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In many ways, social media has been a boon for politicians, providing them with a way to communicate with their constituents, air their opinions from a new platform and show their human side. Some use it well; others… not so much.

Nationals Queensland MP George Christensen has come under fire for sharing the image above on Twitter last night wit the caption: “How many Aussies who want to follow the US on ‘gay marriage’ want to follow them on the right to bear arms as well?”

How he drew the connection between marriage equality and guns control is unclear, but one assumes he is implying Australia will follow the US’s lead in all matters. This despite the fact America has had the right to bear arms for longer than Australia has been around, and same-sex marriage was only recognised two days ago.

The member for Dawson doesn’t have a great track record for  speaking his mind, having previously suggested that Greenpeace activists are terrorists, Muslims are cruel to animals and that he would like to see the death penalty reintroduced.

In May 2014 Christensen stated on Twitter that those criticising the 2014 federal budget should “do a tour of Asia & live like these locals”, featuring a photo of an impoverished backstreet in a non-specified country.

He also took to Twitter in the wake of the Sydney siege in Martin Place, criticising the “I’ll ride with you” hashtag as a “typical lefty (campaign) that falsely portrays Aussies as thugs who endanger Muslims.”

Christensen’s latest tweet has been widely criticised but has not been retracted, and Mr Christensen has not replied to those who say it is wrong.


Do you think politicians should be allowed to use social media to say what they think? 

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  1. I think twitter has been the worst thing that could happen to some politicians, they put outlandish tweets than wonder why they are lampooned. I saw many in here yesterday equating guns in some warped kind of way with marriage equality . I had no knowledge of that tweet and could not understand how you could equate guns, that are an innate object to 2 humans wanting to marry!! Obviously they were following George Christensen’s ridiculous views

  2. George Christensen obviously doesn’t realize the silly things he says will be reported on, and The Liberal and National Party will be judged on his tweets The USA also has a far more open view to science and encourages scientists to work there, while here we cut funding !! That has also has nothing to do with marriage equality, but it does make them a more enlightened Country

  3. George Christensen is one of those politicians who have me wondering how appalling bad the party’s choice of candidates must be for him to even get preselected to stand for parliament. Proof too that many will vote in any fool just because he is their party candidate. Occasionally the electorate revolts and elects an independent instead but not often enough.

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    • The thing that worries me more is obviously the majority of voters in his electorate actually VOTED for him! What does it say about them????

    • I think that is why the quality of our politicians is so appallingly bad. People vote for real incompetent fools as their party put them up as candidates and they just vote above the line for Labor or Liberal just as they have always done. Three years of hung parliament and more of a mix of independents, and minor parties is preferable to a future governed by fools.

  4. With so much ignorance in the Political arena, no wonder we have a divided country and so many ill informed and bigoted people

  5. Politicians are as entitled to tweet as the rest of us, just as we are entitled to agree or not – especially at the ballot box.

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  6. George Christensen is entitled to say what ever he likes and I’m sure that there are some people who will nod and agree with anything he says. However these sort of debating tricks are intellectually dishonest and don’t help anyone find real solutions to serious questions. They simply bring politicians into disrupt and when they are as ridiculous and clumsy as this example, then George just makes himself look foolish.

  7. I have just one thing to say to George Christensen, verbal diarrhoea such as this is never very productive.

  8. Politicians use social media for their opinions but still don’t listen, read or act on those of others.

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