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Via Canberra Times

Renovations to the Prime Minister’s residence in Canberra have now been completed, albeit 18 months overdue and three times over the original budget!

Commissioned under the former Labor government, renovations to The Lodge were expected to cost just over $3 million and be completed during early 2014.

However, when the federal Finance Department finally announced last month that renovations were complete, the budget had blown-out to a whopping $9 million.

The Lodge’s newest residents Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull have also commissioned the restoration of heritage furnishings and artworks.

Restored furnishings include Enid Lyons’ sofa from the 1930s, and Sir Henry Parkes’ desk from 1880. Priceless works from the National Gallery of Australia have also been integrated into The Lodge.

Unfortunately, in a time where pollies tell voters “the age of entitlement is over”, a $9 million renovation has left everyday Aussies seeing red.

One woman wrote online, “another smack in the face for the struggling Australian, their arrogance is unbelievable”.

Whilst another woman added, “every time we get a new PM, they spend money decorating the Lodge. It’s a ridiculous waste of money and an insult to the Australian people, especially the poor. It won’t be their permanent home, so it shouldn’t be re-done to suit the whims of these people”.

One man even cheekily added, “well if the government can afford $9 million, then I just need $9,000 or so to renovate my toilet please? Cheers”.

Do you think renovating The Lodge is a huge waste of taxpayer’s money? Is it this budget blowout fair, especially when so many pensioners are struggling financially?

The Lodge

The Lodge: Lucy Turnbull's tour of the newly renovated Prime Minister's residence. ATORY: #auspol #7News

Posted by 7 News Sydney on Saturday, January 30, 2016

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  1. They are not even going to live there. Does Lucy think we are interested in her taste? Really.

  2. They are not even going to live there. Does Lucy think we are interested in her taste? Really.

  3. They are not even going to live there. Does Lucy think we are interested in her taste? Really.

  4. Don’t they have personal millions as well?

    2 REPLY
    • What is the relevance of the personal fortunes of the Prime Minister and his wife got to do with this? The works were commissioned under LABOR – remember Julia Gillard? She was responsible for this. Malcolm Turnbull has been PM for less than 6 months of the 3 years that this project has taken to complete, it is ridiculous to insinuate that he was responsible for spending all this money.

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      • Spot on Dianne – The Turnbulls didn’t commission the renovations.
        The Lodge is an important residence for our nation.
        It is not exactly the White House!
        Can you imagine what is spent on that residence?

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