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Over the last few years, it seems there have been more ‘anti-vaxxers’ than ever before (by choice). What started as a few people saying they didn’t trust vaccines has now becoming somewhat of a trend as more and more families make the decision on whether to vaccinate their children. If they do not, there is a risk that the most vulnerable in society, babies and seniors, could fall ill as a consequence. But that all looks set to change…

Now, the Abbott government is about to announce their plan to cut the welfare payments of up to $2100 per child of those who choose not the vaccinate their child.

SMH reports that the new policy will be announced before the May budget and could save more than $50 million a year. So would you get behind it if it meant you could have your health?

Currently, there’s a ‘conscientious objection’ provision that allows anti-vaccinators to claim welfare. That will be scrapped, meaning around 39,000 children who have not been immunised due to ‘personal, philosophical, religious or medical’ reasons may not be able to receive their payments.

The anti-vax movement has had many medical practitioners up in arms, including Sunshine Coast GP Dr Peter Dobson, who practises in one of the lowest vaccinated areas in the country. He told The Sunshine Coast Daily that refusal to vaccinate “puts at risk the most vulnerable in our community – our babies, children, the elderly and the sick”.

Those with compromised immune systems such as cancer patients, people recovering from major surgery or suffering from chronic pain could become gravely ill if infected with influenza or whooping cough contracted via an unimmunised child.

Health minister Scott Morrison said the current exemptions for access to welfare payments “clearly need to be tightened”.

“We’ve got to think about the health and wellbeing of all the other children that are put at risk, and it’s their health that also matters,” he said.

“And in fact, you know, those parents have taken decisions to immunise their children, and that’s obviously the sensible thing to do. We’re a free country, and we’re for free society, but that doesn’t mean you get to take taxpayers’ money if you don’t want to go along with the rules”. Do you agree?


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  1. I agree… why put young children.. and seniors at risk. children that have or do have cancer are particularly vulnerable.. they have no immunity

  2. I vaxed my sons without a second thought 30 years ago, but only around 5 shots and no-one cared if they had them or not.
    When my granddaughter was born 5 years ago I thought I would research vaccines as I had begun to question mainstream medicine. They shocked me by giving her the Vit k and hep B right in front of us, at birth, without explanation or reference to me or her father standing behind me. (Her mum was still in the delivery room)
    It sent me down the rabbit hole of research in a big way.

    It was good sanitation, plumbing, water treatment, good housing and nutrition that stopped the deaths from those diseases, not vaccines.

    Nearly everything the mainstream media tells you about vaccines is a lie
    And vaccine damage including deaths, is far more widespread than we are being led to believe.

    It is unethical , immoral, and contrary to the Nuremberg Protocols to force vaccination without consent. Vaccination is a medical treatment with risks including death. It is totally contrary to all ethics in medicine to mandate that risk to others.

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    • You are not forced to immunise still, but in doing so you forfeit the right to govt rebates. This move has come about to help stop the spread of debilitating diseases spreading and killing the infants of people who CHOOSE to protect their children from such a threat. It’s called common sense and doesn’t require much research.

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      • Tony Abbott said that too, Julie, but if they are vaccinated and the vaccine works how does this put children who have been vaccinated at risk? Just asking.

    • Oh Wendy, take off the silly pink hat & put on a foil one… Glad you are not having kids anymore.. I suppose when you do go to see a doctor you don’t take the medication he recommends.

    • I wonder how much of the deaths from disease are from the unvaccinated being surrounded by those who have been vaccinated not just better housing, sanitation etc etc. Those of us in the target age group of this page are old enough to remember the scourge of polio. Don’t tell me that more lives couldn’t have been saved and less people left disabled if the Salk vaccine had been found earlier.

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      • That is so correct. A number of our friends and relatives contracted polio only to be left horribly disabled. Those who choose not to vaccinate their children against these needless diseases are putting the lives of their children in unnecessary danger. I would go as far as saying it is child abuse at it’s worst.

    • n the 1948 North Carolina epidemic Dr Fred Klenner cured 60 out of 60 cases of polio with VITAMIN C (ascorbic acid) injected in massive dosest every two hours. They were all clinically well again within 72 hours. Even the lung based cases they have paraded in front of us all these years to instil fear.

      Dr Suzanne Humphries book, Dissolving Illusions has great info, is easy to read and I has lots of amazing quotes. A real history lesson.

      Why not do some real research, people.
      Not just the tobacco science the media feeds you.

    • I’m glad that the Govt are making a stand against those parents that think it is ok to send us back to the bad old days when people had large families because they expected a couple to be carried off by a childhood disease. Immunisation only works if a large majority of the population is immunised! At least by restricting Govt payments, it may make parents re-think their immunisation practises. People understand the value of money, if nothing else. I thought all children had to be immunised to attend a state school. Is that right?

    • you need to read a bit of history and see what happened to generations of children in the pre vaccination era

    • I really didnt think morons like Wendy existed anymore, this is the 21st century not the 1950’s. Many many scientific tests have been undertaken to try to prove that vacs dont do any good, and so far, to date NONE have been proven. Go back under your rock Wendy, and i certainly hope your grandchildren survive their childhood.

    • If you want a present day model for whether vaccinations work compare India and Pakistan. Polio is eradicated in India due to vaccinations but in Pakistan it is on the rise because the Taliban prevents health workers visiting villages.

    • epidemic in my home town when salk arrived NOT ONE since ..better sanitation arrived that day did it wendy ..i still see my friends with whithered arms and legs now 65 yo and a constant reminder …then i hear stupidity like yours IF YOU LOOK HARD ENOUGH ON THE INTERNET YOU WILL FIND POSTS THAT SAY THE EARTH IS FLAT does that mean its true ??

    • Really. Well, your theory doesn’t hold up.
      Today in first world countries we have brilliant sanitation, perfectly clean water, good housing, and good nutrition.

      So why is America in the throws of a measles outbreak. Why is whooping cough on the rise. Why are these and other diseases on the increase. Why did baby Riley die. Why did my grandson contract whooping cough at 4 months of age. I’ll tell you why because these diseases are on the increase. That s because people who refuse to vaccinate their children are on the rise. If you’re anti fax, your pro death and disease. You have no right to inflict that on babies who are too young to be immunised, to inflict it on you’re own children. You won’t be so cocky when one of your grand children’s lives are at risk from a disease that anti vaxers like yourself brought back. How cocky would you be if baby Riley was YOUR grandson and your grandson was now dead from whooping cough. A disease that was almost eradicated until every fool who could access Google decided they were an expert on vaccines.

      Why are all these diseases coming back into first world countries, it’s because of people like you.

      I think your research is flawed.

    • What about the child that hasn’t had all YOUR clinical clean housing & what ever rot you mentioned. I bet the non vacs sickness is far higher if you would open your eyes.

    • Not a bright girl are we Wendy…. Need to polish up on how real research is undertaken and outcomes evaluated. Guess what… They gave your babies vitamin k 30 years ago as well … It helps protect babies from cerebral bleeds. Do a bit a research on that one as well. You may be surprised.

    • Exactly Wendy !!!!!! People are becoming so fearful of everything If all the true and unbiased research results were made public then there would be the chance for people to make a proper informed choice.

    • A friend of mine had her baby vaccinated against polio by mouth 14 years ago. The baby plled a face at the taste, the mother kissed her on the lips and injested a small amont of the oral vaccine. She is now paralyzed from the neck down and has never had the pleasure of cddling her only child, playing with her talking her for walks etc. This was due to immunizing her child!!!

    • @ Susan Browbank…. In a society with a high quality diet like ours…. Vit K at birth is not necessary. It is a cya stance by the medical profession. The general population is not informed of this.

    • My great-grandmother lost 3 little ones to these awful diseases and they were quite well off people. Certainly had good plumbing, hygiene, and grew all their own vegies etc., so nutrition certainly wasn’t a problem. The fact is the diseases have NOT disappeared, just not been seen since vaccination came in. More children will die from them than are affected by the innoculation. Years ago a friends’ son caught mumps and she nearly lost him. The doctor thought his innoculation must not have worked properly and told her if he hadn’t had at least some protection he most certainly would have died. This scaremongering is ridiculous..seeing the dear little ones die from whooping cough recently is heartbreaking and so unnecessary. If all those who could be vaccinated were, these tiny little dots wouldn’t be at risk. I assume the people who are so anti-vaccinations still get their pets innoculated regularly? When I was a kid I knew several children who contracted polio, 3 of whom ended up in iron lungs and 2 died, so please don’t say more children die from the innoculations than the diseases, it just isn’t true.

  3. This is the result of very successful disease control through vaccinations over the past 70 years or so. The present generation has not seen wards of children with polio or children suffocation to death with diphtheria. They haven’t seen people dying of tetanus or smallpox. The list goes on. So now they see no purpose for vaccinations which seem unnecessary to them. We are now seeing babies dying from whooping cough again. I had this as a child and remember the stress of trying to get my breath. I don’t really know how to encourage parents to do the right thing with all the conspiracy theories out there.

  4. It’s a personal choice, my kids were very ill after vaccinations. I becomebunwell for months after vaccinations.

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  5. Religious beliefs exempt, here we go…….contagious conditions are not selective, they attack all, half measures are useless…. Politically correctness in Australia is pathetic……..

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  6. My son had a reaction to a vaccine so I didn’t finish them until just before he started school,he is in his 30s and still has the scar,I had a bad reaction to a tetanus shot last year but it won’t stop me having it again if I have to,but to risk these diseases all coming back I think is a mistake and unfair to others

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    • I Agree, the posibble mass desease / illness spread far out ways the risk . Vaccination for all

  7. I just saw on TV, this again only impacts the poorer in our society. Many of those who don’t vaccinate their kids are not receiving benefits. It was suggested it would be fairer to target the child care rebate as well.
    I do think young people today rearing their children have never witnessed the results of now preventable disease. We had grandparents missing from our lives who had died as young adults from tuberculosis, we saw people with caliphers from polio and may have known people who died from it. I was briefly in the army and as a new recruit Wednesday was get vaccinations day.

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