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Bronwyn Bishop is not the only higher echelon politician who feels she is entitled to chartered flights. Warren Truss, Deputy Prime Minister hopped a flight from Canberra to Brisbane for a speaking gig that cost $21,570.

Ironically, the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development attended the Breakfast Club meeting to explain the virtues of the new Budget and discuss how the government was tightening its belt.

“The Budget takes steps to ensure the government is living within its means, and to rein in the age of entitlement,” Mr Truss said, according to an online transcript of the speech made at the even in 2014.

Mr Truss also managed to offend retirees by saying they were frittering their money away on cruises and caravans.

The Deputy Prime Minister’s expenses were released by the Department of Finance late last month and show that the $21,000 flight took place during Budget week.

A business class ticket between Canberra and Brisbane costs $809 each way but, despite the fact there are numerous flights between Brisbane and Canberra on weekdays, a charter flight was deemed necessary.

A spokeswoman for Mr Truss said the flight was chartered as there were “no suitable commercial flights available to meet Mr Truss’s ministerial duties on May 13 and 14, 2014”.

“On May 13, Mr Truss was required to be present in Parliament for the handing down of the Federal Budget. Mr Truss had official commitments in Canberra until approximately 9pm that evening and was then required to travel to Brisbane to meet another Budget-related commitment early the following morning (May 14),” the spokeswoman said, as reported by the Gympie Times.

“Parliament was sitting on May 14 and Mr Truss was required back in Canberra by midday to fulfil ministerial duties. Commercial flights were unavailable, and Mr Truss legitimately utilised his charter budget to meet his Parliamentary obligations”.


Does this sound like fair spending to you by Australia’s longest-serving politician? Share your thoughts below. 

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  1. More snouts in the trough, exactly how much money has this LNP Government spent on themselves ?, bucket loads by the sounds of it !! and they had to hide to target the Baby Boomers..probably to distract from their own rorting

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    • You forgot ALL Labor MPs for years caught the VIP RAAF jet to Canberra and back each week, J Fitzgibbons confirmed it, said they had been told twice it wasn’t on, but continued. IT costs $28K PER HOUR How much for Perth MPs and S,A MPs, Better check ALL the facts on MPs Your wonderful T Burke has $360K in CHARTER flights.

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      • Dawn where do you get your information? You seem remarkably well informed on Labor’s spending but not at all well informed about the LNP’s. Perhaps it’s more noticeable when the Libs are spending taxpayers money like drunken sailors whilst at the same time cutting pensions, health , education, NDIS, NBN, home help to the elderly, the homeless, cuts to shelters for abused women and telling seniors to tighten their belts.
        Helloooooo methinks they need to get their own house in order before telling the general population to tighten their belts!!!!!

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      • I have a question to ask you . Where do you get all your information from to know all about the Labour Party and wouldn’t it be a good idea for you to look at your L N Party as well and remember they have not been in power long Dawn .

      • Dawn Bruce, at least the Labor Govt did not rob the Australian people and we were in the top 3% of most economic countries in the world, as well as being brought through a global economic crisis virtually unscathed. All middle and lower class people were far better off than they are today! Abbott is too busy giving the rich a free ride and robbing the middle and lower classes to do it as well as destroying our economy and our environment!!!

      • true, they all do it – difference being is that the LNP are the ones who have the gall to tell everyone else to tighten their belts

    • The LNP are in Government now Dawn Bruce and they are the ones who have been targeting Baby Boomers, but have blameing us for all lifes bloody woes and telling us to tighten our belts. ever heard the old saying? ” Don’t do as I say..Do as I do..well are encouraging people to rort

    • All of them, no matter what party, are in it for themselves. They don’t care about those who elected them, only about their corporate masters.

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      • Sorry, but you wouldn’t get the Australian Greens doing any rorting or being corporate stooges.

    • NO Not OK for any, BUT if it passes the ” Test ” we have to accept it, No one on here seems to mention it has been going on for YONKS

    • All that money that they are all wasting could go a long way on fixing hospitals and other services. They are all a greedy lot.

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    • Give us your proof Veronica Rowney.. because it is all over the news what the Liberal’s are rorting, it is very easy to find the links and it is revealing that is you as a liberal voter seem to find this acceptable and ready to cast blame onto the ALP for what the LNP is doing !!

    • All pollies are the same, always over spending on themselves and still getting paid by the taxpayer when they leave the job (unlike regular employment) .. I’d like to earn $21,000 per year just once

    • mike here-Dawn Bruce if you follow most of the threads you will see that hardly anybody is pointing to a certain party, we all know it goes on as it has done for a long, long time (perks & poliement wages are the only thin g that we can get bi-partisan agreement on) but turned into an artform by govs over the last 20 years. No matter whoi is doing it. IT MUST CHANGE.

  2. They seem to have a blank cheque to spend taxpayers money as they want, and only the best will do for them, while the rest of us struggle along

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    • Or economy class, and be squashed in, for hours on end, and pay at least $300, one way, for such privilege, depending on the booked flight’s time! Cheapest plane fare is @ $180, one way, from 6p.m.from & to regional airports, inclusive of airport taxes!!

    • Not just struggle along but go along “hand to mouth” I have just had to pay an eye specialist $175 for him to stick a needle in my tear ducts to stop them weeping which leaves me “Broke “until next pay day

    • and these persons throw tax payers money around like confetti,the money spent recently on flights (planes or helicopters) could have been spent on HOSPITALS What arrogant mongrels there are in parliament and yes they are supposed to be our” workers” after all we pay the taxes they are STEALING from us

  3. This has got to stop. What about that huge debt they keep telling us about? Time for a major review of parliamentary perks – long overdue. Politicians can no longer be left in charge of this honey pot – most of them abuse it, no matter which party they are from. Enough already – $21k Canberra to Brisbane? They cannot be serious!

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    • how much else is going on we don’t know about ? think on that one 🙂 no wonder they have more than doubled the deficit..they are spending it on themselves

    • A member in Tas gets a CHARTER from Devonport to Hobart often, and says she is Entitled to it and will continue and won’t pay it back

    • I would like to see the total amount they have spent on themselves during this term of Government, they used taxpayers money for charted flights, to go to wedding, to go to sporting events, Hockey paid $50,000 to send a chef to NY to cook for him !! and there there is that famous helicopter ride and Brandis’s custom made book case that taxpayers paid $14,000 for and how much more is there we have not yet heard about?

    • as I scroll down these comments and all of them are great, over and over people are asking what else is there we don’t know about? and that is the scarey thing, there could be a whole lot more

    • Agree with most of you! I bet they are very nervous all we need is just 1 whistle blower and they will be gone.

    • mike here-when the Shorten Royal Commission finishes with Shorten maybe it could save us some money & with a quick renaming job become the polliement lurks & perks guideline rewriting commission.

    • Hmmm if you think it’s only the Libs then think again, we pay for ALL pollies, jeez Rudd wasn’t called Kevin 747 for nothing.

    • Rudd was the PM twice Debra Thompson and the Foreign Minister, it was job to travel .. but Truss is just hayseed from the Bush, who nobody pays much attention too, any Australian Farmer or their wives could do Trusses job and do it better

    • Both labor and liberal are both as guilty as each other. A big overhaul is due for all the perks and dont forget their super packs

    • Each politician should be held accountable for their ecpences and should be scrutinised monthly and tabled in parliament

    • Good on Warren, helping the Labor party win the next election because ‘nothing will save the Prime Minister’.

    • Best bet is to find some statesmen and women and pay them good money and no perks what soever. All these ambitious bastards start up into politics most of them are nest liners, and after a while they take every perk for granted until the greedy mongrels forget what’s right or wrong , or what’s thievery and what’s deserved. They make a mockery out of the people who vote for them. pAY THEN BIG DOLLARS AND GET GOOD PEOPLE AND no perks at all. Except for security.

    • I agree with Rosanne and Leanne all the polies from every party are like pigs with their snouts in the trough. I wish there was a whistle blower, but the majority of civil servants with blue suits are at it as well. We are sooo over governed its a joke with our small population

    • It dosent matter Libs or labor they all Rort us and run wild with our money and only butter their own cup.

  4. True arrogance they all need privileges stripped and pay like everyone else but especially the polly pensions need to be removed

  5. Another example that all politicians are just in it for themselves I wish we could get rid of the lot of them & start from scratch They waste money like it is going out of fashion & yet tell us pensioners to tighten our belts !!!! I’m over the lot of them & never been more disgusted in the ‘DROP KICKS’ that are running this country !!!!

  6. The politicians are the first ones that should tighten their belts. What happened to leading by example.

  7. This is getting bloody ridiculous. We need to change the way they are paid so they CANT do this obviously can’t rely on their honesty etc.

  8. Appears to be another hypocrite!
    How would this have compared with the cost of a Com-car, or regular, scheduled flights?

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