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Tony Abbott finally gave in: the GP co-payment has been scrapped.

Late last night, it was revealed that Tony’s almighty plan to scrape back money from us in the form of a $7 GP co-payment has gone bust.

Our PM has conceded defeat and the policy will be scrapped in the coming weeks, after calls by both crossbenchers and the public to stop tearing from the pockets of the people who need help the most.

This latest development seems mightily convenient given that Tony is still suffering in the polls. But is it a case of too little, too late? Even if he rushes to correct his huge oversight, will we be able to forgive someone who is so tight on the purse strings? What could he do to us in the future that actually passes Senate and becomes our reality?

From someone who said they would not be swayed, it seems Tony Abbott has been. I think it is a little coincidental that he will announce the scrapping of the co-payment just days after he received backlash on the ABC cuts. He won’t stop those but we will distract us with this abolishment of the silly $7 fee.

With election promises being broken left, right and centre, will this make you change your mind about Tony Abbott? Or do you want a leader who can lead and not bow to pressure? Tell us below…

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  1. NO too little to late, I personally would never trust a word they say again, lie after lie, it has been repetitive so much so I am beyond being shocked any more. I just expect them to lie

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    • on Foxtel it say they are NOT dropping it, they are going to try to legislate it.. they are a malicious deceitful Dictatorship

    • Peter Satchel I think your pic of Joe and Tony is brilliant…shows them as they are very funny…clever….

  2. But with suggestions that he may again try to sneak similar cuts in via the back door by regulation of payments to GPs – Have lost all respect for and trust in this government.

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    • At least this government makes itself accountable unlike the other lying conniving slanderous choice!

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      • You are a very funny man John Plummer – accountable! If I used that awful shortcut lol, I would certainly use it here.

    • lol John that’s quite funny when you see Abbott lying about lying. Makes the rest of them look like saints.

    • You are right, John. It is different when Labor lies. But, that is they way people are conditioned now. Brainwashed.

    • My point is that circumstances change all the time in politics! It’s like playing chess! You move this way which causes one to “change their mind”

      So given the current understanding of things this is what we will do… I don’t see it as lying…

      BUT media be that ABC or social voice are slanderers and foster lies themselves…

    • There is no point in playing the blame game, I think most important is what each government stand for and propagate…

      Eg: labor dislike immensely Instilling Christian values into Australians… That tells you something since that is the foundation of this great nation…

    • Hi John! Christianity certainly has been the “foundation” of this nation since we white boat people arrived and took it over in 1788. Has not been an unmitigated success on all fronts. The stolen generation, chnd now we are trying to become more mutlicultural and we need acceptance of a variety of belief systems.

    • Hi John 2! Needing to change your mind may well be necessary. But those with any guts would say “Yes we did make those promises before the election. But now we know the true state of the nation’s finances we need to break those promises and do things differently.” Have our present government done that? No. They have tried to weasel their way out of it and still insist that no promises have been broken.

    • Fair enough, Robert Hind….. It seems that ALL politicians do that. There needs to be a system that is open & transparent at all times for all to see.

    • Regards Christianity this country after white settlement was set up with freedom of religion, that’s why a lot of people migrated here, to escape persecution, it didn’t specify that your religion had to be the Christian variety.

    • The foundation of this great country as you put it John was we were simply a dumping ground for ENgland’s least wanted, no one said it was ever founded on Christianity.

    • You must be a labour voter – you want everything for free and not put your hand in your pocket. Well not in my pocket, mate.

  3. This is great news but I just don’t trust him. He will try to sneak something else in I’m sure.

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  4. I would be surprised if he or his party get back in after the next election especially once the reality of the changes he’s made regarding seniors and pensions finally filters through to the older voters …

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    • People forget so quickly…

      Stuffing up pensioners was labors intention to begin with

      Liberals simply went along with labors intention

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      • John Plummer – people do forget so quickly. Look at the problems here in Queensland which were caused by 20 years of Labor. But now people want them back. I will never understand it. But as long as people keep their hand out and Labor keep giving them stuff – what else can I say.

    • I’d like to think so, but knowing how easy some people are swayed by lies and deception, I can only live in hope.

  5. But with suggestions that he may again try to sneak similar cuts in via the back door by regulation of payments to GPs – Have lost all respect for and trust in this government.

  6. he is only thier under sufferance,my suffering,possibly the biggest dud ever in australian polotics,more suited in a cartoon ,possibly weres wally,he just loves a photo shoot,any were in the world

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    • At least he doesn’t run around schools all day trying to avoid having to answer questions that he might have to answer…… oh and having selfies takien wit school children.h

    • marilyn ,no abbott just takes an overseas trip and avoids the hard questions,worst of all he is in denial with the statements he does make,enjoy your abbott love in

  7. The Liberal gave in because they would never get this passed in the Senate, they did not abandon this because it is what Australia wanted. I have NEVER in my life protested any Government like I have this one, but no other Government continually lied and attacked it’s citizens. Howard had far more class than Abbott ever will, workchoices and arrogance was his undoing and the Liberal never learned a thing from it.. look at what is happening now..You can’t believe a word they say

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    • Well said!!! People respected Howard, Hawke, Keating even if they didn’t agree with their politics because they called a spade a spade. Lying and breaking promises does not sit well with voters!

    • Well said Leanne, Howard’s work choices and arrogance was his undoing, I know, cause it was me that bought it out in the press first up.

    • on Foxtel it say they are NOT dropping it, they are going to try to legislate it.. they are a malicious deceitful Dictatorship

    • Pretty sure the last government set the bench mark on lying and cheating.Perhaps we need to remember that the financial problems,(that you seem to want to forget ) were caused by the previous government .

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      • You need to get your perspective right Dee. Yes, the Labor government lied about the carbon tax, there’s no avoiding that fact. But one lie against at least 10 so far that the libs have told doesn’t compare. And as for the budget – hockey has increased that by at least $90M.

    • Shana Billy Gillard,Swane, Lied no less than 500 times on national news about Budget Surplus,7th September, 2013
      PROMISE – “I am an economic conservative, I am committed to balancing the budget” – Kevin Rudd 2007 election

      BROKEN – Labor’s first budget produced a $27.1 billion deficit (double the previous highest ever deficit). The 2009-10 budget deficit was $54.8 billion. The 2010-11 budget deficit was $47.7 billion. The 2011-12 budget deficit was $49.4 billion, in 2012-13 it reached $18.8 billion and on leaving office the 2012-13 budget was heading for a $47 billion deficit

      Net debt predicted to reach $107 billion in 2011-12. Labor increases its debt ceiling from $75 billion to $200 billion in 2009, to $250 billion in 2011, and $300 billion in 2013. That figure was exceeded in 2013 and is now headed for $667 billion over the next ten years.

      PROMISE – Parliament will resume before Christmas and Ministers will not be allowed a Christmas holiday break

      BROKEN – Ministers all have 2007 Christmas holidays and Parliament does not sit until February 12 2008, the latest start in memory

      PROMISE – Labor will deliver fibre to the node broadband with speeds of 100 megabits per second to 98% of Australians beginning by Christmas 2008 at a cost of $4.7 billion

      BROKEN – Labor axed the $900 million Opel contract to deliver wireless broadband to regional Australia and has not delivered fast speeds to any household by Christmas 2009. Labor watered down its promise so that only 90% of Australians would ever get fibre to the home and 2 million Australians in regional areas were excluded from Labor’s promise. The cost of Labor’s scheme had blown out to $43 billion. At the end of 2011 only 2,315 subscribers had been connected to NBN fibre optic cable. When Labor left office in September 2013 a review of the NBN found that only 80,000 premises were connected, less than 3% of the total target and the estimated cost of completing the NBN was now $73 billion

      PROMISE – Labor will give a computer to every secondary school student in years 9-12. The scheme will cost $900 million and be completed in 2009.

      BROKEN – The promise was downgraded. Computers would only be available for every second child and only if the State Government or parents pay for electricity, programs, cables, repairs, upgrades etc. Later the program was restructures to Year 9 students and completion delayed til 2012 and the cost blew out to $2.4 billion

      PROMISE – Labor will create an education revolution

      BROKEN – Literacy and numeracy at record lows. National curriculum was mired in controversy and most states have deferred its implementation

      PROMISE – Labor will provide a Trade Training Centre at all 2650 secondary schools in Australia

      BROKEN – Promise to provide a centre to every school abandoned and instead the centres would be provided only to a cluster of schools. Only one has been opened after Labor’s first two years in office. As of October 2011, only 111 are operational and in May 2013 only 252 had opened.

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      • Well said John, and that is only the beginning of what happened over the term of the RGR government. Reading the comments surrounding this I am really surprised at the reaction of people to being asked to pay a $7. fee to see a Doctor to the maximum of $70. per year, and those with health care cards would not have to pay it. Nothing comes for free – someone pays. I have never been to a Doctor that bulk bills and have had to pay anywhere between $65 & $85 for a general consultation with a rebate of approx one third from Medicare. The rate health care costs are rising it will not be long before the whole system will collapse. In New Zealand Doctors fees are not has high with no rebate and free consultations for children. The thing that people should be kicking up about is the cost of medication. You may be able to go to the Doctor for nothing in some places, but you can’t afford to fill the scripts. Labour had brought in a co-payment on medication which pushed the cost of filling a script every month sky high. Don’t remember any outcry at that time. NZ scripts cost $5 for a 3 months supply per item…. Just saying.

    • take you ridiculous rant else where.. no one in their right mind is going to sit and read all that

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      • You’re entitled to your opinion Leanna, so are others. I actually did read it – makes pretty nasty reading for anyone who voted for the coalition of the evil middle-aged white male party.

    • omg John MC Lucas why would I want to read that load of codswallop? don’t bother speaking to me

    • Both parties have lied and broken promises. I don’t care who had the highest tally. They both did it!!!!! I would prefer not to vote for any of them!

    • They have all lied but Abbott has gone to extremes never before seen! I also hope all those who objected to Labor and Kevin Rudds stimulus package had the decency to send back their $900. I also imagine that there are a lot of people who agree with the deregulation of university fees and who received free education under Gough Whitlam, who are busily offering to repay their university tuition fees, all on principle, of course!

    • Beautifully written Norah. Also, who of those liberal voting business people declined the opportunity to install pink batts, solar panels or build extensions to schools, because they did not want any of that evil money. Of those that did accept the jobs, who ripped off the Government (us)? Who of those decrying the budget debt are themselves debt free?

    • Neither party is to be trusted, but the current mob make an art form of lies, deception & abuse. Hockey did tell the New Zealanders that there was NO budget emergency.

    • John McLucas, I didn’t read all your post but I would rather our country had debt and looked after every Australian, from our poor, our homeless, kids wanting a higher education at uni, and everyone inbetween. I have never known our country to be so unhappy.

    • I agree Norah Lilian Packham and many of those who received free uni degrees are sitting on the benches of our parliament!

    • Leanne if you want to talk lies you can’t go past Gillard she was a disgrace to this Country

    • In what way is that Cec….perhaps the National Disablily Scheme that she made her person project to get through Parliament, something the most least amongst us have badly needed for so long. yeah that was SUCH a disgrace…. not.

    • Ithink John mc forgot Australia had the worst flooding in history when Labor were in power lord knows how much that would have cost.Tony cannot help the starving farmers.

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  9. I never voted for him in the first place, and never would. He is a psychopath, thug and immoral person.

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  10. They simply can not be trusted. Look what they did when they couldn’t get the fuel tax or pension deeming rates through. They pushed them in through the back door and bypassed the Senate.
    The longer they stay in power the worse off we will be.
    The rich will continue to strive and the rest of us will wither away.
    What they don’t seem to realise is that the more people they put on the bread line the less taxes they will be able to collect. That will eventually lead to the affluent being affected and then the you know what will really hit the fan.

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    • Just like Labor did, Huh. Come on. He cannot pass laws that haven’t been through the Senate. You are all just fooling yourselves. Anyone with a blue card would not have been affected at all. But the mere mention of having to pay more money……..

  11. And now… Give the pensioners back what you stole off them…

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    • How so henry, Pensions are being increased twice a year – thats a good thing isn’t it. Speaking as a Pensioner.

    • Noel
      It’s the way they are being increased. They want to calculate it on the CPI rather than the minimum adult male wage. This in reality will lower the yearly increase. They have also removed funding for things like the Seniors Card and the Transport Concessions. Things that made it possible for seniors to get discounts on utilities and rates etc.

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      • True Ruth. People on Newstart get their rises based on CPI, which is usually about $2 a week, if they are lucky. That is what aged pensioners will get.

    • I just got my new blue card, and all my pension travel passes. I thought this was all done via state, anyway.

    • That is the idea of Superannuation. To cut down on dependence on the pension. However Rabbott deferred an increase in Super. Most pensioners have worked for fifty years plus with Super for only 40% of that time so deserve to be looked after.

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