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Could our treasurer be any more out of touch with the average Australian? Fresh after insulting first homeowners about their choice of job and subsequent lack of ability to secure a home-loan in Australia’s spiralling house market, new reports show Joe Hockey claims more in travel expenses that he expects a job-seekers to live on.

And it doesn’t stop there: the “reimbursed” taxpayer dollars go to Mr Hockey’s wife as rent!

News Limited newspapers this morning are reporting that Mr Hockey has claimed an average of $1000 each month since 1998, despite the fact he always stays at a house owned by his wife.

In total, the Treasurer has paid $184,000 towards a home that cost his wife $320,000. It was an astute purchase, which has risen in value to $2 million. No wonder Joe Hockey thinks the property market is a doddle.

“The house was a piece of Hockey mercantile genius,” former Liberal MP Ross Cameron told biographer Madonna King.

And perhaps what he meant by advising first home-owners to get a well-paid job was to get one in which your travel expenses were paid, no questions asked?

Travel allowance rules state, Mr Hockey is allowed to claim $271 per night when he stays in Canberra. This allowance covers the cost of accommodation regardless of whether he stays in a hotel (the QT looks nice at $160 per night, Mr Hockey) his own property or a friend’s home.

When asked if his $271 poer night travel allowance had helped pay off the mortgage, Mr Hockey told Q&A: “I don’t know, I pay rent”.

“You are living away from home and employers pay that,” he said.“I think I was away 185 days last year and you try and have the same bed and you try and have the same place to leave a shirt”.

Mr Hockey’s $1000 per month in allowances is roughly the equivalent of the Newstart allowance for jobseekers and 30 per cent of a single person’s pension.

We think this is further evidence that Joe Hockey is out of touch with how real Australian’s live. Tell us what you think.

Does our treasurer need a good dose of reality? 

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  1. Joe, close our manufacturing industries down, Holden 66yrs, triple 145 visas, sign a FREE Trade Agreement with Communist China, and declare Australia is for sale, and we pay him!!!!!!!, who’s dumb….

    8 REPLY
    • So better to go on paying people to
      Build cars Australians won’t or can’t afford to buy? You are a silly man.

    • I guess it’s ok to give Murdoch 900 million to prop up his newspapers though Kay?

    • Wasn’t Libs closed the car Industry down, it was the outrageous EBAs they got . The workers could have made a deal to take some of the lurks & perks out of EBA, and taken a pay cut , They would have THEN been on a realistically competitive wage comparable with all workers .

      1 REPLY
      • Dawn that’s not quite true is it? Even the car manufacturers claimed the Unions had nothing to do with the closure.

    • One day the Sun will come up and DAWN on you Lady….Surfs up at Manly…..Tony, Joe and Mike…selling us all out on their comparable Salaries…

  2. Give the man a cigar, & send him home……to Outer Siberia!!

    3 REPLY
    • We also said the same about the “cigar smoking ” MPs in Labor a few years back. I love how anyone who takes a gamble & gets rewarded is knocked down by Labor. No complaints though about Julia Gillard & Kevin Rudd using our money to feather their nests, for the rest of their lives, with a fully equipped and staffed office & cars at Airports etc, Julia gave Adelaide UNI millions of our money , now she gets paid by them, Gave hundreds of thousands to some overseas Education Fund , and she was in Charge, another income, She now earns close on $1m per year. A few cigars Good god they don’t cost very much , not a million each . Sick of hearing about a cigar, Small minds must think alike

      1 REPLY
      • Dawn just so you know all ex Prime Ministers get the same lurks and perks including your idol Howard and your current idol Abbott will be entitled too. I’m sure they won’t knock back their pensions and perks and lurks. Except Abbott might have some problems if he hasn’t given up his British citizenship!! That might prove a problem for him. Now that would be interesting. Also the majority of ex Prime Ministers manage to find well paid jobs after their tenure is over so unfortunately you will have to deal with it. All sides of Politics are the similar.

    • Who said I was on Labour’s side? They can all have a cigar & go to Outer Siberia. Good riddance to them all. So, Noots to you too. You must have a small mind for replying!!

  3. This man is out of touch with the Australian people, even the language he uses is out of date and out of touch. His first budget was a failure and his second one did not shine that brightly either with the community. Because of his attacks on the poor and his cries of budget emergency his rorting is very noticeable

  4. Open your eyes people he will be the fall guy for tony Abbott, they are all doing what he does. I say sack the lot both sides and get people in who love this country and want to see it grow and see everybody live a good sustainable lifestyle

  5. The fact is that all politicians get these travel allowances

    1 REPLY
    • Claming it to live in his own home is just very close to fraud my dear, but as a true blue member of the smugglers crew, you wouldn’t see anything wrong that. The allowance is to help with accomodation away from home. Not to live in your own home.

  6. Are we suggesting that he is Robinson Crusoe? Or that he is breaking any rules? How many of us sent back Kevin Rudd’s $900 because we didn’t need it? If we don’t think it’s right, then we should lobby to change the rules.

    3 REPLY
    • None so blind as those who wont see. Take of the blinkers and apply some logic, Oh of course you have been brained washed. by your wallet,

    • Sue got to laugh, I would love these dopes to tell us where they think all the Politicians live ,while in ACT. either in a house, theirs or someone else,or HOTEL, How many Labor MPs rent out rooms in their homes . Quite a few I guess.

  7. Labour also had these expenditures, until someone has the hide to review ALL politicial wages, including once out of office they should not receive a dollar.

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