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Alan Jones got a mystery caller this week called “Barbara” who frankly knocked his socks off.

If you missed it or the associated media coverage of the moment you’ll be entertained to listen to it below.  Could it be Barry Humphries back on the scene, probably not, or is there a new voice on the waves that we can all look forward to in entertainment.

Fairfax has this morning revealed that the voice of Barbara is managed by Ignatius Corboy, a 22-year-old actor who works for his family’s stock-feed business in Wangaratta, south-west of Albury.

In the Sydney Morning Herald, Barbara has been uncovered a little further….

“I keep my political views private,” she said. “But I’m a very liberal woman if you know what I mean.”

Mr Corboy, her close friend and manager, believes his client may be destined for bigger things.

“She was born for stardom,” he said.

Mr Corboy works for his family’s business while managing Barbara’s considerable talents.

As for his charge, the 86-year-old widowed mother-of-five is a bit overwhelmed by the fuss.

Did you hear Barbara?  What do you think… Would you like to hear more?  

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. I listened to that, a friend sent it to me, I think it’s a set up.. a joke call, what annoyed me it that it makes older Australian’s seem to be silly.. a joke..we are are all far from that

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    • I thought it was more a hit at Jones and some other people although I agree some think we get sillier as we age. Hire a young person while they know it all in reverse.

    • Me too Rob…i thought s/he was “having a go”…got to say s/he sounds just like Dame Edna…

    • Thought it was hilarious! We need more of this type of fun in lots of areas. People are waaaaaaaaay tooooo serious and touchy these days about everything! It would not matter which party or group ‘Barbara’ was making ‘comments’ about … would still be very funny. Lighten up everyone laughter is good for you, and it is just fun – not serious! Someone made a comment about it ‘making older Australians ‘silly’ or a ‘joke’ – no they certainly are not, but they are from an era where you could speak openly and frankly and have a bit of fun. No harm meant and no taken!

  2. I did listen to this clip now,but I don’t listen to Alan Jones. My Aunty Nellie thought he was God,and so do many of that generation,so I imagine this will take off!

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