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If you happen to be gazing out to sea in the Northern Sydney region, keep an eye out for the politician formerly known as the Prime Minister, now simply referred to as the Member for Warringah.

Tony Abbott has given a candid interview with local paper Manly Daily about his new quieter life, which includes cycling, surfing, renovating and “being able to go up to the shops in a T-shirt and thongs again”.

The former PM told the paper he has no intention of making a decision about his political future until after Christmas, however other reports say it is unlikely he would want to serve anywhere other than here in Australia.

“I’m too young to ret­ire. I still have a very strong interest in public life. And I don’t think it’s going to be my role to simply surf and cycle for the next 20 years.”

Mr Abbott added that he was warmly supported in his electorate, and was happy to pose for selfies or to talk business.

“I know the polls weren’t especially encouraging, but I have never experienced anything other than warmth on the street.”

“The people have never been backward in coming forward and I don’t suddenly expect them to become all shy and retiring now,” he said.

Thanking the electorate for its support, Mr Abbott said, “I hope they were proud that one of our own was prime minister of this country and I am confident that the record will be well ­appreciated as time goes by,” Mr Abbott said.

When questioned about his relationships with his former friend and mentor Bronwyn Bishop, Mr Abbott said there was “a bit of dirty water under the bridge” but that “you shouldn’t let one difficult episode poison a friendship”.


Do you welcome the news that Tony Abbott will likely stay in federal politics? Do you agree that his time as Prime Minister will be “appreciated as time goes by”?

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  1. I am sure there will be some on the right who will remember him fondly but I am not one of those people.

    18 REPLY
  2. most people will remember him as he should be remembered, only the few will sugar coat this man and the havoc he brought to us and our nation..

    9 REPLY
  3. Keep stirring the pot Abbott, the tougher you make it for The Liberal Party, the more we like it

    13 REPLY
  4. What has Turnbull brought to Australia.

    5 REPLY
  5. I didn’t vote for Turnbull I voted for Tony Abbott a great man.

    6 REPLY
    • you voted for you local candiate and the party, unless you live in Abbot’s electorate..only a fool votes for the PM, they change them like dirty undies

    • Unless you live in Abbot’s electorate, you voted for your local candiate and the party. We the public do not vote for the PM, that is left to the party in power.

    • Actually Tanya, unless you live in the Wharringah Electorate, you didn’t vote for Tony Abbott. You probably voted for your local candidate.

    • Liberal is liberal and Labour is labour no matter what electorate you vote in. The Candidates represent a party. Splitting hairs.

    • Liberal is liberal and Labour is labour no matter what electorate you vote in. The Candidates represent a party. Splitting hairs.

  6. I wish he would just shut up and go away!

  7. Don’t tell me Tanya . He turned back the boats and stopped the carbon tax . Lol and blamed Labor .

  8. I’m very cynical when it comes to any Politicians, however I think it will only be the die hard’s and his mates who will miss him, as far as I’m concerned he should stick to his surfing and cycling and leave the Politics up to the big boys who are there to represent ALL AUSSIES.

    4 REPLY
    • Trish Daley Do you really think Malcolm Turnbull will really work for all Aussies. He’s reaching out to the Muslims already & wants to be their friend. He only thinks about himself & his highbrow cronies.

  9. He the only in government that stop the boats

    9 REPLY
    • well that doesn’t make sense but if you mean he was the only one in Government that stopped the boats..well no point in you voting for the rest of the Liberal Party then since Abbott single handedly did it all himself

    • It was actually the labor party that began this cruel and obnoxious policy, the concentration camps had been set up pre Abbot.

    • there was no child abuse under the ALP or rapes..67 children have been abused and 33 women have been raped, a woman Somalia is pleading to be let into this country to have an abortion after she was raped on Naru

    • Abbott didn’t stop the boats either, he stopped them entering our waters. If he’d stopped them he wouldn’t have had to pay them to go back would he

    • Bruce, typing is no different to any other form of communication, labor didn’t stop no boats is ambiguous at best, does that mean that labor stopped all boats or no boats. Think about what you have written please.

    • O m no boats means no boats Mick . Tooo hard to understand . Please any of none is they didn’t . G politically correct on everything positively speaking . Labor put up signs overseas telling them of all the benifits here . & the floodgates opened fact . Come to Aus we will look after you . G that labor party good I come to Aus . Are you a refugee no I just want to come to Aus labor pay for me . Noow that’s positive not your negatives you love to twist to suit your political gains

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