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After the social media storm that has brewed following Q&A on Monday night, The Project organised an interview with Zaky Mallah, the man who said, ‘The Liberals have just justified to many Australian Muslims in the community tonight to leave and go to Syria and join ISIL because of ministers like him’.

They weren’t looking for him to reiterate what he had said, but to acknowledge that he had confused viewers – this was the first person to be arrested under Australia’s new anti-terrorism act in 2003 and had been a vocal activist against people joining ISIS… until Monday night (or so it seemed).

On last night’s Project program, host Waleed Aly asked Zaky Mallah to explain why he said Muslims have a reason to travel to Syria to join IS. Aly said it was irresponsible and Mallah said, “I’ve been on your program before and I’ve made it very clear that anyone who wants to go and travel to Syria or to Iraq to join ISIS, don’t go.

“It’s an organisation that has hijacked Islam. It’s an organisation that has hijacked the jihad. I don’t support ISIS and I don’t support anyone leaving Australia and their families to head overseas and join this group”.

So why did he said those things on Q&A?

“I don’t feel like you’re taking responsibility for this,” Aly said.

“You were asked a question about what you said and your response was to talk about how bad the government was. The inflammation in this came from you. It came from what you said,” Aly said.

Mallah again blamed the government on his words but then conceded perhaps that he had used a tone that was a bit too harsh.

And now Zaky Mallah has written an article for The Guardian, where he says he stands by everything he said.

“The so-called Islamic State would be extremely happy to hear what Steve Ciobo had to say on Q&A. It feeds into their recruitment propaganda”, he wrote.

“After last night, many are accusing me of supporting Isis. For the record: I am not a supporter of Isis. I hate Isis. I was just making the point that Ciobo’s comments play into the justification many Muslims feel for joining Isis. When a member of the government says that Muslims accused of terrorism can have their citizenship stripped without a judicial process, it is dangerous”, Mallah explained.

Controversially, Mallah finished by said, “I [made] it proudly and would say it again. The Abbott government has no one to blame but themselves for the new recruits that Isis is attracting here in Australia”.



What do you think? Do you think the ABC should have allowed him on the show? Even though he’s not a trained media person, do you think he, or anyone, should be allowed to express views without any thought of public perception and reaction? Do you agree with Alex Hawke’s call to take Q&A off the air? Let us know!

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  1. If you sit and think about it, I think move on behalf of the ABC because we are are all talking about it, The Liberals don’t like it because their Minister came off looking like a hard arse, and he let us see what would happen if these laws are passed. Wasn’t it George Brandis who said that we are all allowed to be bigots? But only when it suits them

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    • So true also the hide of Abbott to say that this young man should have respect for a minister .How about the way he used to talk to Julia !! The sooner they start acting like our public servants and not our masters the better .

    • I do not agree that the Liberal Minister came off looking like a hard arse as you say. He spoke his mind and gave this arrogant guy what he asked for. Good for you Q and A for telling it like it is. Too many cover ups these days.

    • feel free to start your own post if you don’t agree with me, because I don’t agree with you Janet Green or Joan Mcintyre and neither do many other Australians, To much bullying secrecy and dishonesty from this Liberal Government

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      • Good on yer Leanna, you are so right.
        They like the mushroom idea.
        Keep everyone in the dark and feed them Bull.

    • So we NEVER see bullying, secrecy or dishonesty from any of the other parties, eh Leanna? Give me a break ! ……. and I must admit that I would rather have a hard arse minister making the hard, necessary calls than an indecisive one, so I can’t agree that’s a negative.

    • that is you choice Peter Warren but we do NOT all feel like you, but then again you voted for this Government so it is hardly surprising you share the same principals 🙂

    • The way he spoke is the arrogance of islam! They are already trying to take over and infiltrate into the government! Look at Sweden France England America etc. Thats how they do it . Very subtle, and then its too late!

    • And Abbott is the Minister for Women’s Affairs – must be so that he can prevent anything good from the position, as nothing good has come of it thus far. How many women have died of “domestic violence” this year ?

    • I have never been so ashamed in my life to see this sort of behaviour and they are actually leading our country.

    • Absolutely no respect for this minister. This is the minister who spoke of “slitting Julia Gillard’s throat.” So there is no moral high ground for him or Tony Abbott.

  2. I have noticed that people on Social media ( voters ) are coming out strongly to support the ABC. The Government should not be dictating our tv viewing..what next will put us all in a green and gold uniform marching along to their tune? They dictate on issues like this in North Korea.

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  3. Treason is treason. Pull the plug on Q&A. You put this shit to air!!!! then all you Q&A executives should have your collective arses hauled before a court of law too. The whole studio and audience could have been in danger with this nut case in their midst….. Freedom of speech is one thing. TREASON IS QUITE ANOTHER. #noplacefortraitorsinaustralia

  4. Taxpayers pay for the ABC, not these arrogant Liberal voters or this Liberal Government..leave them alone

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  5. I don’t think our ABC needs to be “popular” – the very core of its existence is to inform ( both sides of a topic), entertain, challenge, create discussion. BUT, I think the decision to have Mallah on Q& A was controversial and the program has such credibility that it didn’t need to “be out there” in such a populist way – leave that to the commercial channels!

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    • proving Australians with information they would other wise not have is not popularist, The ABC do a good job and they provided good entertainment for many Australians including children

  6. You can’t say anything anywhere and claim separation from it, that’s stupid. We are all liable for everything we say.

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    • By not taking or being accountable for what he said this twerp shows just what these young people are up to and if he does go over to fight most definately don’t ever let him back and the ABC should know better.

  7. If it was such a bad move to allow him to appear on ABC why is it OK for him to appear on other TV shows since. This government can’t tolerate any criticism at all its attacks on the ABC are unwarranted. This young man reacted foolishly to a verbal attack by the politician. Q&A have a wide range of panelists and always seem to try to balance the panel. Calls for reviews by the government are a direct attempt at interference into the independence of the ABC.

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    • The ABC is not independent, it is financed by the tax payer.therefore it has to answer to the government of the day. Fail to see a balanced panel on Q&A when there is always only one liberal on it!

      1 REPLY
      • Then you’re not looking hard enough Diane. Check it out, the stats are there on the site. They are NOT biased. But every newspaper and tv station most certainly is. That’s why they’re going down the drain, nobody’s buying papers any more, they’re getting the FULL story on social media, on independent media sites that state the FULL story. But there are plenty of Australians who only WANT half the story…

    • Diane they only have one Labor too. If independent panelists think a government policy a pile of garbage maybe that is because it is a pile of garbage. For most LNP supporters it appears it will only approach fairness when it is four LNP to one Labor at least.

  8. Like him or not – and he seems not to be a very likeable person – this young man is the face of disenfranchisement and in my opinion the government representative’s reaction to him on Q&A shows exactly how arrogance is going to continue the disenfranchisment and potential radicalisation of youth. Leave confrontation to the war zone – what we need at home is analysis and knowledge applied to sensible plans, not more fear mongering. And why is it OK shock for jocks and sensationalising commercial channels to abuse and lambast the public but when the ABC shows the very real issues and controversy it is threatened with censorship – give me a break.

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    • ANd that was the point the bloke was trying to make. but the conservatives missed that point, and are now misquoting him in order to vilify him. And the stupid WILL swallow the lie.

    • Yes this is what they do best antagonise, why wasn’t there such an uproar after Alan Jones’ remark oh yes for a while but soon was forgotten

    • If I remember correctly Alan Jones said Julia Gillards father died of shame, he also wanted to take her out to sea and drown her, this Liberal Minister that was on Q&A talked Julia Gillards throat..but that is fine with Abbott..that did not bother him at all..he is a hypocrite

    • Yes Rozzy, was just trying to find out if that Minister did say that, that’s the Libs double standards all the time. Do they forget they say these things maybe think like them we’re not so bright

    • This is the game they play with the electorates. Come up with bs controversy to distract us from the real issues of the country. Fear is the tool they use, just like the USA. It helps them to try to sneak through more laws that erode our freedom.

    • Spot on Liz Deakin. As for the claim that his appearance would recruit others, anyone who really watched the program without an underlying bias, would see that he came across as a stupid young man. Surely we need to see what such youth are thinking. I have been thinking that the proposed laws would alienate angry young men even more, and he said as much, twice, but was unable to clarify his thoughts. As for The Project, I have a lot of respect for Waleed Aly, but thought he pushed the particular point too hard, with an obviously inarticulate young man.

    • These nasty people were NOT on The ABC when they were terrorizing Julia Gillard after her father died..shame

    • No, as Ciobo said, the difference between the young lad and himself was that he (Ciobo) didn’t threaten to kill anyone.

    • Jillian, I never heard him say this on Q&A which is what we are all talking about on this site. Julia Gillard was not mentioned. Ron Nunn, what tune would you like me to play for you on my violin? What a fuss about nothing. The ABC did nothing wrong, we do have free speech in this country, and we need to hear ALL viewpoints from the audience and the panel et al.

    • Forgot to say that I am not a Tony Abbott fan. Nor do I like Bill Shorten. He should resign otherwise they will lose the next election. Too much baggage which the Libs won’t let him leave behind. Sorry for digressing, just putting the record straight.

  9. Why is anyone giving this person air time? The media are creating a hero for already misguided young men to Follow

  10. The Liberal MP on this program called for Gillard’s thrust to be cut! Didn’t see outrage about that! For heavens sake, adults should be able to listen to what people say.

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