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It sounds like a trick – surely there’s nowhere in Australia that you could rent a house for $1? Actually there is, and there’s more than one. The best part is that there aren’t any catches, but you would have to enjoy the countryside.

In an effort to attract families and people from the cities to the country, farmers and property owners in rural parts of Australia are renting out their homes for $1 a week.

Rural towns such as Cumnock, Errowanbang and Molong in NSW and Wicheproof in Victoria all have the bargains on the market so that they can keep their local businesses and farms going.

Cumnock resident Christine Weston started the Rent-a-farmhouse initiative in 2008 to bring new life to her town of 280 people near Orange in NSW.

“Country life still appeals to many families, but it doesn’t always make financial sense for them. We’re trying to change that,” Ms Weston told The Daily Telegraph.

Ms Weston also said that the farmhouses offered on the Rentafarmhouse site needed a little bit of TLC and may suit a handy man or woman.

You can check out the list of properties here.


Tell us today, would you move to the country and pay $1 rent? 

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  1. The only thing that bothers me with the country are snakes!! I love country people they are so genuine BUT snakes everywhere. However in saying that they are probably in the cities to unseen

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    • Libby, in my rural community there are Eastern Browns, you see them slithering across roads occasionally. But put it in perspective. Only a handful of snake-bite fatalities occur each DECADE in Australia. One fool in WA picked up a Western Brown. Predictably it bit him several times but he failed to seek medical treatment and went off home. He collapsed and by the time medical help arrived it was too late.

  2. Great idea. It has helped one or two towns in Qld. to regenerate. Maybe somebody from these towns could let us know how things are going.

  3. Kristen Molong is listed in this article!

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  4. Am I desperately in need of IT support or is there no list of where these houses are? I love the idea of moving to the country, have no qualms about doing work to a house or assisting on the farm. I don’t have young school children but when I find the right place would be happy to buy in a small community

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  5. Lived in Alice Springs, on the nullabor and country SA. Don’t want to go to the country again.

  6. If you read the article, it clearly says that they are looking for families with kids, so that country communities can grow and flourish. It is not relevant to the Over 60’s.

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    • Yes it is for over 60’s, I for one would be interested as I have permanent care of four kiddies all under 13. I also have meet many other grandparents in the same boat in similar circumstances. And we are all struggling financially, private rent is crippling along with utilities, school fees, and food. And all of us due to the traumatized children in our care might just find country life would be better suited to our little ones wellbeing. Most of us are handy men/women, already having gardens, chickens and have skills which we could use or put into play/work if we could be a little more financial.

    • I admire you Gayewynn for the being the carer of your four cherished grandchildren. You are so right in that many grandparents are placed in this circumstance these days, and our government should be doing much, much more than they do to assist people such as you in every way possible! I hope that it will be possible for you and your family to one day move to the country, and enjoy a greater financial freedom, and general wellbeing. All the very best.

  7. This scheme was on tv and the houses were in very poor condition and very isolated, from memory only 1 of the families were happy and she was a single mum, the town helped her out a lot with the house.

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