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On the day of his second anniversary as Prime Minister, someone with a bit too much time on his hands has made the effort to create this mind-bending video in which Tony Abbott the opposition leader debates Tony Abbott the Prime Minister in parliament.

Further confusing things, Bronwyn Bishop appears in your line of sight both as the speaker and on the bench.

The creator of the short video is “unemployed film and TV graduate” Ace Alderman who has created this seamless video using the arguments the Prime Minister put to the government while in Opposition.

They say the best form of satire is using the subjects words against them – do you agree?

This clever video gave a us a giggle today, we particularly love the news ticker at the bottom of the screen, which adds to the conversation.


Who do you think won the debate in the end – Tony or Tony? 

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  1. Very funny… Thank goodness we can laugh at ourselves… Now to do one on Shorten..!!

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  2. I don’t even have to look at the video to know that [email protected] wouldn’t post it unless it was smearing our prime minister…

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    • Pity you don’t have a sense of humour John Plummer. And how can you judge if you don’t look at it?

    • Not at all you look at it and tell me if I’m wrong! I will be on the money

      [email protected] have some great articles and I just wish they would stick to doing that or even have some balance when it comes to politics… Tony Abbott does some great things for this country and sets a powerful examples that many men ought to follow, he is an honourable man and many times I get so disgusted at the left winged proper gander that [email protected] align themselves with they make me sick…

      No balance but they crow oh we sit on the fence…. That is so much crap…

    • Well John, you still can’t judge something you haven’t seen, but you are entitled to your opinion. Have a nice afternoon.

    • Just go onto the main page here and have a look at the left wing followers comments! HELLO…

      And you enjoy your day too Fran!

    • John Plummer The whole thing is ,if some is doing a good job,you cannot find anything to bag the person on…..SAS is a platform…that is all…

    • John NOBODY is smearing your Prime Minister… he does that beautifully ALL ALONE 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • My point Jonna…

      Sharon, I’m very aware of the platform of SAS…. And why and how it is used to undermine anything and at every opportunity to destroy this government, like I said no balance…. It’s a left wing trolling site… Sadly because it could be so much more… The journalist spins and slants and calls for opinion and always points its followers towards the negatives… it’s no accident that sas have the jorno that it has… I’m not up to speed on all the ins and outs at sas but I’m hazarding a guess when I say the writer at sas cleverly began the page to specifically denigrate the current LNP government…

    • So why doesn’t sas run this story?

      PRIME Minister Tony Abbott is sending his immigration minister to Geneva to talk to the UN’s refugee agency on what more Australia can do to help with the growing crisis in Syria.

    • John Plummer The source is Tony Abbott – so at least you admit you already know how two faced he is…..(pun definitely intended) and there is no need for you to watch both sides of the argument…..(another pun definitely intended)

    • There is no argument my point is balance for Sas which is supposed to be a non political site or was that lies?

      And the source was not TA so get your facts right..before you spread lies Leonie O’Sullivan

    • Good comment, and Admin says not ALP page , I am still awaiting ” anything , just anything on one person from that Party to be posted on here.

    • John Plummer it is pathetic for a grown man like you to be always whinging, if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen and for heavens sake grow up

    • lol Leanna, check out the main page if you want to see whinging!

      I just want SAS to demonstrate that they sit on the fence!

      I just want SAS to demonstrate some balance

      Is this too much to ask?

    • I can acknowledge your political bias John Plummer, but I take issue with you calling Abbott a great and honourable man and he’s not my PM. The man is a compulsive lier and a danger to the community.

    • John Plummer Abbott is giving in to presure on more help with refugees from Syria: Abbott will step up to the plate and commit to allowing 18750 refugees to come here by 2018 Increasing our intake by 3,000 over the next 3 years… Compared to EU still a very small number – but Canning election is just around the corner – I guess he had to be seen as doing something . And also it’s getting harder and harder – day by day – to find a possitive

    • John Plummer like of a lot of die hard Liberals has been left trying to support the unsupportable. All that they have left now is insults and cries of bias. This video shows the hypocrisy of Tony Abbott and serves as a warning to all that in a highly computerised age nothing is hidden or forgotten. I live in a country electorate that has had a Liberal Member of parliament as long as I remember and the mumblings against Tony Abbott by many liberal voters is constant. After his first few months in power my son remarked how almost nobody admitted to voting Liberal although many obviously did as the government was so abysmal. A reality is it is the government of the day which sets the policies, what they do is current news, little the opposition do or say has a great deal of relevance nor is it newsworthy. It is the actions of the government that is relevant and commented on not bias, just news, when the government does such a poor job that is what is reported.

    • John Plummer Are you telling me that that man, both of them, is not Tony Abbott? Are you telling me that the words don’t come directly from Tony Abbott’s month? Are you telling me that the outright LIAR on the screen is actually an impersonator? The words come directly from Tony Abbott. He changes his views depending which side of the table he sits on. I confidently predict that his views will change again just before the next election and change once more directly after it. Accept this fact “Tony “no cuts” Abbott is an out and out liar.

    • Only if one believes the lies of the left wing media Liars which the gullible leftards swallow without question…

      A depressed economy is difficult to govern…

      I see a lot of what you call “lies” as them “changing their minds” due to changing circumstances which happens all the time including in our home of business budgets!

    • Fred I don’t know what to say to you mate, it’s not that I can’t but why waste my time with an idiot who refuses to acknowledge an joiner able person even your prime minister…

      It’s easy to tell I am an LNP voter but when Labor was leading our country I still respected them even though I was often disgusted with their putting us into so much debt and for being a totally irresponsible govt…

    • The man may not even be eligible to hold the position that’s how trust worthy he is. He has done absolutely nothing for Australians, he’s even happy giving jobs to foreigners while we have unemployment at 6.4%. You are the blind stupid person not me. John Plummer.

    • Yes well you have your sad opinion Fred based on lies… And I understand some other leftards believe it too… And TA will admit some of his decisions haven’t been the best ones… Such is the man who admits to failure at times… Shows his calaber…

      A depressed economy is a difficult one to navigate especially with so so many whinging sooks…

      He is still better any day of the week than the miserable pathetic left who were kicked out after a pathetic performance of six years of borrowing that got us into this crap to begin with…

      And don’t tell me about the GFC CRAP that we the prosperous nation didn’t have to have!

  3. This man is the original village idiot

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    • Naaaaaahhhhhh we shared that precious title between Gillard and dopey dan in Victoria . The money grubbing thieving dishonest lying unionist grubs of the Labor party .

  4. Methinks that saying “careful what you say, it might come back and bite you on the bum” must be true!

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    • Choose you words most carefully
      Make them soft and sweet
      You never know from day to day
      Which ones you’ll have to eat.

    • It was the first thing that came to mind as soon as that video started. What a hypocrite he is Leone!

    • The same could be said about Liberal voters! We all have the right to voice our opinions! Australia is a democracy is it not?

  5. The thing is Abbot is a joke….don’t need to watch video…..the problem is ,as Australians,some of us were hoodwinked into believing this Narcissists lies and promises andand voted him in,however as time has gone on the mask has fallen ,to reveal the true Abboas he stands,for the dictator he is,looking after the rich while kicking the poor in the guts….It has nothing to do with SAS…….The rich get richer while the poor get poorer……..inQueensland here,he is holding the state to ransome by not giving us much needed funds because our Premier listened to the people ,who didnt want our assets ,so therefore has kept her election promise and not sold them……Abbot will not bgive us our funds till we sell them….did someone say Bully????……no,this man is dangerous,and the King of spin and lies!!!!!!t………

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    • Much the same has occurred in SA, we had extra funding cut as we had a Labor Government and I expect Victoria will cop the same. It is the childish bully tactics typical of the current Liberal Government. Time to find some adults to vote for.

    • Oh that is hilarious !!! You should pack your bags and go live in Russia honey ! Then you would know what dictatorship is . What rubbish , he didn’t give you what you wanted , so you are acting like a 2yr old .
      Well little girl , money doesn’t grow on trees , you want more than everyone else , sell your bike .

    • Carolyn Brown you should get on yours and ride around to Tonys place for some more ???????????????????

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