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The future of Australia faces a myriad of problems right now and the sad thing is that nothing is being done to change or fix them. Why? Because there’s a political power play going on and the parties are refusing to block any budget savings methods almost on principal. This leaves the biggest question of them all unanswered, how can we make our parties cooperate to pass a budget that helps Australia grow?

Tony Abbott is getting increasingly frustrated in the public eye at the inability to actually start turning Australia’s economic and financial situation around because of this. The three major saving policies were the paid parental leave reductions to stop people “double dipping” and receiving two supplementary incomes while parenting, the one month wait for the dole, the childcare and family tax benefit cuts and the tightening of the pension asset tests. These four measures reap over $9.4 billion across four years. If none of these measures are passed in the next decade, Australia will face a $100 billion hole of debt.

Right now, the changes to the pension is the only policy supported by the Greens and the Labor party. The dilemma is that these don’t just save the government money, but they fund other budget activities. For example, Social Services Minister Scott Morrison plans that the cuts to the PPL scheme will help fund the new $3.5 billion childcare package.

Senator Leyonhjelm is supporting this measure publicly however the Greens and Labor party are refusing to back the cuts despite liking the alternative childcare package. In fact, Senator Leyonhjelm is the only senator to actually have expressed public support for any measures, with Jacqui Lambie, Nick Xanophon and Bob Day only giving partial indication of their availability to negotiate.

The problem with getting the Labor Party or the Greens onside for anything is that our politicians – of all parties – are too focused on power. This is causing massive issues for the progression of Australia as a country because nothing is being changed. If nothing changes, if no measures are made successful, is politicians don’t put aside petty party rivalry and egotistical behaviour, Australia’s headed into a black hole.

When the Labor party trashed the Liberal party budget measures this year, Tony Abbott asked them to show a case for a better option, to give them an alternative to be considered. But the slander and dismissal just continued with no real solutions proposed.

So how can Australian political parties work together to actually find common ground and get on with making Australia better?

It comes down to supporting whatever can give all Australians – across all ages, sexes, locations and educations ­­– a better chance at a brighter future in the long term.

So do you think there’s a way to foster bipartisanship in our government so measures that can make a difference actually get passed? Or do you think the power struggle will never end? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. you’re only just figuring that out!!!! When Labor were in power the Libs didn’t give them the grief that they are copping from Labor and Shorten, they are there to represent us, not themselves, govern the country and STOP all the crap, it’s worse than a school yard…

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    • you have to be kidding..Abbotts nickname was Dr No, he refused to pass anything and he lied to get elected, why the ALP pass his lies?

    • But Janet the Greens and Labour had the majority in the Senate so everything Labour proposed was accepted by the Senate. Different now ! The Senate blocks the governments measures to reduce the debt and encourage employment. ABBOTT may have said no , but it didn’t make any difference to the outcomes of the former govt.

    • Joanne
      The fact that the LNP was unable to secure a majority in the Senate was because the majority of the voting public didn’t want them there.

    • The Libs didn’t give Labor grief when in opposition? Abbott said Whyalla would be wiped off the map, leg of lamb $100, Julia should be put in a chaff bag and dropped at sea, her father died of shame, he would boost business confidence , create jobs, he said our economy was wrecked. I could carry on, he was the biggest wrecker of this country in opposition than anyone in history.

    • sorry Lyn, you forgot Peter “Slippery” Slipper. He’s from my neck of the woods and known him ( not personally) for 20 yrs…..

    • Nor did Labor dish out staggeringly unfair budgets. Perhaps that’s why?

      What this government has missed, is the opportunity to stimulate the country further, but instead austerity measures have been their policy, stifling the economy, and harming the most vulnerable, while supporting the wealthy minority. The deficit has doubled meanwhile, and suddenly we no longer have a “budget emergency.” Go figure.

      Instead we have an angry and divided nation, the likes of which I’ve never known in Australia before.

  2. Kick them all out and let the people run the country. Save heaps on wages for a start. The Labour Party have no sensible ideas of their own but won’t agree with liberal about anything. The Greens are useless then we get the Indepenents. They are only there because they could not get their own way in the parties they came from which may I say is how they got there in the first place. They jumped ship and are trying to hold the govt to ransom

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    • Yes, Julia earns $800K per year. PLUS all her lurks & perks. Kevin not far behind . Julia said she would stuff the Libs up wasn’t the Libs who got rid of her, it was her own party.

    • Same as can do in this state. Libs got him in thinking he would be yes man but then his true arrogance came out and now they are blaming him for the mess they are in.

    • I am glad I am entertaining you. I only do it to see who bites. Gosh if this was the ocean I wouldn’t have to buy fish for months. You should find me on the mushy pages. I get called all sorts of things. It is such good fun to be a stirrer. Better than sitting by the fire knitting.

  3. Tony Abbott has a budget to get through parliament Bull Bullshitten introduces a bill to stall things and take the focus of the things that are necessary I guess that’s what your referring to

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    • Comments like that is what will stop Australia from ever being united for the greater good.

    • Yes it would be a miracle if Shorten could start to think of the majority of Australians who voted in the current govt. instead of using gay marriage as a diversion, shame that Shorten couldn’t think of AUSTRALIA instead of his own position .

    • Norm
      You really show your LNP lack of intelligence when you resort to name calling because you don’t have the ability to come up with an intelligent comment.

    • Joanne Barac
      The majority of Australians DID NOT vote in the LNP.
      They actually got less than 40% of the vote.
      It was the preferences that got them over the line.

    • That is true Ruth and Palmer won’t be getting as many votes this time around , he helped the LNP get into power

    • I’m embarrassed for the lefties of Australia who would associate themselves with such a Socialistic Government as Labor is, was and will be. Yeah. get rid of the LNP’s and allow Labor to drive the “gravy train” of spending and welfare over the cliff and destroy the long term best interests of ALL Australian’s except the spivs and generations upon generations of bludgers.

    • Joanne Barac… The majority of people didn’t vote for the LNP last election. 45.6% of the country voted for the LNP, that leaves 54.6% who voted for someone else. Also this budget is for keeping Abbotts job, not for helping Australia.

    • No they are not in power Libbi so Libs should get on and govern not fight and say when Labour was in they haven’t been in for nearly 2 yrs

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      • You are so right Janet let them rule???
        They have managed to double the debt in less than years.
        They do not understand the word negotiate, they put themselves on track to be defeated in the senate every time.
        Start talking to the opposition and take money from those that have the most not from those that have the least.
        Abbott got in by LYING and has not stopped since he got in.
        Never again will I ever vote for the LIBS.
        This man has done so much damage to the brand.
        If he wants to solve all, issues go to the poles now,
        Then we will see how popular he is.

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        • Not only that but we’re now the laughing stock of the world, knighting Prince Philip for example (how did he and the Queen keep a straight face?) and for those not laughing, they’re deriding Australia for ignoring our obligations as signatory under the UN for human rights. What an absolute shame, Tony Abbott. History will not be kind to you.

    • Libs are in but they are just walking around with their chests out when asked any questions they can’t answer they are full of it

    • memo to all future govts DO NOT cut handouts ..the war is lost .australians are addicted to welfare .budget surplesses are a thing of the past ..debt is king gimmee gimmee is the new national anthum .shovel the cash or you are gone

    • I would remind you all that John Howard had a surplus but did NOT get back into power because the infrastructure was in a bad way. No good having a surplus when education, health etc need attention. Another FACT is that the Libs are spending more now than Labour did when in government, and they had to deal with a global financial crisis. Libs trying to keep us safe!!!! What balderdash and tunnel vision. People are still nit happy with TA either, hence all these leaks from his own Ministers.

    • By the way, John Howard had a good financial “reign” because Paul Keating set it up but then lost the election. However, JH made a huge mistake by letting the infrastructure go down the plug hole, hence Kevin Rudd getting in.

    • Christa can’t believe what I’ve just read Keating and hawke had the best conditions world wide during their reign but Keating never handed over a surplus the deficit was massive that’s why he got the flick check your facts

    • Christa Caldecott, John Howard was voted out because of Work Choices. Simple as that & he did leave a very good surplus which the following 2 prime ministers completely blew to smitherenes!

  4. Bill the dill shorten looks for votes only no ideas to better our country. For goodness sake labor find a leader with standards not a pussycat.

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    • there are many people who come here and just read, many of them are swing voters, keep it up with that name calling because it turns average Aussies dead off..your good for the ALP and The Greens..we should thank you

    • It is incredible that so many Liberal supporters can’t seem to discus politics without resorting to name calling. No wonder many of their politicians behave so childishly it seems to be ingrained in the LNP mind. Not everyone who comments negatively about a LNP policy is a Labor die hard many change their vote on the quality of performance and policies.

    • I don’t know about that, I have friends who won’t bother with this site, sick of being talked down, told they know nothing. I have been told crude things for speaking the truth.

    • Must admit that Bill Shorten is the wrong person to have as Leader of the Opposition. Anthony Albanise would be far better. As for the negativity, let’s face it, no-one was worse than Tony Abbott and he was so intent on saying “no” to everything that he formulated NO decent policies of his own. Thank goodness they are now being forced to re-think their disastrous budget of last year. Also, they are spending more money now than Labour did, and they had to cope with that awful. GFC. This is a fact.

    • Dawn Bruce
      You speak what you believe is the truth. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is the truth.

    • Labor are the name callers you mustn’t read the comments Libbi Elliot both as bad a as each other and as for the greens let them look after their trees and plants.

  5. Australia need all parties to start working together now to get our economy and therefore jobs to move forward . Agree with Other views.

  6. It is not a matter of them working together to pass Abbott’s horror budgets, when the ALP was in power Abbott was Dr NO, he said NO to everything, why now would he expect co-operation? Abbotts budgets are unfair and benefit only the rich, this is why the Senate blocked them.

  7. We want a new election sooner rather than later, Abbott was elected on lies and The Senate refused to pass those lies in the budget. Good on them

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    • You can see what party you go for Leanne. Has Shorten said anything about trying to get this country back on the right track. They were the ones who brought in the stupid baby bonus which encouraged all the young girls to go and get pregnant so they didn’t have to go on the dole. You get more money as an unmarried mother that you do on the dole and you don’t have to look for work until the child is about four, then you just have another one. Doesn’t matter who the father is but if you can squeeze some money out of the them mores the better.

    • Wendy Biden, it was Howard who bought in the baby bonus, your ignorance never fails to astound me and yes it was a disgrace The Baby Bonus was introduced in the year after Australia’s population hit its lowest birth rate ever recorded (1.7) in 2001, with the aim to increase fertility rates and offset the peak of Australia’s ageing population.
      The 2002 Federal Budget, delivered by Treasurer Peter Costello introduced the baby bonus scheme, aimed to lighten the financial load for new parents. The Baby Bonus Scheme initially granted $2,500 in tax cuts per year for parents of newborns, an amount which was amended to lump-sum payments of $3,000 from 1 July 2004 and progressively rising to its current amount of $5,000 (now paid in 13 instalments).

    • Keep posting Wendy Biden, your great for the ALP, you bring topics up most of us didn’t think to mention..thank you

    • Don’t ya just love it when people like Wendy Biden quote facts that are so incorrect. Gives me such a good laugh to start the day with. LOL

    • Actually I am not liberal. I just think labour is too left wing. Bring back Keating at least he tried to do something for this country. Please someone tell me what shorten has done

    • Actually it is funny. Someone introduces a bill. Whoever is in opposition are against it but it still gets passed. They then lose govt but the previous opposition does get rid of it. Why. Maybe they thought it was ok all along but they were opposition and you must not agree with anything.

    • give it a rest Wendy Biden you have already made a big enough fool of yourself for one day and given everyone a laugh

    • You never voted Labor Wendy Biden..you can’t even spell it correctly and your obviously a Liberal voter..we can all read 🙂

  8. Let’s face it. None of us know enough about the actual politics that goes on in the corridors of power. Although some of the comments would indicate that some of us think we have all the answers. Our democratic system of electing a government is such that there will always be a power struggle between political parties in the parliament. Each parliamentary member was elected by the people who ticked a box in the hope that their choice would get enough numbers to form a government. When a government is formed the other parties take on the mantle of opposition in the belief that they still represent their various electorates and that it is their duty to oppose. This is democracy at work. Most of the time it works ok and sanity prevails but on occasions egos get in the way and a power struggle eventuates at the expense of us all.

  9. this has gotten worse in the past few years..they are only interested in getting their own way…..what about Australia… they have forgotten why they are in office….This gay marriage farce….why so much time spent on this….get on with governing for the majority….seems all minorities have their attention…if children behave as our politicians do…they would get a smack on the backside..

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    • Did you watch Q&A last night? Josh Frydenberg supports marriage equality and predicts the bill pass by the end of the year, he is in Abbotts Cabinet

    • You seem to be missing the point….The gay population is not the majority of Aussies….The politicians should be working on things for the benefit of all…health, roads,

    • Eileen
      You specifically stated “gay marriage farce”.
      So I stated that over 70% agree with marriage equality.
      Your words betray you…..

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