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Yesterday our new PM Malcolm Turnbull held his first mini-economic summit to discuss government spending and how to stop wasting money in almost every sector you can think of.

We can expect a tax reform green paper to be released shortly and an innovation statement would be here before Christmas, said Christopher Pyne.


The Australian reports there was a general consensus in the summit of 25 people that the Turnbull government needs to “go for growth” and cut through state level red tape in getting policies through.

Mr Turnbull said that everything was on the table and he wanted to drive innovation and productivity across Australia.

There was some disagreement on increasing the GST however it will one of the major points of tax reform, just not yet. The ACTU said this was “not the way to go’’, while ACOSS believes there are higher reform priorities than the GST – do you agree?

One surprisingly consensus was on the recent Medicare review announcement – everyone agreed it is necessary.

Business Council of Australia chief Jennifer Westacott said, “We don’t require more spending, we require more focused spending,’’ about the summit’s objectives.

While some were focused on getting their ideas about welfare heard, others like Ms Westacott and ACTU secretary Dave Oliver wanted more spending on infrastructure.

The meeting heard calls the work-for-the-dole scheme to be tightened up, reports The Australian.

Workplaces were discussed, however it’s not clear if age discrimination was talked about as a major barrier to participation, which it is.

Mr Turnbull called for “good ideas’’ and said he wanted to deal with the issues our country is facing “and the ways to take advantage of them’’.

After the summit president of the ACTU Ged Kearney said she had not spoken to a PM about reforms since before Tony Abbott’s election, reports SMH.

“Not once did I meet with the previous prime minister, so it’s certainly a breath of fresh air”.


Tell us, do you think that Malcolm Turnbull will be a ‘do-er’ when it comes to economic reform? What should he focus on first?

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  1. A summit is a great idea providing he acts on the suggestions, just sitting back and talking and doing nothing is just a get together. I like Ged and can’t imagine should put forward any suggestions that would hurt Australians but there was more than Ged on that summit

  2. Not clear if age discrimination was talked about probably means no. They’re clear on everything else. I may be a little negative but I don’t think it will make one iota of difference to older Aussies.

  3. The Liberal Government has doubled the deficit, they should have cut down on spending when they got into office, 2 years into the term is getting a bit late

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    • It has me beat Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo , how can have wasted so much money no results and Annette McIntyre they have doubled th deficit..meaning they have spent just as much as the ALP during the whole time they were in office an we have nothing to show for it..savings are a different issue

    • David James you said “they should have cut down on spending”. My point is Senate blocked measures to cut spending thereby creating savings !!!!!

    • David not only have they doubled the deficit they have cut funding to community organization throughout Australia they cut funding to all the states education health. They haven’t spent on any major projects that really creates work. They have spent millions on enquiries there offices. But it is mind boggling as to how this government has spent this amount in its small time with nothing to show but incompetence

    • Annette McIntyre being negative to me is dwelling on how the labor government supposedly “put us in debt in the first place” what these negative people did not consider or where to shallow to see was that we had a world wide crisis large banks corporations going under. Australia and it was the labor government saw us through this crisis. What really gets me is that the money this government passed on to the people to get out there and prop the economy with they could have just propped the banks and large corporations with it as they did in America Greece Italy Ireland England and so on. These countries are still struggling some have gone bankrupt. The banks and corporations did nothing but take the money and bugger the people . Shallow mindedness is what causes negative thinking. If this government actually did something to enhance our lives lead by example by NOT INCREASING politicians pays and entitlements as they did in there first year then I wouldn’t have anything to POINT OUT

    • Yes Annette McIntyre and LNP governments just love to waste billions blowing up countries on other continents. There’d be no need for belt tightening if the LNP would just stop doing that every time they are elected.

    • Annette, a senate who blocks unfair cuts to every sector except pollies perks is a good senate in my eyes

    • Annette McIntyre, the senate blocks what is deemed inappropriate, they are performing their job for their electorate. You need to remember the difficulties Labor had, it was more difficult for them but at least they had policies that were hard to block.

  4. OMG give him a go will you, you all hated Mr. Abbott now you hate Mr. Turnbull, are you ever going to be happy…..I guess not…it all sounds positive so only time will tell.

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    • Rubbish what will a new government do any more than this government….please tell me….more debt, more handouts, more refugees oh yeah that will help won’t it…..

    • I don’t hate anyone but I do hate the bad Governance and that is what I am seeing. If the old conservatives in the Liberal Party give Turnbull free reign, it may be a different story. But he is for Gay marriage, he is for doing something on climate change, he feel sthe Muslim community here are a benefit to Australia and these are all things the Liberals will suppress him on.. he will be a toothles tiger I think..time will tell

    • Yes Judith. Much better to look after the bankers. Subsidise the mining industry. Let all the profits go offshore. Give the super rich massive tax breaks on superannuation. That’s going to cost more than the age pension. Very soon. But of course as long as you cut penalty rates for workers . Who work on Sunday’s . And stop giving pay rises to people on the minimum wage. The wonderful liberals can save us from financial disaster

    • Yes and they have done all that have they….minimum wages keep going up, penalty rates are still there, profits are still here.

    • He is completely different to Mr. Abbott….wether they are the same policies or not it is in they way they are delivered.

    • At least he is out listening to the people and to the business and community groups and asking for some help to make future policies or tweek what he already has. Get your head into gear and out of the sand.

    • So being delivered in a different way makes them different policies? I don’t think so Judith

    • Yes Judith they are still there. But it’s openly on there agenda. To take them away. It’s only a hostile senate that is stopping them.

    • Sue Todd if something is delivered one way and using certain words put people’s backs up, put in different words and ways make people except them. Also sweeteners help too. Different mannerisms too. Hostile senate, a dumb senate that can’t see past it’s own nose…..

    • Judith Forbes …It is called “trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes”….Turnbull is a salesman…and I have never ever trusted a salesman….Same old liberal policies….rob from poor and give to rich!!!……It wasn;t just abbot that needed to go…It’s the liberals…..the rich man’s party!!!!!

    • And you are the expert on everything Sharyn Parsons Hart what ever no point talking to a closed mined person who can’t see past their nose…..

  5. Why give him (Turnbull) a go he didn’t give Abbott a go. So no way don’t want him in

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    • Gail, TA deposed MT when he was Leader some years ago. Now TA knows how it feels. I will keep an open mind for now. Don’t agree with some things, others sound okay. About time Bill just stepped down (as opposed to a Spill against him) and Albanese took charge, then Labor might have a chance against MT.

    • Rudd made sure they couldn’t do a spill in the future and now you are stuck with Shorten and he won’t step down he is to arrogant.

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