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Since 1997, there’s been a dark cloud over the Royal family and their relationship with the late Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer.

Many of us will remember the furore and shock when Earl Charles read his eulogy at the service and condemned the Royals, saying Diana ‘needed no royal title to generate her particular brand of magic’.

Now it has been revealed that Prince William has played peacemaker, and encourage the Earl back into the family. He and his uncle’s daughter share the same name: Charlotte Diana.

According to the Daily Mail, a palace insider said, “The plan is there will be a family birthday or gathering with the Queen and Duke present, and Spencer will be invited.

“Palace aides are working on a rapprochement. William and Harry kept their distance on their father’s guidance – Charles and the Queen were furious that Spencer said he would guide the boys.

“In their opinion, he didn’t and none of what he vowed at the funeral actually happened.

“Spencer got put in the deep freeze but now they are ready to let him out.

“Things have changed, William’s grown up. He made it clear how much he misses his mother by making one of Charlotte’s middle names Diana.

“He feels so deeply about his mother’s memory he can’t leave her brother out.

“He also wants the family to make up before it’s too late – while the Queen is still alive”.

The insider also revealed that William doesn’t want George growing up saying “Who is that man?”. William wants it settled”.

Earl Spencer’s godmother is the Queen and their families have many years of history.

Many of our readers will remember the Earl’s particularly controversial line at Diana’s funeral: “On behalf of your mother and sisters, I pledge that we, your blood family, will do all we can to continue the imaginative way in which you were steering these two exceptional young men (Harry and William) so that their souls are not simply immersed by duty and tradition but can sing openly as you planned”.


Tell us, have you ever had a family rift that was healed with time? Do you think Earl deserved more respect and support after his sister’s death? Was his speech all those years ago right or wrong?

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  1. this is only m opinion but I recken it was all about him not his sister

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  2. His speech was spot on but he was never going to get the better of the royal family in raising the boys .It seems as though that has turned out quite well they seem to be nice people

  3. He had to watch while his sister was demonised by the Royal family. His comments were direct and hit the mark. I still remember how the Queen stayed in Scotland until the Prime Minister stepped in after the public out pouring of emotions. Diana had her brother as her champion on that day.

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    • Spot on Marilyn

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      • I also agree with both of you. Some people have short memories. I’m sorry but as far as the Queen & Prince Philip go, they are hypocrites when it came to the way they treated Diana Diana’s brother was so right in what he said at the funeral.

    • And the British Press absolutely castigated the Queen for staying in Balmoral and demanded she return to London, fly tge fkags at half mast, and that Diana’s coffin be drapped in the royal flag. I was there at the time. I also believe but stand to be corrected thay the Royals were told to stay away from the service.

    • The Queen stayed in Scotland because her first priority was to be with William and Harry. They needed her and they needed their father. They did what any family would do.

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      • This is a very different family Wanda. Protocol and all that. HM was shamed into doing the ‘right thing’. The only person the two boys needed at that time was their Father. As Queen, their Granny should have been attending to protocol, whether she liked it or not. It wasn’t about HM, it was about Diana’s tragic death.

    • That may be the case Wanda Sochacki s but it was perceived badly. The Queen did not like or respect Diana (and she may have good reasons to do so) however, the show respect to the boys mother would have been a good public show to the mother of her grandsons.

    • The royals had used Diana for what she purposely for to breed the royal heirs then they where done with her. And she became to popular for them so had to get rid of her. Never mind about the boys. Just so long as they get their way. Ruined a young girls life and left two boys no mum and now the horse wants to be mum and grand Ma. No way no way.

    • So you think the public comes before the boys grieving. Excuse me but Charles and the Queen did what any father and Grandmother would do. On top of that the boys had to publicly look at all the flowers and messages while their hearts were breaking. All this to please the public and the media.

  4. He did not deserve more support. He was mostly not getting on with Diana. He treated his wife deplorably. Was determined to have Diana buried on his property. No. And the eulogy was a disgrace. Her funeral was not the time or place for such a speech.

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    • His eulogy is used in schools as a master stroke of penmanship and it was spot on IMO. At least the common people at the funeral clapped madly in support and the wave of applause reached inside the Cathedral where the Queen and her family remained stoney faced. Dianne was treated deplorably by the Royal family. She was a lamb to slaughter. Poor, poor beautiful soul. The speech was a major slap to the royal family and they have had a revision of their stuffy norms – thank heavens. They seem almost normal thanks to Dianne’s glorious personality and influence. Pass over the King’s crown to Diana’s son William and let stuffy Charles and his woman stay in the background and enjoy their old age. It is Diana’s glorious son that has saved the English royalty. RIP Diana.

    • So agree Merran – you are spot on! Yes I hope that William & Kathryn will be the next King & Queen. RIP Diana

    • Have any of you contemplated his behaviour? Google him and then see if you still this he is a hero.

    • Sharon and Robyn. No need to be insulting Sharon. We have contemplated his behaviour. He had a rugged childhood – consider that. However Prince William is willing to forgive. So can you. Diana was The Earls’s sister and she is no longer with him. Ease up ladies. Time to open your hearts; time for peace and goodwill. Follow William and the Queen’s lead.

    • Well said Merran!!!! Should be more people like you in the world and yes Diana has certainly left her mark with her two amazing Sons

    • We all have a side we would keep hidden. No one is perfect – however the royals are good haters. Wallace Simpson was a perfect example, same with Earl Spencer. Times have changed and now is the time for peace and reconciliation, and if this article has a modicum of truth, William is leading the change. What a wonderful role model. He will make a great King.

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