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Over night it was revealed that Foreign Minister Julie Bishop made an eleventh hour plea for a prisoner swap – offering expatriation of three convicted Indonesian criminals currently jailed in Australia in exchange for the current death penalty to be changed to a life sentence for Bali Nine duo, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan. Australia has just about proven that we’ll do anything for mercy. So do you think that this was our last option?

The Foreign Minister, the Shadow Foreign Minister and numerous officials are still working incredibly hard, around the clock, to save the lives of the two Australian citizens facing the death penalty within the coming week. This morning, The Australian reported that Ms Bishop and her Indonesian counterpart had a phone call on Tuesday evening during which Ms Bishop suggested a prisoner swap.

The prisoners she was prepared to give back to Indonesia are three Indonesian drug runners who were convicted of trying to import more than 250kg of heroin into Australia in 2001. It has been understood that this deal was not accepted by Indonesia.

It has been 10 years since the duo were arrested in Indonesia. Both of these young men have undergone incredible transformations as humans and have shown that people can change and that the morals, ethics and principles they once lived by have changed dramatically.

Australian officials have fought so long and so hard for the lives of these two young men that deserve to be spared. We hope that this isn’t the last option exhausted for saving them. We hope that somehow the power struggle of one country can be let go to save the lives of two young men.

Do you think there are other things that we should be trying to save Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan? What options are left? What haven’t we done yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. It’s all about the presidents honour now. He will not back down . They don’t care about other countries pleas

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    • It’s not about honour ; set an example straight ! Why ruin kids n families in their country with smuggled drugs !!

    • Yes it’s just politics. They dislike Australia and would cut off their nose despite their face. They have no compassion.

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    • Well they certainly went for over the top showmanship in the removal of these two doomed men from the prison in Bali to give the two finger salute to Australia.

    • I agree with you! He would loose face if he showed mercy now! They really are a third world country with antiquated laws! and it is also Politics!

    • Wendy, I agree 100% with you and I fear that all the semi threats from Australian officials and MP’s etc may have made it more difficult to obtain any form of clemency for those 2 idiots. Nobody likes to be seen as “going soft”. I absolutely detest drug suppliers of any level but have severe doubts regarding the death penalty. But who really sentenced these money hungry pair to death? Why were the Indonesian blood thirsty and equally money hungry officials given the chance to arrest them when they could have been arrested in Australia when they arrived? Life in an Australian prison where they would be treated the same as in an Indonesian one would have been quite suitable. Then their families would have been paying for their food and upkeep, not the Australian taxpayer as would normally be the case. I am all for seeing Indonesian drug criminals deported back to their own country as suggested further down this blog. I think it should apply to other countries as well. I call upon the Australian Government to cease making financial assistance available to Indonesia and other countries who have absolutely no sense of humanity in their legal system. They seem to have plenty of money ready to purchase ammunition. Come on Australians and other civilised people, no more low cost trips to these 3rd world crime centres. The risks are way too high and dangerous. Have you really seen everything in your own country?

  2. They don’t want our criminals so lets round up all indonesian’s with any record and send them back We don’t want there criminals here

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  3. Stop wasting our taxes on drug smugglers.

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    • What about wasted taxpayers money that drug addicts( who by the way choose to use)cost with medical costs draining our health and welfare systems.

    • The subject is not about drug addicts I don’t like the way we have to waste our money on them to. But as for having to pay for these criminals no way.

  4. I would just like to say I don’t believe in killing people.

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  6. It’s not humane to just execute a person in this day & age even if they are drug smugglers there are other ways to punish them. I for one will not travel to Bali for this reason I’m to scared I certainly don’t do drugs but I would be terrified that someone would tamper with my luggage no Bali for me!!!

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    • I have never been to Bali in the past due to their human rights violations & will never do so in the future . All Aussies should boycott Bali but all some people care about is a cheap holiday.

    • Yes Dianne I also don’t agree with their human rights violations. Some people just go for the cheap holiday but I bet this puts a lot more people off now to risky at the moment that’s for sure thank you for your reply.

    • I have been to Bali. The minute you step off the plane you feel intimidated. The staff at the airport are super scary, not welcoming or friendly. You feel guilty. Yes, I was also thinking about someone putting stuff in my bag. Not enjoyable. The staff at the resort were the most lovely people, tour guides beautiful. It is a pity a third world country as Bali is, doesn’t appreciate the tourism that Australia offers it. So much poverty there.

    • Thank you for your reply Jennie you have really made my mind up about Bali I’m definitely not going there lots of much safer places to visit Cheers

    • I’m with you if we don’t go there no one can put thing in our luggage plus there are plenty of safe places to travel to & enjoy Happy travels to those other places Cheers

    • Your just an idiot. …I have been to Bali twice. …if you haven’t done anything wrong. …then you have nothing to be worried about. ….Bali and the balinese people should not be held responsible for their government. …just like I don’t want to be held responsible for our government. ….seriously put things in perspective. …don’t understand what is going on in the world today

    • I assure you Vicki I am no idiot I am just voicing my opinion. If you wish to travel to Bali that is your choice but I choose not to & that is my choice & that does not give you the right to call me an idiot.

  7. The new brome is sweeping clean, he is trying to make a Name for himself, choose life not Death.

  8. Send all indonesian moslem scum backand no more aid. They pay other countries money to keep there scum off death row thats all they wanted

  9. Sad, but reckon this sums up the situation. They knew the rules. These signs are everywhere in Indonesia.

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    • Barbaric and dose not and never will stop drug trafficking. Also this country has some of the most corrupt politician’s and police – that make a lot of money from drugs themselves. It’s disgusting.

    • Do yu really believe shooting the boys will stop the drug trade you must live in fantasy world

    • You’re correct of course. Capital punishment solves nothing. However, these men went in with their eyes open. They knew the consequences if they were caught. Hard to feel sorry for them as individuals.

    • Actually Jen Gannaway, it does make it right as that is the law in Indonesia. What doesn’t make it wrong is your opinion that it is wrong.

    • If a sign says stop!!! We all stop, if a sign says Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers!!! Do you traffic drugs

    • Yet no signs saying if you blowup a nightclub and kill 85 Australians you’ll receive the death penalty, evidently that’s not a such a bad thing in that shithole

    • And how come they still peddle drugs themselves to tourists, and nothing being done about it. If they rounded all the pushers and drug barons up they could have a right old year shooting the lot of them. Corruption at its finest.

    • Sorry the death penalty is wrong and Indonesia as they should intercede when their citizens get the death penalty we have the right and obligation to do so as well

    • Read some truth about the Bali bombers before executing reformed drug dealer..how many innocent people did they assassinate and walked free!!!..farrk!!!

    • No sympathy for them. They did it for money. Does anyone care about the thousands of lives lost, by drug traffickers continuing to sell drugs to Australians. I have a son whose life has been changed forever from using Heroin. The only reason these guys have been rehabilitated is because they were caught.

  10. These men were more involved in drug trafficking at a higher level and deserve their fate. I have four young grandchildren and fear for their future on so many levels, the threat of drugs being a very real fear. The fewer of these rotten parasites around, the better. Maybe their execution will serve as a deterrent to others who deal in the transportation of this poison. I hope so.

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    • So many lives have been harmed by their actions, they knew the laws in Indonesia, you do the crime..do the time. Too many have died from drug overdoses. I too have a grandchild and unless drug laws are toughened, it is a real fear.

    • I have grandchildren too but trust that their parents and extended family will be able to instil responsibility and alert them to the dangers of drugs and responsibility but if the worse happened nothing would be changed by the death of these two men drugs will still be around not one person will be helped by their death but people were being helped in the jail where they were being held as attested to by witnesses don’t care about their motivation they were helping and this says rehabilitation means nothing forgiveness means nothing that is not a message I want to send to my grandchildren the death penalty achieves nothing No one is condoning their actions no one is suggesting they be released no one is saying they should go unpunished but we are saying not the death penalty (by the way Indonesia tries to save the own citizens from the death penalty when they are overseas )

    • They were aware of the laws and penalties Indonesia had in place. You do the crime, you pay the penalty. Unlike our slap on the wrist judicial system.

    • Yes they hv been punished, n may be should them rot another 10 yrs, however, killing someone is nt the solutions here. N if other people did not buy their drugs, they wouldn’t be neither a drug dealer nor tkg drugs so who ever buy drugs are as guilty as them n should be in jail . Now, you Are all .. saying you have children n grandchildren …. So do I. The difference is I put myself in the family’s shoes n how they are feeling right now and also thinking what would I do IF it was my own children n grandchildren.. Would u said the same thing if it was your children/grandchildren??have a think abt it may be

    • That is rubbish. These young men made some stupid choices in their lives. Lime so many young men do. They have not murdered anyone – they have not planted bombs (as some Indonesians have.) They have served more time than some murderers and rapists have – and everyone in the prison agree they are doing so much good in their prison community. Sorry – but as much as I hate drugs and drug dealers, I am the one the either chooses to take (try) drugs or not to. These young men deserve a second chance. Shooting them is barbaric!

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      • So correct, Alana , these two men have been rehabilitated and are great examples to others that they are able to change their lives around and take responsibility for the stupid actions of their youth. I have a huge problem with the double standards shown here , obviously the murders committed in the Bali Bombing mean less than drug smuggling. I have been to Bali and will never go again nor will my compassion in times of need ever again extend to the Indonesians.

    • I’m a grandmother too and totally disagree with this post . No one holds a person down and shoves s needle into them . These men made choices . Drug addicts make choices . But is murdering these men justification for what they’ve done ? I cannot believe , in our civilised country , that people are baying like dogs wanting these men executed ! Hang your heads in shame !

    • I disagree with the OP too. Every single human should have the right to life. My mother was a full on heroin addict. I have lived with the torment drugs bring, yet I still don’t believe these men should be executed. I sincerely hope one of your children or grandchildren NEVER make a grave mistake. I sincerely hope you never have to face a possibility like the families of these men are facing.

      Also do a little reading on drugs. You will find that it is peddled by people in power. Only the small delivery mules ever get penalised. The big wigs are protected because of their positions and interrelations. It’s not a black and white issue-unfortunately.

    • There is a lynch mob mentality is some posts about these men Annette that is frightening are we becoming such a hard hearted country that the deaths of these young men are seen as acceptable sad really and we cannot blame our politicians as opposition to the death penalty is bipartisan the only politician who has suggested the death penalty for anything in recent history is that idiot Jackie Lambie and she wasn’t supporting the death penalty for these men

    • I agree with Annette and Sheryle with all my heart and soul! (And ‘as a grandmother’too) It’s barbaric thinking to support killing two young men who have served 10 years of their lives for their crime and who have rehabilated into caring people.

    • It’s a chicken and the egg thing for me. Without traffickers there would not be junkies, but equally nowadays, without junkies there would be no traffickers. Nobody deserves to die with a hit and miss firing squad. How many die instantly, very few I would guess? The whole thing is barbaric and I’m getting angry seeing the Indonesians posturing around being drama queens.

    • Think of all the Australian in Australia peddling drugs you speak of two people but no mention of what’s happening in our country

    • I find these people who support execution disgusting and ignorant. I hate drugs with a passion but If you choose to take drugs you are responsible – if there is no market they won’t have anyone to sell them too. This is about education – educate our kids and grand kids so they won’t make bad choices.

    • Totally agree Annette Martin .Find it hard to believe some peoples attitude, in our supposed civilized society.

    • Everyone deserves another chance .. Wht is the point in murdering them? Life in prison where they have turned their lives around & now helping others. NO ONE has the right to take the life of another NO ONE

    • As a mother who has lost a beautiful son on a heroin overdose, in 1996 he had some issues in his life, got depressed met up with a mate who offered and he accepted. The stuff that was around then in the Hurstville area was nearly pure it killed a few young people at the same time in that area. People have choices and he opt to take drugs. I feel for the family of these boys. I do think by killing them bullets is so barbaric….. they done 10 yrs in a Bali jail and done do many positive things to help others in jail. They where young and the lure of money can attracted young people thinking they are indestructible. Someone higher up somewhere is the mastermind of controlling the drug trade, it can be the most respectable high profile person. I do hate drugs and don’t forget alcohol that effect and ruins many lives. I did educate my kids on drugs and alcohol, as I have been told by the young ones drugs so easy to get and living in a presser cooking society. It can be tough, let these two guys live. It could have been mine son in there. I can live live with my son’s death. I don’t think I could have lived with such a barbaric ending. I feel for the family…….

    • keep in mind these men are locked up in Indonesia and are no threat to anyone in this country and have not been a threat for the last 10 years, we have a massive drug problem here and it is people who are in this country now that are the problem..life in an Indonesian goal would be hell enough

    • I had those feelings 10 years ago too, and I also thought they knew the consequences when they committed the crime, but a lot has changed with those guys in the intervening years and they have actually helped a lot of prisoners to find a better life outside. I think they should be allowed to live the rest of their natural lives in Kerobokan doing just that.

  11. There is no changing the presidents mind. He’s on a power hunger blood thirst trip probably fueled by the same drugs. However this subject has been hashed about so much it probably has fueled his decision even more.. I agree with other postings Ban BALI……plenty other beautiful cheap and more peaceful countries to visit N.Z. Viet nam to name a couple….Tasmania even…

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