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It was a sad day for nostalgia when Holden announced they’re leaving Australia in 2017, but all is not lost: they’re got some great news for their Aussie workers and car lovers.

While they will stop building cars in less than two years’ time, Holden have announced that parent company General Motors will ensure some of its vehicles will be true blue.

Instead of sending 100 powertrain engineering jobs overseas, GM have reversed their decision and will keep their workers in Australia, Sky News reports.

The company is also celebrating their new Commodore VFII which is one of the last Australia-built models – many of us will remember them from way back in 1978!

Holden general manager Mark Bernhard said, “We should be really proud of that. The reason we’ve been able to retain those people is because of the talent of the team that’s based here”.

And the Holdens we received after 2017 will keep Aussies in mind despite being made throughout Europe, America and Asia.

“We will have vehicles in more segments than ever before,” Mr Bernhard said. “We are replacing or refreshing every single model in the Holden portfolio by 2020”.

“This announcement means more than 100 additional Holden engineering staff will continue to apply their skills and talents to local and global vehicle programs.,” he said. “As Holden has done for decades, we will export our expertise to the world”.

The new Commodore VFII goes on sale in October – take a look!



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  1. My first car was an old green Gemini I called it Kermit, my second car was a Gemini van, I really loved that ISUZU motor in those cars, very reliable.

  2. If they cared that much they would have adapted Australian built cars to the market. Heard them saying that so many people don’t like bigger cars now but when my father worked there in the 70s at Acacia Ridge they were building Geminis. It’s all to do with the almighty dollar.

  3. Yes we are driving an Australian made holden Cruze. Good price cheap parts and cheap servicing. Why is everyone buying imported cars. We. Will be sorry one day

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  4. Very sad time for Australia. Whatever Holdens do it won’t compensate enough for the thousands of people who are and will be affected by this greedy decision I the future. Progress isn’t always what it is meant to be.

  5. oh BFD maybe 300 workers – which is a fraction of the current payroll.. woohoo for GM – NOT !

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