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It’s been over a month since Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were transferred to Cilacap near Java, Indonesia, to await their executions for attempting to smuggle 8.3kg of heroin into Australia, along with seven others.

In the past few weeks, the two men’s lawyers have been scrambling to exhaust every legal avenue but it seems that finally, there is just one legal hurdle left, and whether they can jump over it to freedom is yet to be seen.

Despite a last legal attempt to stop the executions going ahead, the embassies of those facing the firing squad along with the two Australians have been summoned to the remote island where the executions will take place.

Today, Tony Abbott is in Gallipoli, Turkey, paying his respects to his countrymen and women on Anzac Day. He told Fairfax that he didn’t know any exact date for the executions and that the Australian government is in the hands of Indonesian authorities.

“We continue to make our position clear. I guess there’s always hope while there’s life but obviously these are late days”, reports Fairfax.

Indonesian marijuana trafficker Zainal Abidin is the final person awaiting this upcoming set of executions to have his final appeal either rejected or accepted by a panel of judges in the Supreme Court.

According to Indonesian Attorney-General spokesman Tony Spontana, “If Zainal’s appeal is rejected, it will complete the [appeals of] the inmates”.

Prisoners and their families would still be given at least three days’ notice before they were taken to the remote place where they will be shot by firing squad.

“I can’t believe this is it. We still haven’t given up hope,” said Chinthu Sukumaran, Myuran’s brother. Michael Chan just wants to see how his brother Andrew is going at this point, but one could surmise that he is probably doing the best one could be doing in this situation.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has also contacted Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi and a spokeswoman for Ms Bishop said Ms Marsudi was attending the Asia-Africa Conference and was unavailable to speak with Ms Bishop.

“Therefore, our Embassy has lodged a formal request for a telephone call to take place,” she said.

There’ll be more as this story develops in the coming days.


Tell us today: Do you think that the executions will go ahead? How do you think this will affect our relations with Indonesia? Are you saddened by what might happen to two Australians?

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  1. Yes, the executions will go ahead.

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    • I agree it will go on for months , indonesan government will line their pockets whilst doing it. And whwn the $ stops the bullet will reach its mark. Thats what i think. I further think that posting this post today was a dreadful dreadful thing to do.

  2. Again I repeat that if we expect people to respect our laws when they travel to Australia, then we must respect their laws when we travel there.
    There is an enormous drug problem in Australia which is increasing every day solely because of the light handed way that our courts treat drug related crime. Perhaps we could benefit a lot from becoming a lot more heavy handed. The way we are going sure isn’t working.

  3. Please don’t let these drug dealers steal the lime light of Anzac wknd. They are criminals not heroes.

    20 REPLY
    • Here here, not a truer word was spoken!
      The sooner the better, I’m sick of the whole circus that it has become…

    • While I value life 100%, there are lives of people who are affected by drugs to consider. This was not a small or insignificant amount they were carrying and was a pre meditated act. They may have been rehabilitated, but were aware at the time of the laws in Bali. I am sure the money and time spent by our politicians could have been more useful on helping our own at home.

    • Havent you ever made a mistake. I think aftet10yrs theyve paid their dues. D

      1 REPLY
      • Not yet they have not paid their dues not until Indonesia carries out the sentence they rightfully imposed on this pair. The sooner the better they carry out the sentence the better we must stop this drug problem and if this is the only way so be it.

        1 REPLY
        • Killing these two will not stop the drug problem, & I think the
          Indonesions are up to their neck int, even these Two.

    • They are human beings who turned a corner & could be of help in the rehabilitation of others! Our own justice system lets “murderers & rapists” free after serving a minimum sentence, even if they were given a “life sentence”!

    • Get over it. These drug dealers were happy to ruin lives. Its Anzac Day so think of the brave people who gave there lives for us. We will remember them.

    • interference in another country’s sovereignty for political gain Tony Abbot .. despicable .. trying to exonerate wrong doing of 2 rats overshadowing the sacrifices of soldiers who gave their lives so worms like this could exist and destroy what was fought for .. disgusting!

    • Drene and Floriana – all you bloody luvies need to look in the mirror to see just how stupid you both are – this wasn’t the first time they did this, they used to do it for a living so hopefully they will soon get a bullet each and we can forget all about them once and for all, these bloody DRUG SMUGGLERS have gotten too much airtime

      1 REPLY
    • Clayton Supple I seem to remember a couple of past PMs & several other pollies from all parties trying to save these 2. It is not just Tony Abbott.

    • I think that if they where sentenced to death it should of been done 10 yrs ago , not rehabilitate them and then kill them , so wrong the way that place operates, I personally will never go there .

    • Clayton get over it! Tony Abbott is our Prime minister! His plea for them has nothing to do with Political Gain as you put it! He is doing his job!

    • Totally agree. Today is Anzac Day, a day to remember heroes and those who made our country what it is today, not to glorify criminals and low life’s who seek to prophet from profiting from the misery of others. This should not have even been mentioned today of all days.

    • all of you how about our traitors the federal police who gave them to them , do you know the penalty here for that , death by hanging or shooting just not in public , my late hubby worked in prisons for a while and many times on nightwatch he heard the gallows drop, so dont give me the shits, i know what i feel about those feds who did this , an unforgivable act and they are still free!

    • i find it becoming more and more difficult shopping cause I wont buy from countries like that i am reading the labels and if they say certain countries , it can rot on the shelves forever and ever and ever, and i certainly wont visit there either, nor would i employ any of them!

    • If Abbott and Bishop took as much time worrying about pensioners and hard working Australians, as they have about this scum, this country would be better off. They knew the punishment, pull the trigger and get it over with do we don’t have to hear any more bleeding hearts saying they are rehabilitated. They are only rehabilitated , because they got caught.

  4. Unfortunately, yes unless a miracle.
    Yes they are criminals, but don’t execute. Jail sure. One if the purposes of jail is to rehabilitate and they have.

    11 REPLY
    • And can you guarantee that they won’t re offend if they are let go free. Even with the threat of death they have still refused to give the names of their bosses.

    • I am not saying let them go free. They have a life sentence in jail. All I am saying is no to the death penalty Ruth.

    • people are really divided over this issue, I am all for life with exception of pedophiles who can’t be reformed. Death is so final

    • Unfortunately, life sentence here rarely occurs due to the “minimum served” & “parole period” granted to serial offenders! I am for the death penalty, so the money spent on keeping these re-offenders alive can be put to good use in housing the homeless & feeding the hungry!

    • Floriana Phillips unfortunately the money saved by using a few bullets to end a sentence i
      Of life in prison is not used to house nor feed the homeless and hungry…. Australia has sent millions as have other countries to them and it went into the pockets of their leaders.

    • Hope all those against get to see their brothers and sisters crippled by dope suppliers and then see if they are against the bullets that cleanses… only brainless Bible banger nutters want to and kiss & suck on these scum.

  5. What’s with all the brow beating ? Get on with it.These merchants of death are about to receive what they were doling out for years to our youth and their families.Have the same thoughts for our under serviced War Veterans and homeless.

    1 REPLY
  6. I can’t see why these executions won’t go ahead! The Indonesian government are going to drag it out, so that it will never be forgotten. Will it put a dent in drug traffickers… That remains to be seen

    2 REPLY

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