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Last night on Q&A Germaine Greer asked Julie Bishop would she consider getting behind the feminist “Free the nipple campaign” if it could save the Bali Nine duo on death row.

It’s had everyone talking this morning with some people saying it was distasteful, inappropriate and wrong for Germaine to bring that topic into a conversation that was based around women and women’s rights the day after International Women’s Day.

So watch the video below and tell us, what do you think? Was that wrong to ask that question in jest or otherwise? Share your thoughts in the comments below…


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  1. Julie Bishop handled it well. She is a respectable politician and stands tall in the hearts of many. The question was in jest, I hope.

  2. Stupid question, stupid women. Why would an y woman think that exposing her nipples gives them power and freedom. It is exhibitionism not empowerment. Would be as useless as a man exposing his penis to prove that he was brave and powerful.

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    • Rob: so many men do this…expose their penises, I mean. They’re called ‘flashers’.

  3. Is that frigid old reprobate still on about tits & bra’s for attention.
    She got what she wanted, women working shiftwork & paying someone else to rear their kids so they can pay exorbitant mortgages.

    While there was plenty of good in the eyes of women, it reminded me of the old Bougainville mining pitch.
    “And they brought the natives down from the hills, worked them from dawn til dark & gave them a bag of salt as pay & said “Welcome to civilization” (Or, welcome to the treadmill ladies)

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  4. Germaine Greer should be sacked
    She had no place in today’s society’s public forum she’s lost the plot had absolutely no decorum or decency

  5. Germaine’s all about Germaine, and keeping attention focussed on Germaine. She delights at the sound of her own voice…

  6. Germaine never changes. Often said with tongue in cheek!!

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    • Greer is totally irrelevant. Trying to pull down Julie Bishop who is very relevant also has something Greer doesn’t recognize. It’s called “CLASS”.

  7. Germaine Greer doesn’t represent my views of being a female. Julie Bishop is a real lady and she is doing a great job.

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    • tht there is a irony to describing someone on International Women’s Day as ‘a real lady’, most of us who identify with feminism and choice have no ambition to be ‘ladies’ :))

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  8. What a fantastic role model for women and girls. Julie stands out so far above the likes of attention seekers such as Germaine Greer, Sarah Hanson Young and similar personalities who so often demonstrate their lack of intellectual capital.

  9. Thank you Julie Bishop for being who you are! An excellent woman and a role model!

  10. Watched Q and A great show,the comment would not bother Julie Bishop

  11. If Germaine Greer is so concerned about empowering women by freeing the nipple, when are we going to hear her concerns about the burqa?

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