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Changing a flag is a very big deal, as there’s so much that would need to be amended if it happened. There’d be the flags flying on every pole, uniforms, souvenirs; and they’d all need to replaced. It’s a symbol of our national identity and we display to everyone around the world.

For years there have been calls for the Australian flag to be changed to something that honours the traditional owners of the land, and nothing has been done. And now, New Zealanders have started to roll out their own designs of what they’d like to change their flag to after an official Government campaign launched on May 5 asked Kiwis “What do you stand for?”

There has been backlash since the campaign began, as many Kiwis seem adamant that the flag we all know should not be changed.

New Zealanders have until July 16 to submit flag designs for consideration. In September, a shortlist of 4 designs will be chosen by a panel of 12 judges and then in November or December, the first referendum will be held to determine the preferred alternative to the current flag. Finally, in March 2016, a second referendum will be held to see whether New Zealanders want the old flag or the preferred alternative. Seems like a lot of work just flag, doesn’t it?

One artist, Otis Frizzell, has proposed three designs that all leave out the Union Jack and honour New Zealand’s heritage.

“I think [soldiers] didn’t fight for the flag, they fought for what it represented and alliances and for morals and for freedom.

“It didn’t matter what the flag was; it was just what was there at the time”, he told the NZ Herald.

Take a look at his designs and tell us, would you like to see any of these as the new NZ flag?

The chairman of the flag-choosing panel, Emeritus Professor John Burrows QC, said values cited so far included tolerance, respect and independence.

“We are not pushing any particular line. We just want to know how people see this country or what they think is special about it and that will inform flag design and/or help us make our selection”, he said.

We all remember the South African flag changing in 1994, however it was not the most recent flag in the world to change. According to Quora, the most recent flag change was Burma in 2010, when it was changed from a solid red background with a blue top-left corner with the white symbols of stars, what look like a cog and what looks like corn; to a horizontal tricolour, (descending) yellow, green and red with a white star in the middle.

This was done as part of the constitution change from an authoritarian state to a more liberal one.

As for New Zealand, it seems the majority of people on the NZ Government’s website are responding negatively to a flag change:

I stand for Using the millions of dollars to feed & educate kids in need. Don’t waste it on something that doesn’t need fixing.

I stand for tradition. Don’t change our flag. PLEASE!

I stand for Maintaining the flag our brave soldier stood beside when they fought in two world wars! If it ain’t broken why try to fix it?


Tell us, do you think the NZ flag should change? Or any country’s flag? What design would you like to see instead?

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  1. NZ is a proud nation and it doesn’t need outsiders expressing what they should be doing…… but I just love the symbol of the fern – and the stars in the inky black sky, I find very evocative. Re the fact that diggers fought bravely under the other flag, many dying…….changing the flag is not relevant. A rose by any other name has the same perfume!

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    • Yep ! Agree with you leone ! Even if they love to drop an option on Australia’s business .
      I will forgo to show how it’s done .

    • I totally agree Lynne Henderson. I’m a kiwi living in Aussie and I believe that if you are not living with the consequences of your beliefs and actions then you should stay out of it which I believe includes voting in a nations elections. We don’t have to live with the out come.

    • I like the top design. I didn’t realise the curl was representing the fern. I thought it was Maori. There’s confusion between our flag and there’s and it acknowledges the indigenous people. Maybe we should be looking at that too with our flag design.

    • I hate the symbol of the fern as it looks like a “fish bone” or a feather. I am a NZer 9th generation or more and I like the flag we have. I also value the opinion of starts at sixty, it is only a discussion and they are only asking what you think.

  2. Exactly they try to do the same thing here all the time. Why can’t they just shut up and move somewhere else…….the flags that NZ and AUSTRALIA fought under is the flags we have, these flags are our history LEAVE THEM ALONE.

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    • That would be the same as asking the Americans to change there flag, just leave things alone, I am Australian and they have tried to change ours as well.

    • Your history??? You are in a so called “independent” country…A country where only the Aboriginal people can really call their own…Rest of us came from all over the world I believe…The descendant of English people not many but a lot of Irish and Scottish who were all mistreated by the English…So Why would you keep an English flag on OUR flag???

    • You fort along side us under this flag that is where the Anzacs came from….it is our and your history….Australia was created on the back of English, Scottish and Irish, along with the Aboriginals and people from all over even from NZ. Some of us see it as the past and our history and want things left alone regardless…..

    • If we all just keep bringing up the past and live with this as part of us year after year nothing will ever change, but flags. Etc are not the problem it is people’s ability to live in the past and not move on that is the problem.

    • If it belongs to the aboriginal people Gabrielle then move back to where your ancestors came. How many counties raided UK in history. Many times Europe for example was raided and taken over by different people. Most if us accept it’s history and get on with life. We even visit places overseas and see the devastation that must have taken place in history. Changing a flag won’t change history. And to most Australians I believe are entitled to call this country their own, it shows pride and love of their land regardless of if they are a British descendent or a recent refugee.

    • The British flag is made up of the English , Scottish & Irish flags I believe so leaving the Union Jack in the corner (& only a small part of the Aussie flag) is more than English remembrance! The Commonwealth Star , under the union jack celebrates/commemorates the states & territories that make up Australia & the Southern Cross is a reminder of where we live geographically!
      Non Brit descendants have CHOSEN, by & large, to move here for many reasons. They have been accepted under the existing flag & while most regard it fondly, there are always some who want to change things!! Leave the flags alone!!

    • In both world wars Judith we did not fight under this current flag. It was a different ensign, & to even suggest they are our history goes to show how badly out of touch you are.

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