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You never know when a Federal Election might be called, but did the Prime Minister’s chief adviser give the game away yesterday?

It’s been a something of a noisy end to this Parliamentary season, with Tony Abbott taking Bill Shorten to task for his correcting an untruth to a Melbourne radio show this week. On top of taking the Labor Party to task on, well, everything.

And yesterday morning, Peta Credln, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff sent the following email:

Dear Members and Senators,

Ahead of the recess, a number of MPs have requested updated working photographs with the Prime Minister this week to use in local electorate materials.

To ensure everyone has the opportunity if needed, the Press Office have created a slot in the Prime Minister’s programme today between 4pm-5pm today.

Any MP wanting an updated photograph is welcome to drop around.

Peta Credlin

Chief of Staff
Office of the Prime Minister

I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere near a door at Parliament House yesterday afternoon, for fear of being bowled over by a scrum of freshy shaved, expensively haircut, shoe-shined MPs and associated staff!

So what do you think? Is it time? Has Abbott lifted enough in the opinion polls to make this move? Do you think Abbott and Shorten are the choices you want, or would you like to see either — or both — replaced? Vote in our poll below, or talk away in the comments section.


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  1. Yeh . Get rid of Phoney Tony
    That is Mr Abbott.

    7 REPLY
    • And, what, get backstabbing Shorten. You should have watched The Killing Season on the ABC.

      1 REPLY
      • Helen, I only have to watch the goings on inside this Government, the loss of freedoms, the human rights violations, the cuts to important services like health and education, the big business rorts, the wealthy super rorts, the corporate welfare with cuts to pensions, the lies, the broken promises, the treating the Australian public like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed on s**t.) I know who I won’t be voting for.

    • I didnt say I prefer Shorten.
      Put in Mr Malcom Turnbull.
      Just get rid of Phoney Tony….off on his bike into the sunset.

    • Looking at some of these comments I’m sure some Australians are afraid or ignorant to admit that they are so well off living in the best Country in the world. You need to look at the many positives instead of looking for being negatives all the time and you then might realise you are much better off than millions of other people in the world.

    • Phoney stuffed the country up since he was elected.
      It was a lucky country before this fool came to office.

  2. I would imagine they will be out & about during winter break, campaigning A bit of advertising helps

  3. The tax payers can not afford a yearly election. Think this money could increase the pension.

    1 REPLY
    • Governments should be at leasta four year term and all politicians should serve the full four years or contribute to the cost of early or bielections if not .

  4. Get rid of anyone who does not believe in the Australian people or try to help where help is needed to much money is wasted on the cities and the regional areas are ignored we need more places for the elderly and places for the mentally disturbed all so many places have been closed down and that is why so much violence is happening medication is fine if they take it

    1 REPLY
    • We have Abbott to thank for all these cut backs many dine underhandedly while the average Australian was being brainwashed about some threat he was cutting all services. Yes the country people need a better political support party one that is not affiliated with liberals.

  5. I think someone is reading far too much into a simple email. From now until this time 2016 everyone will be on the election road trying to get the upper hand on the rest of them. It is called politics.

    2 REPLY
    • Spot on Judith …the Media would love an election called tomorrow but I think they will be disappointed ….have they not got something else to talk about ?

    • No Mr. Abbott and the LNP are so popular now so they have to come up with something to try and bring him down.

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