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A new global security survey has revealed just what scares Australians – and it’s not climate change.

The top thing that Australians believe is our greatest threat to global security is Islamic State.

The Pew Research Center surveyed 45,435 people aged 18 and above from 40 countries, including 1,004 Australians, and participants were asked to respond yes or no to whether they were “very concerned”, “somewhat concerned”, “not too concerned” or “not at all concerned” by a list of six issues: climate change, global economic instability, Isis, Iran’s nuclear program, cyber-attacks, tensions with Russia, and territorial disputes with China.

19 of the countries surveyed said that climate change was their greatest concern, however the US, the UK and Australia were much more worried about ISIS, with 69 per cent of respondents saying they were “very concerned”, followed by Iran’s nuclear weapons program (38%). Climate change ranked equal third on the care scare along with cyber attacks, at 37%.

Countries that deeply care about the real threat of climate change were in Latin America and Africa, while Western countries as well as the Middle East perceived ISIS a greater global threat.

International development expert, Dr Denis Dragovic, told The Guardian he wasn’t surprised.

“The challenge that we face in addressing Islamic State is that it has not shown any interest in abiding with an international system of conventions, and it has an ideology that is intent on killing people without any concerns for the sanctity of life.

“The difference between Islamic State and past authoritarian regimes, like Hitler, Stalin and others, is that it doesn’t have access to resources as yet. But it is not beyond belief that they may gain access to these resources”.


We wonder if this is true for you – what do you consider to be more of a threat? ISIS, global warming, or something else? 

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  1. I would agree with what this survey revealed. ISIS is indeed a major threat to Australia and our way of life.

  2. Not particularly worried by Islamic State, despite Tony Abbott’s efforts to distract Australia from the real threat to Australia, which is him and his Government. I am more worried about the sad direction my country is being taken. I have always been proud to be Australian, now I find it slightly embarrassing. We have become heartless and cruel, as displayed by the fortune being spent on keeping refugees in detention, with the boats stopped if the remainders are genuine bring them here, more humane and it would cost far, far less. We have become stupid as a nation, trashing our science areas, attacking free speech as in the extraordinary attack on Q&A. Our own work force is being attacked by the flood of foreign workers and we flog our natural resources and farm lands to foreign government institututions. Climate change concerns me too.

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    • I agree Barb and we started all of this when we invaded Iraq, these terrorists groups were formed after they killed Sadam, even if you kill the leader the snake will grow new heads

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Constant distraction from the real problem; inability to take Australia in the right direction for our childrens’ future.

    • Paul I know the far right wingers won’t agree, but I live in a safe Liberal seat and am one of the few about here who veers slightly left of centre and I am amazed how many of my Liberal voting neighbours dislike Tony Abbott and this current crop of ministers intently.

    • Just another leftie with their head in the sand! Wake up and smell the roses. I have Christian friends who were born in Baghdad (and still there) and whose families have had to flee and who are being persecuted . Don’t think we are immune.

    • Sure, bring in all the refugees, don’t vet them, include a few radicals as well. Pay them millions’cos theres no work for them, money doesn’t grow on trees so health, education and social security suffer. that’ll make you bludgers scream even more.!!!!!!!

    • Margrit I don’t think we are necessarily immune but neither do I think ISIS is the biggest threat Australia faces and that was the point of the survey. Yes if I lived in the Middle East I would rate them more highly maybe the biggest threat. To be a real threat to Australia they first have to get here en masse, small groups or individuals in Australia aren’t going to be able to bring about the widespread carnage they are inflicting in the Middle East. From a personal safety point of view, I am more concerned about early release, bail and lenient sentences given by courts for violent crime. A psychotic near neighbour prone to extreme violence who tried to kill his ex wife and her new boyfriend by torching their home, got home detention.

    • I think too much money is being spent on Illegal refugees. there is a correct way to enter Australia. New Zealand wont take Illegal Refugees and they are outstripping Australia now.

    • I am not suggesting we reverse the stop the boats policy. What I am saying Bill and Glenis is that we bring those still in detention who are found to be genuine refuges to Australia after vetting. It costs Australia far more to keep them in overseas detention than it would to bring them here and pay them all Centrelink benefit for several years. It is both financially and morally the better option. If they aren’t genuine they have to go back to their country of origin. There are less than 2,000 remaining and it is costing around a billion dollars to keep them in appalling and inhuman conditions off shore.

    • No wonder our country is going down with all the bleeding hearts. Let’s look after our own homeless, pensioners etc before everyone else.as for climate change, nothing we do here will change the climate. As for the illegal immigrants, if they are genuine refugees, where do they get the money from to pay the smugglers.

    • Hear hear Barbara. Spot on. And for the millionth time Glenis, it is NOT illegal to seek assylum. It is very, completely, and utterly legal to do so. We as a country, signed agreement to that. Not that this government has the slightest qualm about breaking promises as we have seen demonstrated over and over again.

    • Gunar Juskevics, if our country had been invaded or was war torn for years, if families with a surname like Juskevics were being targetted for annihilation via torture, slaughter, ruling party policy, if your children and your grandchildren were being beaten and killed, if their parents had been shot in front of them, would you not sell every single thing you had, scrape together all you could possibly muster and try and find some way to protect and save your children? I would.

    • Way too logical and considered Barbara. Have to sack you from “Team Australia.”

    • Gunar Juskevics, But when IS this present going to start looking after the homeless etc. And nothing we do here will help with climate change? Who told you that?

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