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Yesterday, we were sickened to hear of the caravan that exploded outside a home in Mount Isa, Queensland. No one could get close to the scene as firefighters struggled to put out the fire, and now a special forces team has been flown in to put together the pieces of what happened.

What we do know is that there were two gas bottles that exploded, completely obliterating the caravan.

We also know there was a 39-year-old man inside the caravan with his two children, just four and seven years old.

But what’s really haunting me is the woman inside the house, who escaped the blast and subsequent fire physically unharmed.

How many times have I pottered around in the kitchen while my husband tinkers in the caravan while the kids “help”?

How many times have I asked “Is the gas off?” before we hit the road?

Police and authorities say it will be months before they know what happened to Charlie Hinder and his four-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter, but at this stage it looks like an accident.

I know accidents happen and there are brutalities that occur every minute around the world. But the loss of this young family, and the wreckage left behind is just too heartbreaking to bear – for the family and friends that remain, for the town on Mount Isa, and for the caravanning community at large.

Join us in sending our condolences to the Hinder family for this shocking, inexplicable tragedy. 

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  1. It is a shocking accident, more and more we are seeing homes burnt down with people using gas bottles, people are trying to find a cheap alternative to heat their homes and are dying in the process

  2. A shocking thing no doubt. Hopefully an investigation will reveal the trueth as to what happened and why. Sadly this will be of little consolation to family , friends and the community.

  3. It was so tragic the same thing happened here about 2 years ago at our caravan park. The man had just hot home from work and was cooking his dinner when he stepped out of his van to do something. When all of a sudden the gas exploded outside on his van. He was so lucky to escape a terrible death. My condolences go out to this woman it was so tragic

  4. Dreadful memories for those two beautiful boys who survived a similar event in Burnie a few years ago. In that case, their father exploded two gas bottles, injuring himself and his sons.

  5. Whatever the full story (and we seem to be hearing a couple of different versions) – it is a sad and tragic loss.

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