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Christine Forster, Tony Abbott’s sister, has said that she will be personally asking her Prime Minister brother to allow a party room conscience vote on gay marriage.

Ms Forster is a lesbian and has made it clear in the past that her brother is supportive of her decisions but does not want to discuss gay marriage. She even told Daily Mail last month, ‘Tony was, out of all of my immediate family members, the most supportive – people raise my eyebrows when I say this but it is the honest truth. When I told him what was going on his response was “what ever you think you have to do I will support you”.

But Christine and her partner Virginia Edwards were upset that the PM didn’t agree with gay marriage. Virginia told Daily Mail, “Of course it hurts and that’s why Christine and I stood our ground”.

According to Sky News, she said, “I absolutely will be lobbying my brother, and I hope the party room makes enough noise about this. Tony’s position has been well stated, and it’s on the record that he doesn’t support any changes to the marriage act”, she said.

Do you think Tony Abbott will listen to his sister if he won’t listen to the LGBTI community and members of the public who support gay marriage? Ms Forster said she hopes the party room tells him that marriage equality is a conscience issue and he will agree.

She said, “I think he’s wrong but he’s entitled to his view and it would be great if he turned around tomorrow and said “I’ve had a change of heart”.

Tell us your thoughts – do you think Tony Abbott will call a conscience vote in the party room because of his family ties to the issue? 

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  1. He won’t change his mind because he doesn’t want gay marriage. Anyone can say they support you whatever decisions you make, but they actually HAVE to support you for it to work and he certainly doesn’t think the Australian public should have a say in anything!!!! My opinion.

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    • the politician who we voted for in our area all have a say whatever side HE has to go with the party line like all others

  2. Personally, I don’t agree with gay marriage.

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    • His religious views should not I act on his role as P.M. In a multi-religion cum secular society.Hence,he should allow a conscience vote to his party members.

    • Tony Abbott is allowed to have a personal view doesn’t he.?

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      • A politician should not be able to make his personal and/or religious views count in Parliament. We have a system where the state and religion are separated.
        Gay people should be allowed to marry. It makes as much sense as saying people with blue eyes or brown skin can’t marry. I feel so sorry for those gay people who attend the weddings of their straight friend/family and aren’t allowed the same happiness.

  3. He is homophobic, these gay people deserve the same rights as everyone else and they have to suffer because of his homophobia

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    • I don’t think he is homophobic… He accepts his sister… I think it is his strong Catholic faith that gets in the way. I think he should allow a conscience vote on the issue.

    • how about paedophiles..they had protection from the Catholic people are consenting adults, and serve the same rights as everyone and NO I am not gay

    • Oh for gods sake get a grip – would you have HIM change your mind ? No ?? so WHY should you have him change his mind about a matter that is no ones business but theirs. I don’t care wether you are a christian blue black with purple spots as far as I’m concerned there are MORE IMPORTANT things to worry about – Just get on with YOUR life and leave everyone else alone.

    • Leanna how dare you suggest he is Homophobic? You have no right no right to say this about him. I’m sure he loves his sister! However he has the right to say no to gay marriage, if he doesn’t agree with it. just like the Labour government, they voted against it! I don’t hear you tearing strips of Julia Gillard! She said no, and she is an atheist. Marriage is a union between Man and Woman

    • And while on the subject Leanna leave the Catholic Church alone! They do not support pedophiles any more than the Anglican Church and the Salvation Army. All have had similar things happen.. Gays do have consenting rights. I fully support them. They can live together and commit to each other, and have a happy life! Marriage is between a man and a woman, to love and honour, but also for the procreation of children. The latter cannot happen naturally between same sex couples!

  4. Abbott is an ex trainee Catholic priest, he will never agree to gay marriage, all Australians should have the same rights

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    • I find it extraordinary they are against gay marriage but let pedophiles run amok in the Catholic Priesthood for centuries

    • This has nothing to do with PM & his view, it is my view, I did say let all have a secret vote, My husband was brought up in a catholic orphanage , from the day he was born, went to 4 , till he was taken out at 14 by his Mum, to go to work, She had married for the 3rd time and had 4 more children, He lasted 2 years & joined the Navy. He was baptised catholic the day he was born, his Irish grandmother was the the strictest catholic I know, she would have nothing said about church, He never saw his mother again & I never met her, BUT there were 7 Aunts & Uncles all married, who could have looked after him. NO one visited him in Melbourne, He was abused , mentioned it once and said he had his family and had done better than his Mum, and it was a long time ago & he had to get on with living . We married in C of E church . I am saying in those days in 40s strict catholic families wouldn’t believe anything against church, times have changed.

    • I must admit Kit that I too don’t agree with gay marriage. Live together and get equal rights as regards everything else that married couples get, but marriage between the same sex does not sit well with me, and I am not religious. My husband feels the same. However, all my family think we are old fashioned and should “move with the times”. Maybe they are right, but I just can’t get my head around it yet.

    • People are born gay, they don’t “turn or make a choice” to be gay. Just as none of us who were born heterosexual “turned or made a conscious choice” to be heterosexual. So why do heterosexuals have the birthright to marry and homosexuals don’t.

    • Christa, I agree with your family you are old fashioned however if you were honest with yourself and you had a child who was GAY you would want for your child what would make them happy, because if you stuck with your views on Gay marriage you would end up loosing your son or daughter believe me I saw it happen to a friend and although he has try to make amends his Son won’t have anything to do with him.

  5. No I don’t think he should be more supportive because his sister is gay. We don’t pay him to legislate on things because it suits his sister, or his daughters, his wife, his parents OR HIS CHURCH N

    I think he should remember there is supposed to a a separation between church and state.

    I think he should put it to a referendum and let the people decide if somebody has to make a decision on it then it should be the people. Not ABBOTT and his sister.

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    • I agree…. And I am thoroughly fed up with his dictatorial reign, autocratoc decisions (be it his, Credlin or the puppet master’s) and dogma born of his religious belief system.

      He and all politicians work for the people – and as a ‘people’ we should reclaim that right and take things to referendum. We could certainly learn a few tips from the Swiss model.

    • Margaret the Labour Government had a vote, and they said no! Don’t hear you all bad mouthing them! Julia Gillard was against it and she is an atheist. You all have short memories when it serve you. So stop crucifying Mr Abbott! He has a right to Say no to a conscience vote if he doesn’t believe in it. As we all have

    • Holy Mary Mother of God here we go another ABBOTT fanatic. The thread is about Tony Abbott. Put one up about Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd or anyone else and my thoughts would be the same.

      Problem with ABBOTT and HIS conscience vote that you believe he has a right to……he doesn’t give anyone else the same right.


      A: how many of us do you personally know that qualifies you to make that statement.

      B: the post was asking about our thoughts on Tony Abbott and seemingly you couldn’t even remember that long enough to respond to my post accurately. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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  7. Don’t think he will. However the tide is on the turn. Whether he does it or someone else later gay marriage is inevitable

  8. He has shown himself incapable of listening to any views other than those that agree with his view of the world.

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    • Are YOU going to change your mind about gay marriage ?? I’M not so why should he??? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if its not the same as yours so what???

    • No one is asking him to change his mind, Rosemary, his sister just wants a conscience vote which means each parliamentarian can vote as they like. Is that really too much to ask for?

    • Christine, Rosemary Henley replied to my comment, and she claims to be a personal friend of Tony Abbott, well I guess you can be unlucky. If it were me though I wouldn’t be telling everyone you might get yourself a bad name through association.

    • speak for your self , even animals have one of each , and if you read the bible it says man shall not lay with man , so god thinks so too , or is he wrong also …

    • In My Day & In My Dictionary Gay was My cousins Name ! Also It Described A Happy Person free of such comments But Someone changed the more recent Dictionary To Describing A Homosexual as A Gay Person ? Does that Describe them as being more “Happy” than most ?

    • You know what Sandy, I use to work at Meyer in the city and most of the window dressers were GAY and yes they were happy because they wouldn’t let narrow minded people get them down, they never hurt me and I would never wish to hurt them, and you call yourself a CHRISTIAN YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF, pity help your family should any of them be GAY.

    • I will respect Tony Abbott for standing up for what he believes. I’m not changing my mind, I believe in the traditional family unit… Mother, father and children

  9. I get so annoyed at politicians making decisions that should be our choice not theirs to tell us what we can and can’t do. There needs to be a better understanding for gay rights, more equality for all people, black, white, heterosexual or bisexual.

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    • Yes Judy, all people have rights. Forget gay etc, people are people and we all have rights. And everyone deserves to be happy, no matter who they choose as their life partner. Get out of the dark ages Tony Abbott.

    • it is not tony abbott’s decision he is entitled to his private opinion but if the majority of politicians (who we elected) agree on a matter that is what will be done so stop blaming one person and understand how government works lobby your own sitting member and see what he thinks

  10. Forget about gay rights. How about the rights of kids to a Mum and Dad

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    • Nothing like giving single parents (for whatever reason, including death) a guilt trip. What about giving every child the right to a loving, abuse-free home? Not every child with a mum and dad is loved and wishing won’t make it so. Anyway, this topic is about marriage, not children. That’s another conversation.

    • Yes your right, marriage is about a man and a woman. God created a union between Adam and Eve. Children come because of that truth, not Adam and Steve. Sin is sin and not all are perfect , but kids still have a right to mum and dad

    • Mike, best you sit down for this, sorry to be the one to break it to you but…there…is…no…god.

    • There is a divine God who created us all. He knows you and longs for you to know him. My personal experience with the Lord trumps your doubts.

    • Paul, I know there is a God , the bible is God’s true word. But u chose to not believe that’s up to u. Your opinion will not change mind

    • Paul McLeod I agree with you. There is no God; let alone a divine God Alan Skelton.
      As for the Bible Mike Coleman, this was made up by men to keep the women under control. We evolved from the sea, not God.

    • Your certainty is based on gut feeling I suppose, Christa? Ask the Lord and you shall be given the guidance you need.

    • Adam and Eve were fictional Mike. Just ask any theologian. There were a lot of biblical stories that were made up to help people understand.

      But if we accept your theory that Adam and Eve were real and they gave birth to Cane and Able then where did everyone else come from. That must have been one mighty incestious family. Sons breeding with mum till a daughter was conceived, or breeding with sisters. Dad breeding with his daughter, or his granddaughter. Don’t see how you can be against homosexuality yet be for incest. Because if you believe God created Adam and Eve and from them us then you have to believe in incest.

      If you believe God created man, then you have to believe God created gay men. If God created gay men, who are we to make them lesser humans and decide they can’t marry.

    • Great theory Margaret Peluso. You thoughts are your thoughts. I have my belief system that is contrary to yours. How old was Adam when he died? They lived a long time He was 130 when he begat Seth and lived another 800 years. I know that Adam and Eve were obedient to God, who told them that they were to multiply and replenish the Earth.. They had pure DNA. So, yes they were related and I am sure were married, their many children would also have been married as God instituted marriage to be sacred and binding. I don’t know anyone in this day and age who has lived to be 930 years of age!

    • And god forgives all except blasphemy, even murder and padephilia. Ridiculous!!!! And I agree Christa the bible was written four hundred years after Christ and written by scribes in Latin, not only to control women but also the so called underclasses who couldn’t read never mind read Latin .

    • The old testament of the bible was written before Christ, the new testament some time after. Each section was written in the language of the writer of the time. Only scholars could read so until relatively recently, the ordinary people had to rely on what they were told was in this book and now rely on the translations for the truth as it was originally written.

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