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You may think your home is child-proof but a new report has found that almost 2,500 children are sent to hospital every year after being poisoned by common household items.

The report, released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, found two-year-old children have the highest incidence of accidental poisoning, with all-purpose and hard-surface cleaners, detergents, bleach, toilet bowl products and glow sticks among the most common causes of poisoning for all children.

“Each year, 180,000 calls are made to Poisons Information Centres in Australia, with about half of these relating to children,” ACCC deputy chair Delia Rickard said.

“The most serious incidents relate to carbon monoxide exposure, button batteries, caustic cleaners such as oven and BBQ cleaners, acids, pool chemicals, household bleaches and herbicides.”

As much as we try to make our homes as safe as possible for our grandkids there are so many ways they can gets their hands of potentially dangerous items.

The report also named hand sanitiser, Eucalyptus oil, air freshener, and nail polish remover as other common hazards.

Ms Rickard warned families to remain vigilant over the Easter period as there is usually a spike in accidental poisonings over the holidays.

“Poisonings often occur on holidays when families are heading to holiday houses or visiting friends and relatives who may not have young children,” she said.

“Check the house on arrival to ensure medicines and household chemicals cannot fall into little hands,” she said.

In light of these revelations parents and grandparents are being urged to double-check their homes and store anything that could potentially harm children well out of reach.

The ACCC is hoping this information will be shared among as many people as possible to keep children safe and out of hospital.

Do you child-proof your house before your grandkids come over? Have you ever caught your grandkids playing with something dangerous?

Common household products with the highest poison frequency. Photo: ACCC, Poisons Information Centre.
Common household products with the highest poison frequency. Photo: ACCC, Poisons Information Centre.

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  1. Saw a story on TV a few years ago, myriads of cleaners against one or two plus good old plain Water. The winners were two young men who kept a very clean house considering they were young men batching. The used laundry detergent for the washing, dishwashing liquid for the dishes. For the rest of the house including the toilet they used good old plain water. When the benches and all sorts of places were swabbed and swiped onto Petrie dishes they were sent off to two Universities. The results came back, that GOOD OLD WATER proved to be the cleanest. Some of the disenfectants grew mould when left on benches and the likes for a few weeks. We have used the same things ever since and neither of us have ever had vomiting or any other ghastly illness since.

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