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Like any high-profile leader, there comes a time when you need more protection, and that time has come for Tony Abbott.

It has been revealed today that Tony’s new armoured BMW is worth at least $500,000 and will escort the Prime Minister to his daily engagements, and was seen by the public yesterday for the Prime Minister’s XI cricket match in Canberra.

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At a time when terrorism is a constant threat, Mr Abbott has decided it was high time to purchase not just one armoured car, but nine – with a whopping cost of $6.3 million. Is this really the best way of spending tax payers’ money? Doesn’t Tony want to reign in spending and cut costs?

The fleet will be spread across the country so each car can escort the PM in style and security wherever he may be. He’s even been kind enough to offer the use of his new babies to VIP foreign leaders.

So why is this new Beemer so good exactly? It has bulletproof windows made from layers of laminated glass and polycarbonate coating, making them hard but flexible enough to absorb the impact of a bullet. Essentially, it’s a car to protect against an AK-47, the world’s most popular weapon of choice.

The car’s shell is impenetrable as are the tyres and petrol tank.

It seems Tony Abbott was growing tired of his V8 Holden Caprice fleet that had superseded features, but Labor has been quick to call out the purchase of BMWs, asking why Australia’s own Holden wasn’t considered for the new vehicles. According to the Attorney-General’s department, Holden turned out not to meet the “full requirements” and the department had to seek the best “value for money”. But is that really a good enough excuse? Holden is set to shut its factory doors here in 2017 and even our PM doesn’t think it gives good bang for his buck.

So what do you think? Is it fair enough that the PM needs to buy a more protective fleet of BMWs or is it a ludicrous expense? Where could the money be better spent? Tell us below.

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  1. He won’t be in office after the next election. It would be better spent on health and schools. He’s an idiot.

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    • Maybe if we mustered up enough support we could put a vote of no confidence in him and get him out. Not that Option B is much better.

    • Posted my own thoughts on this but you are spot on! They say you get what you deserve but surely Australia deserves a better quality of politicians than we are currently getting!!!

    • Why after all labor party stuff ups, and lending sprees of Our money, do tje libs have to put up with these comments.!!

    • Both parties are as bad as each other. Way too busy getting stamps on their passports to worry about what’s going on in their own backyards.

    • One is as bad as the other but honestly can you see the labor party saying no to this vehicle they all only butter their own bread You have to vote for the one you think will do what is best for our beautiful country.

    • Again the old song, it’s labors fault. Maybe they can blame other labor leaders like the one who wasted money bringing our soldiers home to defend Australia tduring WW2 or he one who brought our conscripts home from Vietnam….

    • Everywhere at every turn the Libs are hog tied and can’t get moving.
      They were left a mess and huge debt.
      There are times I am ashamed of the idiots who won’t pass legislation to support the Govt.
      I guess if all you Labor supporters who obviously think the Labor party did such a great job……aren’t embarrassed by their lies, put your hand out for money, and applaud the debt this country is in….you are part of the problem…….
      Yes it is Labors fault this country is in such a bad position.
      Vote them in again with Shorten as the leader……you can kiss the AUSTRALIA we know good bye…….

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      • There is no Australia to kiss goodbye, Abbott has already sorted that.

      • Trish, Trish, Trish, you are sadly deluded if you think that abbott and his cronies are trying to do anything for this country – or perhaps you don’t need to rely on the pension, or Medicare? Yes, Labor did lie – about the carbon tax – but there are at least 30 lies which your abbott has told, too many to list but you can find lists of them on the net. abbott has to go.

      • Trish there was no budget crisis it was all political bs. I do not support either side of politics but I am worried that with things like trying to sneak an extra payment for gp’s visit through the back door after it had already been rejected by the senate it is beginning to look like we elected a dictator.

      • Trish
        This thing about debt is so overstated. Sure we need to get the debt down but it should be over a longer period. A majority of households have mortgages ov a much greater % than Australias debt and we pay these down over a long period. At present interest rates are low so there is no imperative. You’ve all been hoodwinked by the ultra conservatives, there certainly not liberal.

    • Or DIANNE like the ones who sent us to war on several occasions , or like the ones who sent us into recession ! You know the one we had to have ? Oh how easy we forget !!

    • I can’t abide either party. Sadly, we vote in what we ASSUME will be the lesser of two evils and we all know what ASSUME is.

    • Yes a structured recession created by Keating……
      Programs not thought out ….results of one particular program cut short life for some
      Immigration and multiculturalism……fiasco
      Indiscriminate spending and hand outs
      Embarrassment of Juliar…..and that under hand deal to stab Rudd in the back and oust him
      An absolute trail of destruction and embarrassment for this country

    • I don’t care for either party and yes we all know what ASSUME means and I think we all understand we have to reassess our spending but I guess it all depends on everyone’s individual financial situation as to how much pain you experience! But what concerns me is that there seems to be a lot of mixed messages ( and deals done behind closed doors that you and I will never know about) of cuts we have to have but only for some! Will be interesting to see if they give themselves a pay increase (both parties) and if we hear about it or if it’s a behind closed doors deal while at the same time cutting services and increasing costs to those who need help the most!!

    • I wish I knew how these people know how much debt labor left the government to deal with. How do they have access to the books to know this when the rest of us just have to take Abbotts word.

      Fighter jets, entering into a war, BMW’s, overseas trips, paying politicians to sleep in their own homes, paying for the wives of politicians overseas holidays, paying 50 grand to fly a chef first class to the states to cook dinner for hockey, and of course the truffles he took with him.

      Seems like whatever labor left behind financially it was plenty enough to cover anything and everything ABBOTT wants to buy. There’s just not enough for the needs of the people.

    • For the folks who still think LNP is a good deal get your heads out of Murdoch’s newspapers and see what this government is really doing.

    • well said Margaret Peluso,,,,, and i bet Abbott has a clause that if he gets ousted at anytime, he can keep his car…… obviously hasnt heard of RPG (rocket propelled grenade),,, that will knock the fuck out oh his Bima

    • Kath I do not you are qualified to tell a man who has 4 degrees and is a Rhodes scholar from Oxford Uni in England

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      • 4 degrees – makes me worry about university standards! Perhaps Abbott is not an idiot as Kath suggested but, although I only have three degrees, I also am less than impressed by Abbott’s performance.

    • Get real eh? Just how much “health and schools” could the interest on Labor’s debt have brought? $1.2b per month would purchase a hell of a lot of services. Labor promised a surplus on so many occasions, over 500 of them so they knew the importance of ‘no debt’. Remember the opening words of Swan’s 2012 Budget speech? “The four surpluses I announce tonight…….”. Plu-ese! And people here have the nerve to complain about a $6.3m purchase?

  2. what a waste, didn’t realise he had 9 dicks

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    • Mike here-there used to be a saying, it goes, he must have 2 dicks because he couldn’t get that stupid playing with 1. I doubt that this applies to our illustrious pm though, he did go to uni on a boxing scholarship.

    • Neta Williams – nothing is getting taken away from the aged, check out the real situations before you make unwarranted statements.

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      • A lot will be taken away from the aged if his plans to tie pension increases to CPI rather than the current system are put into place. It is noticeable that pollies superannuation which is so much higher is not tied to CPI.

  3. He obviously feels he need protection from the people after his irrational Medicare decisions. He will only be in the cars until the next election.

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    • ROSLYN so you are happy for doctors to bill medicare 20 visits an hour that health care or ripping off the system .even bill shorten admitted there is a problem when he said no no as he always does ..

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      • $20 visits for 10 minutes not an hour. Am I right?

    • Sorry for lack of sympathy here GRAEME but I have just had two benign tumours removed at an out of pocket expense base to me at a little over $12,000. I pay the highest BUPA cover I can plus as I work I pay the Medicare levy on top of that. I have 4 scripts that I have to get regularly replaced and filled as I need them to live. I work in admin on a medium wage and to me when I have to pay all the other increased council, water, contents insurance, car insurance and BUPA fees etc. to be yet another $20 out of pocket on a regular basis is just way too much and in the end takes food off the table. The government thinks that just because you are a worker and trying to pay your own way then you are rich. Well here’s some breaking news – I’m not.

  4. Sorry, not understanding why he needs nine??

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    • Mike here-he needs 9 because unlike his mate obama there isn’t any room on his jet to carry the thing all over the country, he needs the armoured cars because a man in his exalted position obviously needs more protection than the ordinarys. He going to look a bit off when he arrives to do his volountary work on the Aboriginal communities in a half amillion dollar car.

  5. these cars were accquired for the G20. no use parking them up and not using them

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  6. BMW ?….We still have Australian Made cars…so much for supporting Australian Industry

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    • they destroyed the Australian car Industry

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      • You only haven on look at the number of Holdens & Falcons sold in the past 12 mths to see that they have no chance of surviving those suppliers that build superior quality, with more features for a less expensive price. Pls do not blame TA as Both companies had decided to pull out during labours last reign.

    • so many people here think liberals have been the govt for 20 years .no im sorry but what happened before 3 years ago was LABOUR..

  7. Surely they will be used by whoever is PM for the next few years. Generally Labor are the biggest spenders when in government, and Libs are then left to try and balance the budget. Don’t remember hearing comments like these when Kevin and Julia spent like crazy.

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    • They are trying to there best,just give them ago. I bet the LP will try and st this to ,everything gets stopped by them .Hope when it’s time to go to the next election and LP does win ,what will they be doing with the BUDGET and if they give themselves a pay rise.Its most likely time to updat


    • And our soldiers buy their own Kevlar jackets because the government won’t pay for the best effective ones.

    • Narelle you have a short memory. Tony Abbott said NO to 99 percent of Labour’s policies. This was his campaign just to say “no, no, no” but he had no ideas of his own and those they are trying to get passed now are pretty unfair generally. Yes, he got the carbon tax removed, but this was totally unnecessary. There are none so blind as those who cannot or don’t wish to see. Also, Joe Hockey has doubled the deficit but still blaming it all on Labour. All governments should be able to have a deficit….no good having one when our education and health systems need fixing. John Howard had a surplus but it didn’t get them back into government because they neglected important issues which Labour then had to fix. They both have good and bad policies but in the end we have to choose what’s best for the majority of us.

    • in my world children come first and extravagances are only after the kids have affordable medical attention, good schools and education and jobs with a future……

    • But on Australia’s families and disabled and sustainability and to save our planet from extinction not like this mob who only spend on themselves or the rich to ensure they get their funds to run again next election.

    • ABBOTT is a idiot!…Liberals are money driven they always have been and always will in future!…Kevin and Julia spent the money on us the people who are not well off!…They always think about us the people not their own needs!

    • I’m a Lib self funded retiree , and more than a little pissed off at having to spend an extra $20 just to get a script, and yes I am privately insured , I don’t have problem with the cars as they will be passed on. I do have a problem with this leader a master of Deceit and lies , he has lost me and many other older voters.

    • Chris Pitts there’s only one moron on here and that’s you.!!!!!! I am lobour and I’ve never had a hand out or wanted one, was a single mother of four, still did not or want a handout, so get back in to your rabbit hole that you just came out of , you obnixious piece of shit.

    • It is the Liberals who are the biggest spenders in Government and who sell off assets to balance the budget. Howard and his pals totally wasted the income we had when he was PM

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      • the only money Howard had saved was from selling OUR assets Remember there was a miningboom for many years and what did the labs do with that money. Do any of you lib supporters remember the down turn labour brought us through. Heaven help us if it had been the libs at that time what would they have done. The mind boggles

    • Yes sure. Labor gave big money out to everyone to spend, so Australia kept its AAA rating and the world saw Australia as weathering the GFC well ahead of most countries. So Abbott started his propaganda machine and unfortunately people did not see the manipulations. Read, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” – Abbott certainly did and played the Aussies like a fiddle – pardon the pun.

    • Get your head out of Murdoch’s papers and start seeing what this Government is really doing to our once beautiful country.

    • who would be a polly rudd bought the fighter plains now abbott is copping the blame .labour left a big debt…. no one cares…. just give me more and while your at it lower my taxes ..we are a fat lazy selfish mob ….

    • Oh please Pam Holland, spare me the old Labor waste argument. We pay taxes so that the government can provide services that the private sector just aren’t interested in or, more specifically, can’t make a profit from. The biggest waster was the Howard/Costello government, who squandered the windfall from the resources boom by giving it all back as cash handouts, mostly to the wealthy, rather than spending it on desperately needed infrastructure such as public transport, high speed broadband. As ever, Labor was left to do what was socially needed. It doesn’t come cheap Pam, but pays huge dividends in the future.

    • No ,I read more derogatory comments on them ,some downright shameful.educationional spending would be more useful for 6 million dollars

  8. I suppose to him they are, but then again, making people pay more at the doctors is a bit of a failure too. It will only increase the traffic at Emergency Departments. Not to mention the increased demand for hospital beds when people who don’t go to the doctor for prevention actually succomb to their illness. He couldn’t just have one car, there is no room for it in his new jet to be transported. If money is so tight in polliement, are we taxing the big miners yet? If not, why not?

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    • Big media and labor beat up. The idea of some sort of charge is to stop some Doctors charging US THE TAXPAYER for seeing up to 100 patients a day. I know for a fact that this is happening. Maybe those on this site can come up with a better Plan? Over servicing has caused the blow out in Medicare and it has to stop. No patient should be less than 10 minutes with the Doctor unless he is just writing a script without checking how you are going and that would be irresponsible. Even a medical certificate should take 10 minutes. The Doctor shouldn’t be taking anybody’s word for wanting a Certificate, it is their responsibility to check your symptoms.

    • Correct Marie! The lefties can’t see this or don’t want to. I know myself when working with the aged that a lot of doctors never even take their blood pressure, listen to their chest or take their pulse let alone review medication. Write a script, ask if they have any problems and out they go. The ones that are complaining the most are the ones that are exempt anyway. We have to stop the rorts.

    • Not sure where you live but where I live you have to wait 6 – 8 weeks to get into your GP so you run the risk of die-ing or getting better by yourself while your waiting to get in so more money for small regional centres or country towns to get more doctors and while he’s at it better specialist services would be good. But before any of that happens ‘pigs might fly’!!!!!

    • I see the paid LNP trolls are out in force today. Also notice that they are a bit better educated in regards to grammar and spelling. But still following the party line. The rAbbott only needs these cars. 1 because of the unrest he has caused in this country, 2. to get one of his daughters a job.

    • Mike here-most of the people who are complaining are, in the main exempt from changes but that just shows that they do, in fact, care about their fellow man. For Anthea, I live in an area where the RFDS holds a clinic once a month.

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