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A landmark report into legalising marijuana cultivation in Victoria has been completed, with the state set to become the first Australian state to grow and sell medical marijuana.

Children with severe epilepsy will be the first to benefit, from 2017, reports the ABC.

But the new legislation will need the support of the Federal Government, which is a signatory to an international convention on narcotic drugs.

As reported in The Age, the study by the Victoria Law Reform Commission recommends a strictly controlled licensing scheme to produce medicinal cannabis.

Almost all of the report’s 42 recommendations will be adopted by the Andrews government, meaning licensed cultivators and manufacturers will be able to produce a range of cannabis products, including oils, tinctures, capsules, sprays and vaporisable liquids.

Doctors with strict authorisation will be able to prescribe the medical marijuana.

The commission’s chairman, Philip Cummins, said the recommendations had been driven by compassion for those dealing with chronic conditions who have seen no improvement with other medicines.

The next step is cultivation trial at a Victorian research facility, as well as an independent medical advisory committee that will provide advice about expanding eligibility beyond those with cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy and chronic pain.

An office of Medicinal Cannabis will be established inside the Department of Health and Human Services to oversee the manufacture, dispensing and clinical aspects of the framework.

“I’ve seen first hand how medicinal cannabis can change people’s lives,” Premier Daniel Andrews said. “This landmark reform means Victorian families will no longer have to decide between breaking the law and watching their child suffer.”

Prior to the election, the Labor party promised to legalise medicinal cannabis oil for “exceptional circumstances”.

Regardless of logistics, this is a huge step forward for the sick in our country.

Should this become a federal issue and legalised Australia-wide? Are you pro-medicinal marijuana?

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  1. This is excellent news. Come on the rest of Australia, follow suite – the evidence is already out there that it works. No child should have to suffer when there is help available, and no parent should face charges for providing that help.

  2. I have never tried it in my life but like so many older Aussies I suffer from chronic pain and if that helps to alleviate or or just relieve it, I will try it. Provided it is legal and my doctors says it is ok

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    • Libbi when I was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of this year I was in horrendous pain and my body was in constant spasms. I took opiates to help with the pain but nothing got rid of these 24-7 spasms. It was like my body was just in continued agonizing tension and stress and it wouldn’t be still. A friend of mine got some of this medicine oil for me so I thought what the heck took it and within a few minutes my body totally relaxed and no more spasms. I told them at the cancer center I was having my treatment and they told me if it works and relaxes me then do it. There only concern was that my body needed to be relaxed and strong enough for my treatment to work. I’m now cancer free although I must be heavenly monitored but without this oil I really believe it was part of my ability to get through. The oil needs to be legalized I believe it could help with all sought of things such as irritable legs chronic pain that leaves the body stressed even giving up smoking it takes the edge away from you.

    • well that is a positive result Bea, I hope you are better now, I would prefer something I could swallow rather than smoke, getting high has no appeal for me personally, like you, I just want something to take the edge off

    • No you don’t smoke it Libbi it’s an oil you take it in drops under the tongue. Doesn’t get you high or silly just relaxes you. Taste is something they need to work on its a bit like sesame seed oil concentrated. While doing chemo I did find it hard to swallow and keep down.

    • The AMA wont let doctors say it is ok Libbi. The AMA is controlled by big pharma companies and they don’t want to give up any of their pie.

    • I have seen what a difference it has made to a member of my family! Totally AMAZING, no opiates and he is o focussed on brewing up his oil! Unfortunately the cancer is still there but he is determined to beat it! X

    • This so true, the pharmaceutical companies should not be able to dictate. All they are interested in is the money made from sick people taking their drugs.

    • My children will till you that I am against, drugs for recreational use in any form. However if medical cannabis oil can be used to give these precious children a quality of life and the hallucinogens have,been stripped then I have,always said yes. Doctors must prescribe it and the oil monitored.
      This treatment should be the last resort. Not the first.

    • Maybe leave a little of the hallucinogens included. Thats what we do, take a product strip it of its goodness then add what we think it needs.

    • The hope is that they will find many ways to use it so that the effects will not be getting stoned but the various strains can be used to cure things like inflammation, reduce pain, reduce stress and anxiety and possibly even fight cancer. Oil tincture is only the start of ways it may be synthesized to help with or cure many things!

  3. I’m all for it if it eases severe pain.

  4. I really want to see it legslised as a crop to replace so many of the products currently made from timber.
    Can you list a few possibilities.
    1 paper

  5. My late neighbour Mandy, was a first time user when prescribed it in a Melbourne cancer ward. This was in early July 2015.

  6. While I was working I worked with kids with disabilities for 23 years and witnessed the struggle with pain for them and their family, and as I live in constant pain myself I know I’m willing to try anything that may give me some relief so I can have some quality of life, so my answer to this question has to be YES YES YES.

  7. Great news, its long over due, now to wait for NSW to catch up, Luckily I don’t need it myself, but as a sufferer of epilepsy I have seen the wonderful results it has had for young chronic sufferers

  8. Medical Ice will be next.

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    • You’re missing the plot. Go back and check the facts before making such a ridiculous comment. You obviously don’t suffer from chronic pain.

    • Not to speak of police, prison officers, lawyers, courts and all the other facets of the ‘drugs industry’. I think all drugs should be decriminalized. It is a health and education problem, not something the criminal law can solve. However, ‘policing’ in relation to drugs means ‘regulating’, not ‘eliminating’.

    • Alcohol is ‘policed’ as in ‘regulated’. The objective is not to ‘eliminate’. The USA tried that approach. Drugs are the new prohibition. Does not work either.

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