Vladimir Putin’s sizzling 2016 calendar will get your heart pumping

In Australia we buy the fireman calendar.  In Russia they buy the Vladimir Putin calendar and hang it on the

In Australia we buy the fireman calendar.  In Russia they buy the Vladimir Putin calendar and hang it on the wall for a year.

Vladimir Putin has worked hard to build a brand of himself as the ultimate physical weapon, a ladies man and a lover of animals and this year he has reinforced it with the release of his 2016 calendar.

And if you were wondering how far he takes his photo shoot, be entertained by his proud bare-chested poses showing off his presidential physique.

The quotes were translated by BBC.  In March he says, “I like all Russian women.  I think Russian women are the most talented and the most beautiful.”

In October he shows his powerful demeanour,  “No one will succeed in gaining military superiority over Russia.”

And in November he shows off his softer side.

“Dogs and I have very warm feelings for one and other.”

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this.


Putin 2016_fishing








Putin 2016_calendar


  1. Robyn Green

    A man so cruel would never get my heart pumping. I can’t even bring myself to look at his efforts in this bit of self promotion.

  2. Kalki Avatara

    One Universal LOVE! However, “a human being who lives in the mundane world has four defects: (1) he/she is certain to commit mistakes; (2) he/she is subject to illusion; (3) he/she has a propensity to cheat others; and (4) his/her senses are imperfect. No one with these four imperfections can deliver perfect knowledge, or become a saintly leader.” May God help us all

  3. Linda Carley

    Think I’ll keep my data for something better than this dangerous self deluded little man.

  4. Pam Milner

    The only thing that I could imagine that would be worse would be one of Donald Trump.

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