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The media has been on fire today with one big question… What is happening to the mental health organisation funding that runs out at the end of this financial year?

The ABC reports that seventy mental health groups have written an open letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Health Minister Sussan Ley calling for certainty around current government funding that ends at the end on 30 June 2015.

The mental health organisations include Mental Health Australia, Headspace and the Black Dog Institute.

According to the ABC the letter reads, “We have not received any definitive advice regarding the future of programs.

“Some agencies have indicated that without this advice, they will have to give staff notice of termination of employment in a matter of days.

“This ongoing uncertainty is causing a huge disruption to organisations and increasingly, deep anxiety amongst the people they serve.”

It’s a scary thing for these organisations to be facing, but the fact that so many Australians suffer from mental illness and will perhaps not have the resources available to them is the scariest thing.

Currently, one in six Australians will experience depression, one in four Australians will experience anxiety – and that is just two different types of mental illness out of the many thousands of types there are.

Health Minister Ms Ley has said that the government has not concluded long term financing arrangements for the organisation and is currently organising immediate funding arrangements.

According to the SMH she has said, “In my consultations with mental health organisations, I have been highly conscious of the need for certainty, and we’re committed to working with the sector to continue delivering frontline services to those who need it.”

So what do you think? Should mental health funding in the health sector be given priority? Do you believe that this is necessary? Would you be willing to forgo a pension increase to see this happen? Share your thoughts… 

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  1. Tony Abbott spent $250 thousand dollars for a plane ride to a Millionaire’s birthday celebration.. it is amazing Taxpayers can pay for that but not help the mentally ill of this country. Screwed priorities and low morals seem to be running the country..pensioners should have have to forgo a pension to pay for mental health care..Politicians needs to give up their expensive perks

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    • don,t get me wrong but you do have a heath care card, which gives you dental cheap chemist, rebates of power bills. plus phone, plus give you the right to go and get food, from the op shops to go shopping, plus they will help you with your bills, well you have a lot more than I do as I don,t have any of that, I pay my mortgage, phone light, on 1 wage coming in, people wake up the labour government sweered this country, we where left in a good position, before labour go in, now we need money back, the people who are working pay more taxes then ever had, by the way my husband, works longs hrs, with little pay comeing in now lucky to pay our bills, SO STOP BLOODY WINGING, yes my husband is 60, no far behind

    • If Tony Abbott want to go to some millionaires birthday celebration then he should dam well pay for it himself not take out of tax payers money Oh silly me I forgot he can spend what he likes after all it is only taxes payers money and we don’t need it but I think mr Abbott has really forgotten about the people of Australia he is only thinking of himself

    • Yes these are all sweet talkers , every politician is the same , don’t forget this Saturday voting day ! Vote for ME !

  2. Maybe if big and small business instead of paying halal taxes. The taxes could go on health.

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    • Why are people obsessed with Halal taxes. This certification is essential if Australians want to sell their exports in Muslim countries. Read up on trade and economics. A very small cost! Mental health Is a completely different issue.

  3. Maintaining funding in this important area is vital; so is the certainty of the continuation of services that the mentally ill rely on so heavily.

  4. Why aren’t we as a large portion of the voting public, telling – not asking, telling our Politicians that we will not agree to anything more being taken from lower income earners, and dependant groups UNTIL they reduce THEIR lurks, perks, travel allowances and all other fiscal rorts handed to them after retirement? Then, and only then if they do this, will I vote for them, thinking that they HONESTLY are contributing to the financial difficulties we are facing. Enough is Enough! Stand up and be counted Senior a Citizens!

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  5. Starts at 60, I your post is on mental health and government funding. Why would you pose a question asking the readers of this page if we would be wiling to forgo a pension increase?

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    • Because those in power are going to reduce our pensions, along with the mental Ill pensions and the disability pensions and some of those people are over sixty, this is why June Dickinson. We are all over the age of 60 are going to be hurt, yet those that are taking or lessening our pension are not taking a cut in their salaries. Is this fair?

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    • Gayewynn Rowe Bignell. I have observed several mentally ill pensioners over the past few years. One has 2 beautiful kids, very easy to collect money , stay inside, play games, watch movies, he is able bodied , could do anything my hubby can do with two beggared hips, while ever they don’t want to get well they won’t improve. Do they think no one else gets depressed. Most of us get on with it, we have to. Something has to change. Today statistic is 7 percent have tried ice. Where are we heading.

  6. I just don’t know what to say anymore, if they sink so low as to start cutting funding to the mentally ill god help this country, because we are being run by people that have no respect or empathy for people who, through no fault of their own need support & treatment.

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    • look up in the’s a a plane, no its is a meteor about to hit the earth and destroy it..but that is ok The Australian pensioners will buy a nuclear missile and save the earth..far fetched yes but they seem to want us to pay for everything else including peoples mental health

  7. Bloody government what’s next and you got Julie Bishop fighting for no cuts to oversee funding look after the people here first

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    • Australia needs to give a certain amount in aid to poor overseas countries. Part of our international obligations.
      We are part of the global community.
      Decreasing middle class welfare in Oz would help with money for other priorities.
      Also taxing the mining companies and the super rich like the Gina woman.
      Also cutting the pollies perks !

    • Yes I agree with a few things but when we give millions just to Indonesia I think 600 hundred million and money I agree the politicians should stop the perks and take a pay cut and tax the richest people

  8. Get your local member to start pressing Abbott. With enough MP’s going against him, he will have to reconsider!

  9. The priorities of the Liberal Govt never cease to amaze me. They seem to have no morals or concern for those less fortunate in our Society. What amazes me more is that there are people who still vote for them.

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    • I suppose ifyou have no morals or empathy yourselves..the Abbott Government must seem pretty normal. It sad that we have so many cold and callous people in this country..and well said

  10. Surely the question is not wether pensioners would forgo an increase in order to maintain mental health services? Surely the question is why is mental health being cut back at all when one in five people will require treatment for mental health issues?

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