The Queen meets baby Charlotte for the first time, and the new princess’ birth is registered! 47



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It’s been a big few days for the new Princess, but now the hype has quietened down a bit, it was the right time for her great grandmother to visit.

Queen Elizabeth II has visited her new great granddaughter for the first time at Kensington Palace. The 89-year-old was away for the weekend in Norfolk and The Guardian reports she stayed for little more than half an hour to see the fourth in line to the throne.

The monarch was spotted in the car on the way to the residence of her grandson William and his wife Kate, and she was wearing a purple pullover jumper, a nice reprieve from her usual matching blouse and skirt combo.

News also this morning reveals that the birth of Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was officially registered:

Westminster city council’s deputy registrar Alison Cathcart travelled to the royal couple’s home to witness the signing of the register.

A skim of the certificate will show that Will and Kate have their occupations described as Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom, although the Duke is an air ambulance pilot. He is expected to take six weeks’ unpaid paternity leave, before returning to work. For the meantime, the family are off to their Anmer Hall, on the Queen’s Sandringham estate.

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  1. God save the queen she looks so beautiful

    1 REPLY
    • Wow …she visited her great grandchild for 1/2,hour, you must be kidding ….couldn’t prise me away from my great grandaughter for hours,….strange family these royals..even the grandparents were only there for an hour….very British and stii upper lip

  2. Elizabeth is Kate’s second name too! Nobody mentions that!

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  3. I’m not a royalist but I do admire the royal family.
    They are hard working and always constant. How many other people are still out doing a full days work at 87 years old.

    9 REPLY
    • Being chauffeured around every where you go, shaking hands & being looked after your entire life is not what I class as hard working, my mother is in her mid 80’s lives alone, looks after a spotless house, yard, gardens, catches buses to do her own shopping, babysits grandchildren every so often ( because she offers because she enjoys it) totally independent woman, that’s what I call fantastic for that age, can’t imagine old Liz is heading home to throw on a couple of loads of washing for her & Phil, then cooking dinner.

    • I agree with you Lyn she has been pamper all her life .the 89 year olds I respect are those who live in the real world .but I suppose shaking hands gotten to be hard work

    • Although the queen has had a privileged life I for one would not fancy a life in a”goldfish bowl”…she certainly looks very well for her age,as too does Prince Phillip..but it’s not a lifestyle I would choose…and neither did she!..just an accident of birth!!

  4. I agree with Ruth Hourigan We love our queen and the whole royals hope I look this good in my eighties A beautiful woman

  5. Our queen ? Not mine !
    Australia needs its own head of state

    4 REPLY
    • Yes and all babies are the same, and all grandmothers are the same, let’s not self indulge ourselves in this nonsense!

    • This site does not let up ,almost hourly now…even the BBC is acknowledging that there are many many people,who do not want royals pushed down their throats constantly …

    • Exactly Rosanna, I’m so sick of these infantile royalist almost working themselves in to an orgasmic state.
      These are privileged people, who are on this planet simply as an accident of birth, nothing more.

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