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Americans gay, straight and bisexual are celebrating in grand style this weekend and we have all the social media activity to share with you.  It seems somebody in this country is going to have to stand up and loudly disrupt the political landscape for our current Government to contemplate a move like that in the US on Friday where the US Supreme Court voted to legalise same-sex marriage nationwide.  Despite Facebook’s many striped colours app, Mr Abbott has, according to today’s media, remained adamant that he has not changed his mind following the US ruling.

 ‘What happens in the United States is obviously a matter for the United States, just as what happened in Ireland a few weeks ago is a matter for the Irish,’ Mr Abbott said to a flock of reporters.  ‘Obviously there is a community debate going on, I have views on this subject which are pretty well known and they haven’t changed.’

The ruling, which has literally changed the world, was done during the Pride Week in San Francisco and New York, and during LGBT Awareness month.  The new laws provide in the US constitution that gays and lesbians will now be aligned with the same rights to marry as heterosexuals, an exciting moment for so many couples who can be seen across Facebook celebrating their liberation.

It has left many in Australia shaking their heads though, wondering firstly whether this change of sentiment on such a  broad and accepting scale in the USA towards gays and lesbians will allow the ice to break for Australia and provide for an eventual change of policy.  And left us wondering why in fact our current conservative government is not more interested in seeking feedback from the public they represent on whether Australian laws need adaptation too.

Surely this type of decision is for the conscience of our country rather than for party politics to decide?

There’s been some exciting weddings over the weekend, the most talked about has been that of  octogenarians, Evans, 85, and Harris, 82, who received their marriage license in Dallas Texas Friday morning and were married later that day.

Perhaps the best we can do is make a whole lot of noise about what the over 60s think about freedom to marry, and so our Government can hear it.

So enjoy the tweets below, share in the excitement of this momentous occasion for the US, and tell us, do you think Australia should change the laws sooner rather than later?  And do you think a parliamentary conscience vote would do it?

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. He will never agree, this supposedly religious man, who is only religious when it suits him, is to homophobic to ever agree, if he was true to his faith, where is his concern and Christian charity for the poor ?.. he has none

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    • If he was true to his faith then why does he lie every time he opens his mouth.
      Never known a pm to lie so much.

  2. Tony Abbott is a moron they are his views not the majority of intelligent Australian people he is SUPPOSED to represent

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    • Hahaaaa we are just normal free thinking people Bonnie lol. Is rather be that way that closed minded idiots to them everything is black & white

    • Tony Abbott does not just govern for the gay community they are only a small % of the population and what the hell they do in their bedrooms or else where is not a issued for governments. Tony Abbott has a country to keep safe and is dealing with the middle east not a few people who have a problem with their sex life. Yes, let Australia decide at the next election and see if Australia wants this to be called a marriage or what ever.

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      • gay marriage and Tony’s right of opinion is not about religion it’s about the sanctity of marriage to procreate and give your children the best home life. they need a mother and a father. Why were men given a penis and a woman a uterus? To bring children into the world, otherwise where will the children come from- a surragate? So who is my mummy,who is my daddy? It has nothing to do with religion.

    • I thought I read a message from Starts At Sixty warning against personal character assassination!! Are we witnessing bias again?

    • So you are a normal person are you. Medical science says otherwise. It basically says your type are fucked in the head.

    • His views just may be the views of the people that he is representing and just because you don’t agree with him doesn’t make him a moron either.

    • I beg to differ with you Sandra I think he’s a 1st class MORON. I’ve given him the benefit of the doubt and went in with an open mind when he was elected but almost everything he has done has only reinforced my previous opinion of him and I’m not saying that any of the other leaders are any better than him. They all promise the world until they get in and then become too cocky for my liking the only one I’ve ever thought fair, was John Howard. And I’m not pro liberal or pro labor to me it’s what they do when they try to run this country

  3. The only chance for marriage equality the gay community has in Australia is a change of Government

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    • You are joking are you not? Labor was in for 6 long years and never made a move to change things so stop being naive.

    • we are all entitled to an opinion Sandra Lucre ,why don’t you put your own opinion out there, rather than criticizing others 🙂

  4. Courts can’t define marriage!! How audacious to play with a divine institution.

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    • Nobody is playing with a divine institution. Marriage Equality will not affect your marriage in the slightest, but will provide equality for those who need it.

    • Sheryl does that mean athiests cannot marry? Marriage is not a divine institution it was practised long before religion became involved in it. Marriage is a legal contact btween two people

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      • Exactly Deanna, how is it that religion believes it has the rights to marriage. Long before religion came onto the scene people were joining together in a union of love. Unfortunately religion has distorted everything all in the name of crowd control (power).

    • Perhaps I should’ve used the word ‘re-define’. I respect the right to others opinions. Wendy it may not affect my marriage but it has many other implications regarding gender issues that will flow from ssm. Marriage does originate from Christianity & as such the teachings clearly define male & female. That’s God’s design & plan. Yes it is also a legal contract that now sadly in some parts of the world has been redefined by man who are a law unto themselves & not God…no moral compass.

    • Marriage is not a divine institution. It’s man-made to secure a man’s line of heritage. God has nothing to do with it.

  5. What have you got to be afraid of Abbott? PUT IT TO A VOTE, not everyone is HOMOPHOBIC and that is what Abbott is afraid of, he wants full CONTROL.

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    • Totally right Trish he is afraid of that otherwise he would pull his head out of the sand and ask the people what we wanted. It’s not about his personal views on the subject he is supposed to be doing what the general public want. That’s what we are paying him for

    • “Abbott” Our Prime Minister is NOT afraid… He represents morality and Christian values in a sin sick world… Frivolity and lasciviousness will never be ok… It will never be right no matter what color it’s painted no matter what spin you put on it… Homosexuality is still a DISGUSTING HABIT…..


      and ought to be to each of us..


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      • John Plummer, what a sad and ignorant mindset. Like Tony Abbott, you use religion to control and manipulate. But if there is a God, not for much longer.

      • Well said John Plummer !!

        My thoughts exactly, and of many of my friends, family and acquaintances. I think Mr Abbott is doing what the silent majority want.

    • John Plummer, you are just plain IGNORANT, it is not a habit so I suggest you do some RESEARCH AND GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, fortunately not everyone feels the same way you do and I hope you never have a homosexual child or grandchild because for them they would never have a father or grandfather and that would be a real pity FOR YOU.

    • No everyone is in favour of this, maybe if we had a vote we would get a true picture, being gay should not be something you need to tell the world

    • Really Jane? I think your colour blind and you are living in the dark ages Jane Fisher, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • When I see that most of my friends have changed their profile pictures to show rainbow colours it makes me very happy.

    • John is an idiot, Glenda don’t take any notice of him, I think I might block him to because I can’t stand people like him and I would end up saying something I would be sorry for.

    • Trish, that’s why I did. I kept saying to him to stop “preaching” at me, I kept being polite then I nearly lost it. that’s when I blocked him.

    • Glenda I urge you to change your profile as well, I don’t care what people think, I stand for equality.

    • Trish Daley YOU are a bitch of the first order. Just because not everyone agrees with YOUR opinion they are racists, bigots live in another centurary etc etc etc. Grow Up woman NOT everyone is in favour of ‘gay marriage’ WHY should the L & G brigade hijack the marriage act just because they want their own way. They remind me of little kids chucking a giant tanty because they don’t/can/t get their own way. No wonder the world has gone to hell in a handbasket!! Don’t bother whinging at me NOT interested.

    • We havnt found a solution to many things. But that doesn’t mean we can’t right other wrongs in the meantime it shouldn’t be equal rights and nothing else we should always be moving forward

    • Actually they have it well under control Barry and they think they may have a cure for it which they are trialling at the moment.

    • For all the people who are blaming our Prime Minister for holding up passing marriage equality laws, why did you not complain for the six years that Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd wouldn’t do it either? Mr Abbott is entitled to his view with regard to marriage being between a man and a women just like everyone else and has stated many times that it would be debated in the second term of government. I’ll be happy when they stop talking about it.

    • It is not up to Tony Abbott to force his opinion on people who are capable of speaking for themselves Irene Hough, we as AUSTRALIANS HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE, however I don’t care if his sister is Gay that does not mean he is accepting of it. HE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME NOR DOES ANY POLITICIAN ON THIS SUBJECT.

    • Pride? in what ? being different to the majority ? I don’t have to broadcast MY pride to anyone …. why are you different – do you not have pride in yourself and have to broadcast it ??????

  6. I hope he dose not agree. You are not seeing what I am on social media. Watch this space the average Yank will put up with this bullshit

  7. America is forward thinking country, many years ago they went all the way to the moon, we can even get past basic human relationships, Abbott will never agree to this and unless the Liberals are voted out, we will always be lagging being the rest of the world

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    • No. Your love of Americans’ way of life, which is full of hatred and wars. Let’s not be followers of America.

    • America is a forward thinking country ??? You must be joking !!! When I went over there, MOST did not even know WHERE Australia was in the world map

    • So because they are changing the rules, are WE supposed to jump over the cliff with them, like follow the sheep ? Read up about the US and find out just how evil their foreign policies are, the days when they were a country I looked up to, along with most of the world, are LONG GONE.

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      • It’s a case of the “sheeple ” … many are just climbing on a bandwagon without even looking or realising the reasons behind or the consequences of such decisions! !

    • my opinion is mine Jean Zocrafaos.. if you have a different opinion put it out there..don’t keep ranting to me

  8. The world has indeed been caught up in the euphoria of the High Court decision, however a signature on a piece of paper does not necessarily indicate love, nor is it a guarantee of happiness as witnessed in the growing number of divorces. Enjoy your rainbows, everyone, while they last.

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    • If your right Peter then give the people the VOTE, but that’s the problem with people like you, you would prefer just like ABBOTT TO GAG EVERYONE.

    • The point I was trying to make, Trish Daley, is that you do not need a signature on a piece of paper to demonstrate your love and that same piece of paper that heterosexuals have does not guarantee happiness. By the way, I am in favour of a referendum to determine this issue once and for all.

    • Nothing guarantees happiness Peter Leotta for either Gays or Heterosexuals. They are not asking for a guarantee. They are asking for a choice to marry whoever they want.

    • That is all I want a referendum, It doesn’t effect me however we all have kids and grandkids and if any of them were Gay I would be very upset that they were denied the right to marry should that be what they want, WHAT HURTS MINE HURTS ME.

  9. Force this upon us but Heaven forbid if you refuse to carry out these ceramonies or refuse to ice a gays’ wedding cake

  10. It is not my choice of lifestyle but do not believe a government should dictate what is morally correct or otherwise in this case.What possible harm can it do.Just as no religion is any better than another so is a relationship choice .I feel this is a distraction to take attention away from the inability to resolve far more critical issues of world peace .Let these people live .

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