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Is it really only six weeks since Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister? Our new leader has wasted no time sweeping out many of his predecessor’s policies, with this latest move abolishing one the most bizarre.

Australia will no longer bestow the honour of Knights and Dames, the Prime Minister’s office announced this morning, on the basis that they are “not appropriate” for modern Australian society.

“Awards in the order of Australia are an important way of honouring the achievements and service of many Australians, including those unsung heroes who might not otherwise be recognised outside their local communities,” said a statement by Mr Turnbull.

“The cabinet recently considered the order of Australia, in this its 40th anniversary year, and agreed that knights and dames are not appropriate in our modern honours system,” the statement said. “This change will not affect existing knights and dames of the order.”

The move will not affect existing knights and dames of the Order of Australia, and has already been approved by the Queen.

When Mr Abbott reintroduced dame and knighthoods, then bestowed the honour upon Prince Philip on Australia Day, is was described as everything from “total craziness” to “pathetically stupid” to “a joke and embarrassment”, reports the Guardian.


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  1. Great move ! Now bring on a new flag…..

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    • Why, remember ALL our service people served under our current ones and died for it and what it stands for and which many now wish to get rid off.

    • A good point Mick, so whatever is done should take that into account. The crap about another countries flag on our flag is just that crap. I don’t think any sensible thinking person ever thinks of it as a British Flag, it is OUR flag. Beside that what politician would you trust to change our flag for the satisfaction of all of us. Perhaps people should be selected from all walks of life to make a decision, but politicians (Federal, State and Local as well as lawyers and members of the Judiciary) should be banned from the committee.

    • Yes and what a mess they made of it, Australians dying because of incompetent people with a title. Time to move on Mick, sorry to disagree with you.

    • No one died for a flag .they died for a cause.and that is not a British Flag..and I served as well. Let’s have a real Australian Flag Now

    • The flag has changed since the Diggers fought, they did not fight under the same flag we have now

    • Indeed, William Jacobs, I do not know whether to laugh or cry, when I hear the argument that our service people died for the flag. I’m all for a debate, but on a certain level.

    • We did not have the flag we have now during the wars. It was the Union Jack then. But, to many generations of Australians, it holds a place high in their hearts. So what if there is a Union Jack in the corner. It reminds us of our early beginnings. The stars are truly Australian. Together they tell a story, about people coming together, to face hardship, to fight for and make news lives in a tough but bountiful land. What story would a new flag tell? I’m not for or against a flag change, but would need a very convincing argument to see something changed just for the sake of change.

    • My problem with the current flag is that it pays homage to a colonial and imperialistic era. I want to see a flag that stands for a modern, independent country. The Souther Horizon is the best option that I have seen.

    • You see it as paying homage to Britian, but I just see the proud Australian Flag. We each bring our life experiences into this argument. You have a problem with the flag as it is. Have you really wondered why? Does the fact that Britain and the British people have had such a large (not always glorious) part in the development of this country offend you? Colonialism was the start of making this nation great, in fact, of making this a nation at all. Yes, we are a different country now, but I still say our flag tells a story. A new flag won’t change history, no matter how much you would like that to be true.

    • Well, Mary Campagnolo, I do not think that anything can change history, but you can move on. Many other countries have understood that and they have flags that reflect that. For some reason, many people in Australia and New Zealand try to cling on to the past, and I fail to understand why. Indonesia would not have the Dutch flag as part of their flag, would they ? 350 years of Dutch colonialism certainly shaped that country. South Africa’s flag does not show the British and Dutch flags anymore, and so on.

    • Just a slight correction to my previous post, yes it has changed from a Red background to a Blue but the overall design is the same and even up to recent times the RAN flew what was known as the Red Ensign, the flag that we used to have, and maybe they still do not sure.

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      • I maybe wrong Mick but from what I have been told the RAN flew the white ensign and the merchant navy flew the red ensign. But will stand corrected.
        The bit about what others made comment about the fighting under the Australian Flag a lot believe it and still do. When I joined the Army I swore allegience to my country and for what it stands for and yes my flag is the Australian Flag and though never had it on my uniform would have been proud to wear it there if required.

    • Berndt you have freedom of choice but one of national flags you swore allegiance to when you departed Europe and arrived on these shores. My father fought for that freedom of choice.

  2. Disgraceful who put him in !!! Oh that’s right !!! The people of Australia Didn’t far better things to abolish like paying for there holidays maybe

  3. This should never have been implemted in the first place, it is outdated in modern Australia, now undo the rest of Abbott’s bad policy Turnbull so we can see that you are genuine and just not trying to distract from a GST increase

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    • He is the same as Abbot, only in a different form. Although Abbott would have been easier to loose the elections.

    • Yes now he should go about addressing the changes Abbott made to the immigration laws which now sees people being deported to countries of birth even if they’ve been here all of their lives, working and paying taxes etc. This is tearing families apart and costing lives.

    • I think an incoming PM has more serious things to deal with in the fist few weeks, be grateful he got around to it in 6 weeks.

    • Bob Gitsham Turnbull wants a Republic I bet he was itching to get rid of Knights and Dames, and what a uselss award that was

    • He has moved on it very quickly Bob Gitsham, guess he wanted to get rid of one Abbott’s ridiculous Captains Picks or he may be trying to distract from the GST debate 🙂

    • A GST increase is the only way to get the rich to pay their share, as there’s no shonky way to avoid paying it unlike income tax avoidance & the black economy which both cost regular taxpayers dearly!
      Get rid of Middle class welfare & paying people to have kids & we might not need as much revenue.

    • I agree with cutting middle class welfare, and making the rich pay their fair share of taxes but an increase in the GST will only hurt the poorest Australian’s, the rich won’t even feel it

    • I would have though an incoming PM would have more important things to do than launch a high court challenge to Canberra’s legalising gay marriage too, but that’s exactly what Abbott did two days after he was elected. Seems that was more urgent than our ‘budget emergency’

    • Should we strip all the Knights and Dames of their “outdated” Tiitles? Examples? Don Bradman, Doug Nicholls, Peter Cosgrove and ( giggle giggle) Dame ( lol) Quentin Brass? Is envy and hatred of Tony Abbott this extreme? Having said that it was stupid to knight a Royal.

    • think they all get to keep their titles Joe ,the whole concept of Knights and Dames just did not fit into the times we are living in, sadly Abbott. wanted to live in the past

    • It would be a cold day in hell when I was envious of the dribbling fool Abbott.

  4. Good start Turnbull now bring on a Republic, this is just his first step

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    • Republic seems to be a good idea but I am not sure what we will get. We will have the ‘Political Class’ setting things up so that they benefit and the rest of us will pay for it. Look at the USA, it started well but I wouldn’t like to live there now.

    • we will have wait and see mate but I think we have been tied to England’s apron string for way to long ,England is a little country at the top of the world. Australia is a Continent down the bottom

    • No move towards a republic will be made here while the Queen is alive, because people respect her. As soon as we get King Charles, that might be the right time.

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