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A Melbourne woman has kicked off a campaign to support Australian growers in our supermarkets by calling on people who care about buying Australian produce to “flip it and reverse it”, turning cans around so people can see easily where the product they are looking at comes from.

It’s a simple yet powerful action, which shows a mild and annoying protest to supermarkets may just help people take the second thought about where their product comes from.

It started when she went to the supermarket for smoked oysters but couldn’t find any Australian-made produce of the item.

Last week, Ms Joyce posted a picture of a supermarket shelf of cans she had turned around, saying she had done this often in the last few months.  Since, the picture and her story has gone viral online, reaching tens of thousands of people.

She hopes the movement catches on and has set up a Facebook page to support it.

In the Daily Mail she is quoted as saying “It’s a harmless and super annoying way to protest and hopefully gets the message across.  I just wanted to put this out there nd everyone can take over on their own,” she said.

Australians have been much more sensitive to international food in the country since the Nannas Berries incident where widespread sale of China-sourced contaminated frozen berries caused people to think twice about where their food comes from and how it is produced.

Her Facebook page does however show another side to this crusade.  There are plenty of annoyed people who are happy to buy cheaper food without concern for Australian Farmers it seems, and a few who feel the movement is just making more work for supermarket workers.

Share your thoughts today.  Do you buy Australian?  Would you join in this silent protest against our supermarkets and the quantum of internationally sourced food items on our shelves?  Or are you happy to get the best cost savings possible without regard for the source of your food?

Further information is available at the Flip it and Reverse it Facebook Page.

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. I can see her point, however many cannot afford the name brands, and we all buy what we can afford, I would find it annoying to have to turn cans around to see what I was buying.. unlike some I do not like supermarket shopping..I want to get in and out as fast as I can

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    • Name brand is just that unless you personally know the producers. I found out the cheaper brand is way better than the named brand some people prefer.

    • Dolly I don’t much canned food, I prefer fresh but if I did need a can I would be annoyed having to turn cans around..why can”t they just label them clearly?

  2. It is up to us to reverse the cans before we buy. I always do this as I want to support local farmers. SPC now place a photo of a farmer and his family on their tins. I think this is a wonderful idea as it makes the supplier real to us.

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    • It’s about time consumer should do what they think is best. Silent protest may actually get attention from those who are creating/imposing the law.

    • As long as other companies that aren’t Australia don’t try to replicate that to fool us like the Australian Made sign has been abused.

    • Only problem with that is there is no guarantee the food inside the can actually came from that farm.

    • I’d like to know what is imported and what is Australian in some cans, this Australian and imported ingredients tells me nothing.

    • This is getting desperate, that all our good fresh foods & seafood’s are all being bought up by the super rich of Asia & Middle East, yet we are fobbed off with cheap nasty unclean foods from Asia. HOW DID that happen ?? WHAT is happening around us ? I can’t get my head around this complete RIP OFF of our produce & our people. I am kept busy writing letters to EVERYONE I can think of, producers, suppliers & stores. PLUS the MP’s of course.

    • Just because SPC put a photo of a farming family on their tins doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Australian grown. Could just be clever marketing. Check your labels every time.

    • Yes but can you trust what is written on the label . As made in australia could mean canned here with overseas products

    • Dawn Allen – if what I have been told is correct, “Made from Australian and imported ingredients” can contain as little as 5% Australian. Unless it says, “Product” of Australia, I don’t buy it.

    • Eddy Brink – “Made” in Australia is exactly what you said. It has to say “Product” of Australia.

  3. Having read that, I am assuming, that if supermarkets have to pay staff to turn the cans back around the right way..we will all end up paying more..to cover the cost of staff wages

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  4. It’s not harmless, it just creates extra work for those people who have to stack the shelves and have absolutely no more say in what the supermarket buys than anyone else. A far better protest would be to stop buying food made in countries with dubious standards. I stopped buying smoked oysters years ago and we survived. Most people are price driven and will continue to support these overseas companies. We haven’t (as a nation) supported many manufacturing industries and they have closed. You can’t complain about Holden closing while you drive around in your overseas made car.

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    • Yes I agree with what you say and unfortunately in this day and age a lot of people buy cheap as they cannot afford some of the remaining australian brands . And with the unclear labeling system it can be hard to work out what is truly australian grown and packed

  5. Takes little time to look at the labels. Rather pay more for Australian made. Go without something else perhaps. Like to see an aisle set aside, would save time.

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  6. Hate supermarket shopping, get in and out as fast as possible. It’s not that difficult to pick up a can to see where it comes from – though there is usually little choice.

  7. I love to support Australian farmers too, except for those who,have sold out to halal certification. Also, because of exporting, we never get the top class Aussie fruit, vegies and meat offered to us!

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