. Saved Centrelink a job didn’t it.

    • I blocked him Margaret, half the time I could not even understand his ridiculous rants, let alone reply to them..good answer

    • While I agree with what you have said Margaret , I don’t get your aggression towards Graeme as it is not that different to what you are saying . He may have put it strongly but that’s his right , same as you have been pretty strong in your view . But I can agree with both of you .
      And Libbi , if you can’t understand him ! Then you have a problem with reading it was blunt but precise .

    • yes I agree Carolyn , I thought Graeme had a right to his opinion, I didn’t agree with his point of view, but he had a right to it, I don’t think he was abusive either
      again ,,, my opinion,, truly agree with u Maragaret 🙂

    • Carolyn Brown I can’t understand him half the time either, he typing and spelling is normally atrocious..he is a rude and ignorant man. I commented on a post that had nothing to do with politics, he responded to me by asking am I still sucking on the welfare teat, and if you think that is right..your just as bad as him

    • Carolyn Brown..I don’t have a problem reading but you do!! what don’t you understand about I blocked him and did so some time ago, My response was to Margaret and I very clearly named her. I am not interested in reading rudeness from anyone, there are plenty of nice people here to talk too

    • Carolyn, I have no problem with Graeme expressing a strong opinion. This is social media. We all have a right to do that. I took offensive to the use of his word you at the end. That made it personal. All I mentioned was it is a basic right to expect our taxes be used to make sure everyone has the right to healthcare and education.

      My original comment was neither strongly worded or offensive. There was no need for Graeme to go on a rant and to end his comment with the word YOU. if it wasn’t a personal attack on me, he certainly made it sound like one.

    • I have no interest in what Graeme Condely says either today is one of his rare lucid days, but he is still rude with it

    • That’s a big rant Margaret , and as you so eloquently pointed out , we are all entitled to an opinion , as is Graeme . If your biggest problem is his last statement ? Then re read it , because it dose not sound like it was for you personally , It was for parents in general. Personally I find your rant offensive , how date you assume that the test of us don’t think anyone needs help ! There are of course many out there who have NO issue telling us they don’t work , because it’s easier to get welfare , and don’t assume we don’t know what goes on In Centre link either , you don’t know who works there , it makes you no better than the rest you are ranting about .

    • Oh dear pls stop the bickering and stick to facts.. Without judging each other’s opinions. No one has an easy life… Life is hard for everyone.. Just in different ways… No one is perfect and certainly no politician I have seen but I guess more of them in the past had the welfare of the Australian people at their heart but nowadays so many are only about their own career. Laugh loud and be happy ladies!! You are the only ones you hurt with bitterness .. Cheers

  3. One who is a Statesman, rather than a Politician.

    According to the World Book Dictionary, a politician is “A person who gives much time to political affairs; a person who is experienced in politics.”
    A statesman is defined as “A person who is skilled in the management of public or national affairs.” The difference in definitions is subtle, but the difference in practice is enormous.

    The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman think about the next generation.

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    • well that is not Tony Abbot that is for sure..this is the Wikipedia definition A statesman is usually a politician, diplomat or other notable public figure who has had a long and respected career at the national or international level. Abbott is neither respected or liked in Australia by the majority http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statesman

    • Reply to Jacquie Johnston- if what you said is true- then we are in deep shit- because the Libs don’t seem to have anyone showing integrity and honesty as well.

    • the question is what has politics got to do wish running a country, and what use is an opposition party ,if you vote a party in the loser should have no say, what actual use are they , bugger all as far as i can see and they get paid .

    • The Council on Foreign Relations in the US argues that Prime Minister Tony Abbott “has proven so incapable of clear policy thinking, so unwilling to consult with even his own ministers and advisers, and so poor at communicating that he has to go”.

    • Starts at 60 Question Margaret Peterson
      ” Tell us today: what is your ideal prime minister? What do they look like? What will they do for you? ”
      I want a Statesman – one who serves the people, not themselves. One who is not feathering their own nest.

    • …. and it’s not necessarily one who doles out money like lollies thereby creating an “Age of entitlement””, where generations of people are disinclined to stand on their own two feet, because they think the world owes them a living.

    • I don’t know what side of the fence Alice votes but she is right..she did answer the question asked

    • Australia has not had a truth Statesman since Goff Whitlam. The trend since is to do things with the aim of winning the next election!

  4. HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and someone who’s competent enough to do the job they are paid to do, Tony Abbott said he will change, YEH RIGHT.

  5. I want a PM who leads a government with honesty and integrity. One whos strength of leadership guides the government along a path that totally benifits Australia and all the people. Someone who has vision and with the ability to lead the government in such a way that political point scoring does not over ride the main adgenda.

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  6. Honesty is always the best Policy and it seems to be one policy the Liberal Party avoid

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    • Labor did no better. To get the country going you need to be producing something. Then employing Aussies who want to work, but they have priced themselves out of the market. Face it this country is in denial

    • We were producing cars till ABBOTT and hockey traded off car manufacturing in order to get Korea and China to sign their Free Trade Agreements. I was totally stunned to hear Hockey proudly admit that a condition of getting China and Korea to sign was that they stop car manufacturing here. Very soon a lot of Australians are going to lose their jobs. That will be an industry that will no longer exist so no future jobs or apprenticeships.

  7. Yes, a statesman or woman; someone with vision, dignity and integrity, irrespective of political ideology. We have had a few in the past but all I see in the current crop on (all sides of ideology) is myopic politicians.

  8. John Howard

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    • John Howard also broke promises and claimed that he could because they weren’t ‘core promises’. Don’t forget the ‘never ever’ GST.

    • Keating bought his teak tables from Malaysia, so much for helping local industry. He expected people in kindergartens to stop having Christmas trees and said Australia was the arse end of the world. Now do you seriously want HIM back because frankly I haver never forgotten that and that was Labor. Their mentality is to bend over backwards for all foreigners and over- compensate and make them feel welcome. (Professor Jeff Blainey).

    • If you are allowed here we expect you to feel grateful, work, pay taxes and defend us. I am not prepared to see newcomers being supported whilst our own countrymen go without. I do not want your Islamist beliefs and Sharia law. What we want is for you to be happy, enjoy the country but put in as much effort as every other hard working Australian. If you don’t get it. Don’t come.

  9. A man or woman who is intelligent, compassionate, honest and who considers the plight of others before introducing policy which will make lives harder. Who understands the importance of industry in this country and the flow on positivity of job creation and maintenance. One who considers the desperation of people who seek asylum for themselves and their children. Oh yes, and one who has the guts to then see his (well designed) policies through to legislation.

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