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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Independent senator Jacqui Lambie but she’s back and she’s got something to say to Barnaby Joyce.

In a, let’s face it, pretty rough video shot in her campaign office, Ms Lambie has ripped the agricultural minister to shreds over what she believes is his lack of action on the controversial Shenhua Watermark coal mine.

“Yes Barnaby, I agree with you: it is ridiculous that you would have a mine in the middle of Australia’s best agricultural land. But what’s even more ridiculous is that we’ve got a local member who’s also [the] Minister for Agriculture, and has allowed this to happen on his watch,” says the founder of the Jacqui Lambie Network, rather aggressively.

She calls for Mr Joyce to resign before accusing him of being a “Liberal lapdog”.

“Where’s the old Blue Heeler, Barnaby, who crossed the floor of Parliament 19 times?” she asks.

“Our children and grandchildren won’t be able to eat dirt, Barnaby, so it’s time to stop licking the dirt off the Liberals’ boots.”

Them’s fighting words.

But there’s more: Ms Lambie finishes with a sucker-punch, telling Mr Joyce she will be appearing on Q&A next week and inviting him to join her.



Tell us what you think of Ms Lambie’s video. Do you think this was the best way for her to get her message across? 



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  1. Barnaby needs to stand by what he says and STOP the mine. It’s ludicrous we won’t be able to undo the hell if it’s goes ahead.

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    • China owning more Australia..well done soon we all have to speak Chinese..they own so much..LNP selling us out

  2. I think the message is very good, the time for Barnaby to act on this matter was before this was passed. He has left it to late, he is the Minister for Agriculture and he seems to have no say in this Government he is supposed to be representing. It is very sad for his electorate and he should leave the cabinet.. he is useless

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  3. Stand down Barnaby, you no help to your electorate or any other electorate that is facing problems with mining and Coal Seam Gas

  4. Seriously !! did anyone ever think Barnaby would do a good job? Stand down and let someone with Australia’s best interests do the job and it won’t be a Liberal, they sold us out to the Chinese

  5. People might not agree with the way Jacqui Lambie says things , but I really agree that what she says is true. We should never allow Any kind of mining on prime agricultural land anywhere, I also agree with her suggestion about the inference of money changing hands.

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  6. Barnaby and the Nats are being used by Abbott and the Libs to hold power, and now its being shown to be a One Sided relationship and the Country’s Party and its Representatives is/are being screwed! The MAJORITY of Australians didnt want this! Just look at the percentage of votes per each individual party! And thats what should be the criteria! Coalitions should not be allowed! “Lapdog”is a very reasonable and accurate description of Joyce and the Nationals!!

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    • I suppose i could say you cant educate idiots?? But that would be being nasty wouldnt it?? LOLOL

    • no sorry mate ALP, I have voted Liberal in the past but this Government has made sure I will never vote for them again, I was agreeing with your can’t educate idiots

    • Garry omg ur comment on percentage if votes LOL so u agree that the other political party is now called the green labor Palmer party ahh haha

  7. As a Tasmanian, I cringe every time “Jacqui Lambie” and “Tasmania” are mentioned in the same sentence!!!!

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    • big rant from lambie about as much clout as me in the scheme of things good is she could not get a job elected now expert on everything .the sheep are easily lead

    • All you liberal morons are the same , like her or not she is spot on with what she said Just like Pauline Hanson was I never have been a Jaquie Lambie fan but I’m starting to change my mind

    • Rosemary, have you rewatched the video. I’m usually on your page but not this time. Have a look if you haven’t already done so.

    • I’m not just talking about this episode—I’m talking about ever since she was elected!!!! I know she has the right to say what she wants—–but so have I!!!!! 🙂

    • why would Tasmanians care they are not on the mainland and are subsidized by mainland states..good on Lambie

    • I feel sorry for you poor pricks, she like Bob Katter fight for true aussie, their lives and income and the Australian way of life

    • Why? Because she has the GUTS to say what she thinks about what is happening to our country. Like Pauline. Noooooooooooooooooo? maybe because you think women should be in the kitchen, bare foot without a thought about anything but what’s for dinner like many of our NLP pollies.
      Well I have to ask what are you going to cook for dinner once the farm lands and our water tables are destroyed by other country’s state owned company’s with the blessing of the government who I know I actually employ to take care of our land for future generations, not to destroy it!

    • WHO wrecked Tasmania in the first place, she is in this for money, I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her, Joined Clive to get her foot in the door, THEN decides I’m out, like Lazerus, Has her own agenda

  8. Further to my comment about money changing hands, we in this country sanctimoniously preach about corrupt politicians in other countries, but you only have to look at the ICAC inquiry to see that our politicians are not squeaky clean & that’s only recently. This country has a litany of corrupt politicians who have either died , gone to jail or by luck avoided jail.

  9. Good on you Jacqui, I don’t usually agree with what you say or do. But this one I’m in full support. Joyce is a yellow gutted coward, who should start doing his job, instead of blaming everyone else. He’s the Minister, & he knew what was going down. He had plenty of time to turn it around before this eventuated. He needs to do what is needed, if he can’t then resign, as Tony Windsor is prepared to do something about it

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