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Go back 20 or so years ago and it was rare to see people carrying water bottles. Now, plastic water bottles make up an enormous amount of our landfill and Australians alone spend $500 million on them a year, according to Cool Water Australia.

Gone are the days of drinking a few glasses before you went out or carrying a plastic reusable bottle – we’d much prefer to buy a new bottle every time we want some.

It sounds preposterous when you put it like that but the fact of the matter is that tap water is being seen as dirty and full of chemicals whereas bottled water is pristine and good for you.

One council in Australia has taken it upon themselves to install free filtered water for residents. Redcliffe in Queensland has become our nation’s first location for the Healthy Waterways machine which dispenses filtered chilled water.

This great machine can also produce sparkling water free of charge. You simply need to bring along a bottle and fill it up, or purchase one from the machine that you can refill.

With more demand, Healthy Waterways told Seven News they would consider rolling out 100 more water machines, with another two already planned for Roma Street parklands and Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

And for those who say, “why would I need that? There’s already free bubblers everywhere!”, some of those are contaminated and misused by the public. This machine ensures that you won’t share germs with others.


So we want to know, if more of these water stations were put around Australia, would you use them? Do you often buy bottled water?

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  1. Bundanoon has been supplying free water around the town for several years and the shops don’t sell bottled water so Quensland not the first

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    • The brewery in Adelaide has been doing this for many years too

  2. A good initiative, but not the first town to do it, maybe in Qld but not in NSW

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    • Bundanoon NSW has been bottle water free for a number of years. All shop keepers have agreed not to sell still bottled water. It has made a significant difference to rubbish levels after big events. Water dispensers are available in a number of areas within the town and parks.

  3. Currently 14 brands of bottled water been tested with E. coli.

    Great idea public bubblers again. Amatil mob won’t like it but I do.

  4. I have to drink bottled water because I’m chemical sensitive and despite my pleas Anna Bligh and Stephen Robertson went ahead and fluoridated our water supply. Many people can’t driink tap water for health reasons and it’s frustrating to cop so much flack through no fault of our own.

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