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Going shopping for Christmas presents for your grandchildren in the next few weeks? If so, it might be wise to take a close look at the toys you are considering buying and whether they pose a potential danger to your grandchildren.

In the lead-up to Christmas, the head of a the paediatric emergency department at the the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide says the hospital yesterday issued a warning about “button” batteries, which are found in some toys and games, along with watches and some remote controls.

This facility alone sees around six cases a year where children have swallowed button-sized batteries, a life-threatening situation.

Dr Malcolm Higgins told ABC News small batteries had the potential to cause serious injury if they weren’t detected promptly.

“If the battery lodges in a spot in the oesophagus or elsewhere in the digestive tract, it can cause damage to the lining,” he said.

Dr Higgins said in most circumstances, there were no symptoms but parents or grandparents should still be on the alert for any unusual behaviour, including drooling or a child having trouble swallowing.

Small button-like batteries are round and shiny and easy to swallow, so attractive to small hands and small mouths. Be sure all your batteries are locked up out of the reach of little fingers and mouths, and that you check any toys or gifts. If these contain batteries, they must be secured in a way that children – including older children – can’t access them.

Have you ever considered battery size as a risk when buying gifts? And do you store your own batteries out of reach of tiny hands and mouths already, or will you now take extra precautions?


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  1. I think we are more aware now than maybe a year or so ago. We were lucky. Our granddaughter pooped one out in the bath about a year ago. Luckily it was small enough to go straight through and not do any damage. Gave us all a scare though!!

  2. I hate giving toys with batteries, they are not cheap, don’t seem to last long in children’s toys and mum & dad are committed to pay the ongoing costs to maintain a ‘gift’!

  3. When i was a parent. Matches. Poisons. Detergents medicines were put on locked cupboards now there r kid locks to put on door handles. Plugs to stpp kids puting things into power points. So many mod cons. More dangling blind cords to hang one kid in or no no nappy buckets to drown in. Stronger glass in windows etc.. What is there left in a house to kill a kid.

    1 REPLY
    • Some times it common sense. Learning fr other mothers mistakes. N never taking one eyes of the kid. Kids luved doing all of the above plus climbing furniture n us mums never had auto washing machines. Dishwashers disposal nappies or our mums 2 help us. I did my housework when kids slept. Poor neighbors i was noisy ,. No such thing as play school where the mum could take a child into a community hall n the child socialised with others. That didnt exist in sydney till later There was in other states but sydney was way behind .

  4. All little tots and children like putting small things into their mouths it used to be marbles and buttons and coins now its battles and small gadgets that are left around

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