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Instead of retreating after losing the ballot just two weeks ago, Abbott has got back in the saddle, or should we say, firefighter uniform…?

He’s been known to help out as a volunteer fire fighter and this weekend Tony Abbott has taken part in a training day with the Davidson Fire Brigade ahead of the the upcoming fire season.

The former PM posted a photo to his Facebook page with the caption, “Glad to be back with the crew”.

According to Brigade captain Trent Dowling, Abbott was “relaxed” and “happy to be putting in some work”.

And this isn’t just a one-off, Tony Abbott received a 10-year service award for his volunteer work with the Davidson RFS earlier this year.

Some may also remember that during his first month in the top job, Mr Abbott assisted with the Davidson Brigade, helping with a back burning operation near Bilpin, reports SMH.

It begs the question, should former and current PMs volunteer their time to the community more than just their obligatory requirements?

What do you think? Take a look at the photo of Tony Abbott helping out and tell us your thoughts.

Glad to be back out with the crew from Davidson Rural Fire Brigade.

Posted by Tony Abbott on Saturday, 26 September 2015

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  1. That is a good job for him and he should retire from Politics and pursue it, at least out there fighting fires he is helping the Australian community, in Government he went against what Australian’s consider to be fair

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    • I disagree you can please some of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time. I think it would be very hard in politics for example from my view because I’m getting all of the pension nothing has changed for me I am still getting what I got before he came in as PM. I’m worried about refuggees coming into Australia because I believe there is not enough work, water or fertile land and there is no point bringing heaps of refuggees into our country if we can’t afford to look after them. The 12000 extra refugees we are bringing in the money has to come from somewhere to deal with this problem and the people who wear their hearts on their sleeve don’t seem to understand this. Unlike you I am not Labor or Liberal and we both see things differently.

    • Cheryl Siddon while I respect your opinion, I am not the one you should be telling all of that your local MP. And it is not 12,000 it is 13,000 that Abbott committed to bringing here !!!

  2. another photo shoot, should have been a fire sale for abbott, but yes, all politicians should give their time freely, Not for publicity, or party gain, or at the cost of the taxpayer, their time should be free, abbotts never was

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    • you have a nice day, dear, and I hope life gets a bit better for you – try not to think nasty thoughts – it’s much better for your health to think “happy” –

    • Abbott was doing this before politics, he has not stopped except for political duties…at least he is out there doing real things and not just flapping his jaw like most pollies.

    • Norma Murphy If he was doing this before politics (he entered parliament in 1994) why did he only get his ten year service award this year?

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    • Oh go look for gold at the end of the rainbow. Lalaland is nice at this time of year.

    • Imagine Billshortforbrains doing anything to benefit the community, he is too busy ripping off his union members, and spending their money. Turncoat is to busy paying people to do things for him, he wouldn’t want to get his lily white hands dirty.

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      • Hi Anne, well I guess politicians are considered fair game but I don’t think they’re going to improve with negative comments or name-calling, so I say, good on you Tony Abbott! He’s always liked dressing in uniform and getting out in the fresh air practising fire-fighting with his buddies is a good way of healing.

    • Lorraine Pearsall. Unions get their money from workers who want to join the union. It has nothing to do with the taxpayer, the government doesn’t pay unions. Is this clear enough for you?

    • Cathy Garvie,union money! It’s not union money sweetie,it’s workers money it’s called union fees

  3. They all may, we only know about it when they tell us. Tony Abbott with his fire fighting and Kevin Rudd wading through flood water in Queensland floods. It is great to see.

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    • Kevin did it once in front of cameras Tony has been doing his Rural Fire fighting for many years with no publicity

    • I don’t know if Kevin Rudd has done other stuff. Helen I really didn’t see it as a competition. I knew one MP who regularly volunteered in homeless shelter and never wanted publicity for his work although often campaigning on behalf of that and other shelters. Another a lawyer helped a disadvantaged group sort some legal problems. I know of one who regularly undertakes Landcare projects. Just because there are no photos, except maybe the local paper, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. A current serving PM would rarely have any time.

    • Barbara Easthope, prior to Tony Abbott becoming PM, did you know he received an award for 10 years’ voluntary fire fighting service, or for that matter, did you know he had done any sort of work as a voluntary fire fighter? I didn’t. The media have a lot to do with all this reporting. It would seem the media can break or make a politician.

    • Tony has been a volunteer most of his life. Obviously too busy to be typing hate comments on Facebook.

    • Good on you Tony , you show the sleaze, I don’t know how right or wrong you were but it should have been done in a better way, they have made AU a laughing Stock

  4. Don’t care, the same as he didn’t care about all those people he made redundant and unemployed.

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    • He didn’t. When companies go bust, people become unemployed. That has green happening for years. You can’t blame him for that.

    • AND Unions, AND Carbon tax sent most small businesses broke , All union Companies couldn’t compete with overseas Countries, we have the highest wages of most countries, They closed or went where they could produce cheaper. Don’t you find it strange we had a thriving MFG Industry till B Shorten took charge, THEN Unions changed , they just demanded things & got them NO jobs

  5. As a volunteer firefighter myself it is good to see him put back in to the community, but I wonder at his real thoughts on climate change. You can not be a bush fire fighter and not at least wonder about global warming, I have been in the game for 54 years and can testify to the changes in frequency and increasing ferocity of bush fires. Maybe the light will dawn for him if he is serious about staying with his brigade and he will change his mind about climate change, although I won’t hold my breath

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