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These are the words the gambling industry never wanted you to hear – exactly how they have ruined lives and made you waste your money.

It’s no secret that gambling hurts families, it destroys lives and it burns a huge hole in your pocket. You often come out empty-handed but can crave the feeling of that potential win.

In an exclusive, anonymous interview with The New Daily, a gambling insider revealed how they make you and I want to gamble, and stay gambling.

“If you have an online account with us, I know far more about you than you might think”, the anonymous betting retention officer said.

“My role is to get in touch with customers … if someone has spent $20,000 in the past year with us, but not had a bet in three months, then they are of tremendous value”.

“Punters, as a rule, aren’t that loyal. But by looking after them, we’ve found that loyalty grows”.

But this person isn’t the only one who is making it harder for gamblers to ditch the habit… it’s a widely known practice behind the scenes. Many know what’s going on but few speak about it. It’s all kept on the down-low but the fact of the matter is that gambling is a huge detriment to society and our Government doesn’t appear to prioritise it.

Only a few years ago our government was right there with us – they agreed that something needed to be done about crippling gambling addictions in Australia, but what happened?

The gambling reform was promised during the Gillard government after Andrew Wilkie brought it to the attention of parliament, but after the disgraced Peter Slipper took the job of speaker, it all went backwards. The Abbott Government passed legislation in March 2014 that meant that the responsibility fell back on the clubs and gaming industry, a move that was panned by gambling reformers. Tony Abbott also scrapped measures that were designed to curb problem gambling in Australia.

An industry advisory council so far has failed to address the huge national pokies problem – Monash University public health expert Dr Charles Livingstone told SMH that the problem with an industry council was that they often blamed individuals for their use of machines and not themselves – they have an interest in profits only. He also said, ”Gambling is the new tobacco, and governments will eventually realise that you cannot work with people with such a massive interest”.

You don’t have to dig deep to find evidence that the clubs have threatened the Government’s revenue…the Victorian Government were quick to extend Crown Casino’s (owned by James Packer) licence by 17 years to 2050 and approve expansions, even though the current licence doesn’t expire for another 19 years. It is disappointing to note that this expansion of Crown includes 128 more poker machines. The Government will also give Crown back any money they spend on problem gambling measures while in turn the Crown has made a deal to pay them up to $910 million.

There are people of all ages who have gambling addictions but none more so than our ageing population, and it’s costing us $4.7 billion a year.

We cannot forget the gambling industry is responsible for:


Gambling has a snowball effect where you become addicted to the thrill but it isn’t just the addict who suffers, it is their families and their community. We need to government to help us, but how?



Does it make you sick to know it’s all gambling is all a game to the betting agencies? Should the government step in? 

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  1. This Abbott Government as spent the last 2 years undoing anything that Gillard achieved, it is like they trying to wipe her out of the history books, I really hope this has set a precedence and that when the ALP gets Government again, they will undo all the bad policy that Abbott implemented

  2. Nothing sadder than seeing a person sitting at a machine and pushing a button. Now empty their lives must be.

  3. I was just reading an article that has Australia rated 17th out of 96 countries for poverty for older Australian’s, people aged from 60 years and older. I am not conviced that pensioners are using these machines. Every time I go to my local club I am seeing young people putting huge amounts of cash in them. Perhaps they need to start educating kids at school about the hazards of gambling

  4. Those machines are there to make them money, not You, if You play 13 Dollars a Week on lotto, that is in a year 650 Dollars, when was the last time if ever you had a win of 650 dollars!!!!!

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  5. Poker machines are only a part of the problem, the biggest scourge is sports betting on TV, and you no longer have to go somewhere to bet it’s right there on your phone or computer. Letting this start is sickening and it normalises it for children as it’s portrayed as a bit of extra fun while you are watching the game and some bozo finishes of by saying ” and most of all gamble responsibly.”

  6. No one repeat no one forces any one to gamble / yes I do know too well about this addiction / I had a sister with it and she spent a lot of money / and I mean a lot / but it was her choice / the funny thing is the government said they would do something about poker machines and then go and allow sport betting on tv / dosnt make sense to me /

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    • It’s a disease like alcoholism, Angelene, I know, I was married to one. Lost everything. ‘Free’ chmpagne, ‘free’ accommodation, ‘free’ limos … casinos lure the suckers with schmicky gimmicks & the punters feel important … sad.

    • Unfortunately it may be a choice but the practice is still unethical and a scourge on our society and I know no one that has a problem.

  7. The reasons I don’t gamble – 1. Why give the government more money than you really have to.
    2. The odds on winning means it’s highly unlikely you ever will.

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  8. Yes that is true I know but the choice is ours to start with / I wrote a poem about this and it explains how the addiction creeps in xx

  9. Funny enough my poem is actually about the lure of casinos / I also done alcohol / drug / gambling courses as I’m very interested how it affects some and not others / my sister did thousands and thousands / I can and do only put $2 in if I play them / hit one line on a cent machine at a time and I can play for a half hour or more / but I never put more than that in / so it’s an interesting subject

  10. It gives people false hope of getting rich quickly. The odds of this happening are as great as being struck by lightening. Go figure!

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