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We’re a sceptical bunch here at Starts at 60 so when we heard about this numbers trick everyone was going crazy about, we had to try it out ourselves. Lo and behold, it worked – for all but one of us in the office. Try it out, does it work for you?

When you follow these instructions, you will end up with a number that shows both your age and your shoe size. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Multiply your shoe size by five*
  2. Add 50
  3. Multiply the answer by 20
  4. Add 1015
  5. Subtract the year you were born

There are a few variables, in that the equation won’t work if you’ve already had your birthday in 2016, or you have a half shoe size (instead of 5, multiply your shoe size by 50 instead).

Did it work?

If you’re a wordy person then this magic number trick will Blow Your Mind!

If you’re more mathematically inclined, however, you might see through the smoke and mirrors.

Professor Geoff Prince, director of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, told News Limited that there’s no real magic involved.

“It’s actually a formula, and the 1015 is a real giveaway to how the answer is resolved.

“If you were to put the formula in to brackets, so (SHOE SIZE x 5 + 50) x 20 + 1015 — BIRTH YEAR, and break it down, you will actually get 100 x shoe size + age,” he explained.

And if it didn’t work for you, this is why: “If your birthday has already passed this year, change the 1015 to 1016 and you’ll get the age you’re turning in 2016, as well as your shoe size.”

AS for the magic, he says, “The cleverness is making sure the shoe size is multiplied by a big enough number that it comes first in the final answer. So by multiplying your shoe size by 100, 1000 or 10,000, the shoe size will lead the answer, which is clever.”


Did this “trick” work for you? Let us know in the comments!

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