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Earlier today Tony Abbott delivered a strong message to those who think that immigration detention of children is wrong.

According to the Human Rights Commission report titled ‘The Forgotten Children’, immigration detention is a dangerous place for children, which Mr Abbott said was a “blatantly partisan politicised exercise”, but is that just him being defensive of his controversial immigration laws?

A royal commission has been called to look into the placement of asylum seeking children in detention. Yahoo! reports that The HRC has found that from January 2013 to March 2014, there were 233 assaults of detained children, including 33 incidents of sexual assault, as well as 128 who had self-harmed. It’s clear that these children are suffering, but does the PM feel guilt? “None whatsoever” was his response.

He asked why the HRC didn’t inquire into the same issue when Labor was in government and 2,000 children were in detention: “Where was the Human Rights Commission when hundreds of people were drowing at sea?”

The president of the HRC Gillian Triggs has denied bias and that “The commission is doing its job, we are doing our job under our statute and according to the law that underpins our work”. She went on to say this is not a politicised exercise. It is a fair-minded report. Do you agree? Or should this have been addressed before now?

There have been 16 recommendations for those children in Australia and Nauru detention to be released within the next month, as well as Christmas Island closed, an end to indefinite detention, and an independent person to replace the Immigration Minister as guardian for unaccompanied children. 1 in 3 children in detention are believed to have a mental disorder. Is this something you would support? Is it viable? Or is it what is right?

Mr Abbott clarified that he did not want children in detention but that “the only way to ensure we don’t have children in immigration detention is not to have any boats”.

But this important commission may not go ahead, with Immigration Minister Peter Dutton saying that a royal commission was unlikely and “We can release children from the detention centres now and let me tell you, the boats start up again, the detention centres will be reoccupied and that is not something that we are going to tolerate”, he told Radio National this morning. Is he right?

The Greens don’t think so – with spokeswoman Sarah Hanson-Young saying the report “unveils an awful culture of institutionalised child abuse”. She said it wasn’t the first time that there was a report into child detention and politicians were blaming each other, and now it’s happening again. The Labor Party immigration spokesman Richard Marles won’t make comment other than changes are needed.

Some heartbreaking drawings have been released and show the mindset of some of the youngest people in detention. It should be noted that Australia is still the only country in the world to impose mandatory and possibly indefinite detention for children.

Have a look below and tell us, what do you think? Should children be punished for the choices of their parents who wanted a better life for them? Should they be processed in Australia? Or is the situation OK for now? 

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.10.40 pm

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.10.27 pm

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.10.13 pm

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.09.52 pm

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.09.33 pm

Source: Australia Human Rights Commission
Main image source: SMH


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  1. seeing as there were over 2000 children in detention on the Labor/Greens watch I tend to feel that the 192 that are in detention now are not a bloody problem …….

    26 REPLY
    • That is 192 people suffering every day. Imagine if it were your child!

    • Both Labor and Liberals came under fire in that report so Mr Abbott carrying on like a kid having a tantrum and screaming at Labor shows me he didn’t read the report properly. He is without remorse and without conscience. The only time he says sorry is when he thinks his own job is on the line. He disgusts me.

    • Read what was said in the Report the 2000 child were processed quickly and place in the Community. I agree both Parties treatment of Asylum Seekers is disgusting. This though can not be blamed on the Labor Govt. These children have been in Detention for over 12 months with little or no movement. For goodness sake Australia grow a conscience .

    • They shouldn’t have been brought here, their parents are to blame. The boats are no longer coming & that’s a great achievement. Great deterrent.

    • What the hell are we supposed to do with them,just let them all in to do as they bloody well like,I am not heartless I’m a realist…

    • So because, in your terms, their parents are to blame, it’s ok to leave these children being sexually abused and physically and mentally scarred? If you think this is an ok way to treat children, you are heartless, you are lacking in empathy and you should be ashamed of yourself.
      It doesn’t matter what their parents did, or which party did it to them. The party in power now is responsible for what happens next, and to simply brush off the whole report as partisan defies belief. The nazis justified what they did in terms of protection of society too. When we are asked how could the concentration camps have developed, the answer is “-all too easily”. All you have to do is create a threat and the majority of people will allow any abuse to happen to those who apparently cause that threat.

    • Well said, Margaret. All those heartless people need to have a cold, hard look at themselves and try and find some humanity!!!!!!!

    • The boats are still slipping through we are just not told about them I don’t trust this government more than I would a snake and I really can’t tolerate snakes and the detention system really leaves me cold

    • One is too many Lester, and I am sick of passing the blame none of them are right, so just fix it for goodness sake they are children, they deserve better, and so do there parents

    • If you seriously believe that the boats have been stopped then you’re misguided. The only thing that has been stopped are the reporting of the facts.

    • You are in serious denial Debbie. The boats have stopped thank goodness. Any people in detention at the moment were put there by Labor who were absolutely hopeless in processing them.

    • The boats haven’t stopped. A lot of orange boats have been used to turn the people back. Indonesia even called Australia out when our warships crossed into Indonesian waters whilst pushing the refugees back. Sending them back is not stopping the boats.

    • for all you bleeding hearts out there – yes I have 4 children and 3 grandchildren – but guess what …. I didn’t put any of them onto a leaky boat to drown at sea, plus as I mentioned before 192 now 1998 on the Labor/Green watch. There is a moral to this which is DONT PAY TO SEND YOU AND YOUR KIDS TO AUSTRALIA ON A LEAKING BOAT – its not rocket science is it ………

  2. What’s worse people voted him in…sad

    8 REPLY
    • Unbelievable. 2000 children in detention under Labor/Greens and not a murmur. Reduced now to under 200 and falling all the time and we are asking for a Royal Commission. That’s no worries the taxpayer won’t mind paying for that.

    • So you think they should all just come in irrespective???

      1 REPLY
      • Well, they let Tony Abbott in, and all he has been is a drain on our country! Free education, conveniently changed his nationality to take up an Rhodes scholarship (where he really didn’t do all that well….except in boxing), and since getting into politics has cheerfully received hundreds of thousands in return, as well as lurks and perks. Meanwhile cutting funding to the disabled, the elderly, the abused and education and health. Would rather let the refugees in!

    • Nothing left to say except that Aussies have become so used to having it their way that we have lost the plot about humanity. Might as well join the animal world as their are few people with brains that actually think of others, rather than themselves. Nauseating

  3. It’s a terrible situation. Please read Malcolm Frasers press release today. Clear clean and to the point. Sadly both major parties have been happy to use assylum seekers as the political football to be kicked around in the dirt ever since Howard allowed what he knew to be a lie about children being thrown overboard, to win the election he was about to lose. Since then both Labor and the Liberals are happy to trade on the abject misery of these poor people and each of us who allow it to be done in our name should be ashamed to our very souls. That this man who claims to be a good Catholic is able to jauntily say he feels no shame, non at all with regards the misery of these poor children, one third of whom are self harming, beggars belief and speaks poorly of such ‘Christian’ beliefs.

    “Enough is enough”
    The government had the Australian Human Rights Commission’s report on children in detention on 11 November last year. They have tabled it on the last possible day. It is now clear that the attacks made on the Commission, especially by senior ministers, has been designed to make it easier for the government to ignore the Commission’s report.
    The government’s response is a disgrace. It is based on a lie. They claim to have saved lives by stopping the boats and that the trauma inflicted on children by detaining them, is a small price to pay. They deliberately chose an inhumane way of stopping the boats.
    If the Australian Government worked with our regional neighbours and the UNHCR, to process people humanely in offshore processing centres in Malaysia or Indonesia, then there would be no market for people smugglers. Refugees would be flown to their final destination. This is not supposition or hearsay. This was the policy model adopted during the exodus of refugees fleeing Indochina following the Vietnam War. It would work again.
    The real question for the government is why did they choose to do this, despite the trauma and harm done to hundreds of children, when there was a decent and proven way of achieving a much better result.
    The attack on the integrity of the Human Rights Commission and its President is only to be expected of this government, who uses bullying as their default tactic. The attack is consistent with the way the government has approached legal decisions that have gone against it. This government has also refused to listen to our highest Court, undermining the rule of law and ignoring International Law.
    The only conclusion we can really draw is that the inhumanity inflicted on these children is part of a policy of deterrence, which the government has pursued relentlessly. Australians needs to understand that this government has chosen an inhumane path when a compassionate path was available to it.
    Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser AC CH
    Available for media comment 03 9654 1822

    2 REPLY
    • Very interesting comments by Malcolm Fraser, an ex-Liberal PM. I’ll bet Abbott doesn’t even read it, or if he does, he’ll just turn it over and use it for scribble paper. He listens only to himself, as did his appalling disgrace of a minister, Morrison, who was, and still is, one of the most inhumane, un-compassionate men I’ve ever heard of.

    • Thank you Tim Hodgetts for a voice of reason. I think Malcolm Fraser also had some good points to make. Whoever is at fault, it would be such a sad world if we lost our compassion.

  4. It is a fair comment…that Human Rights Commissioner sat on that report until the Labor government were voted out of office…she should have released it if she was so concerned while nearly 2000 children were in detention. I,m not saying children should be detained, but it was set up to deter people arriving in an unorthodox way.Should this be watered down in any way, it will all begin again.there are now 130 children detained, and hopefully that will be zero before too long. This Commissioner is certainly partisan in her outlook, and this is what people are up in arms about.

    2 REPLY
    • The commission did not sit on the report, the government did and held it’s re;ease to the last possible day. it is critical of both parties part in the process and is factual. the recomendations should be upheld and acted on. These children must be released and given a chance to recover from the truama inflicted on them as a political process

    • I agree with Lee Hauser that the problem will resolve if the boats do not start up again. I also feel that charity starts at home and we have so many underprivileged children here needing help both financially and psychologically.

  5. Regardless of when or who commissioned the report the gov in power should act on it, so to say it doesn’t make him feel bad just shows his lack of compassion for those that need our help and his real feelings both Christian and otherwise towards humanity

    7 REPLY
    • 2 wrongs don’t make a right, it makes no difference who did what, the point is that now that the report has been handed down it should be acted on and not ignored.

    • So, Vincent Cacciola , it doesn’t matter what happens to these children because the boats have stopped? Actually the boats haven’t stopped anyway. They are still leaving but being turned around ( at least 16 of them).

    • Stopped ,Margaret means not arriving on our shores and that is a success. The idea was to turn back the boats– something Labor couldn’t or didn’t want to do.

    • It still doesn’t prove that none have sunk drowning the occupants. Nobody here would know. What has stopped is openness and truth.

    • Vincent Cacciola
      Thanks all for your comments BUT – all personal attacks will have the abuser banned for 24 hours at first and permanently afterwards. We are not tolerating either side of an argument becoming rude or offensive.

  6. This is NOT political issue whereby each blames the other party. All Federal Members need to take it on their heads that it is barbaric and contrary to the moral and legal rights of children and humans. It is about time that we all stood up and forget politicians and demand this ceases immediately. We are the only so called western nation that has indefinite detention of minors. SHAME on us and we are in a furore about the barbaric practice of the shooting of drug traffickers in Bali. It is all immoral and barbaric however lets clean up our own barbarism first before throwing stones especially against children. Have a heart.

    2 REPLY
  7. I read the report by the HRC as damning both sides of politics over their handling of children in detention. This is not partisan politics, just a reporting of the facts. That the P.M. should choose to effectively shoot the messenger is typical of his combative style. It’s not what we need now. I note that his strategy is to attack Labor. Well and good but he is there to govern not to be an opposition in government.

    10 REPLY
    • Seriously ‘allow him to govern’? Just like Abbott did for Labor? I think he is doing a great job of not governing all by himself……..

    • Further to that I watched Joe Hockey bemoan a Labor controlled senate but it isn’t. Labor and the Greens don’t have the numbers to block legislation. The Liberal party can easily govern and get things throughout the senate simply by negotiating with independents and PUP as Labor had do do with the crossbench. So far they simply have not been able to manage it. Arrogance? Far right, discredited, neo conservative agendas followed with no consideration to consequences? Extraordinarily poorly constructed and focussed budget? Abbott himself? All of the above?
      Bottom line is Abbotts combative ‘take no prisoners’ style is responsible for this catastrophe of a government. Just as he couldn’t form government with three conservative leaning crossbenchers in 2010, they cannot act effectively as a government now for exactly the same reasons.
      Abbott can’t get himself out of a pugilistic opposition mode. His latest ‘New Big Plan’ is to simply attack Labor. There is no government in that plan, simply more opposition. It’s not what we need. We need a vision, a future………he cannot supply it…….when asked, he can’t even tell us who he is!

    • It certainly raises the level of the debate doesn’t it Gwen? Thought the commits under the bed were put to rest in the 60’s or thereabouts. Lol.

  8. I’m deleting starts at sixty used to be fun can’t stand your political crap

    6 REPLY
  9. Let them out you lousy bastards

    2 REPLY
    • 2000 under LABOR in detention 192 under ABBOTT what are you talking about regards

      1 REPLY
      • See above comments that answers the this alert!

        1 REPLY
        • That’s meant to read already. Predictive text too big for it’s boots!

    • Was regarding issue I saw on fb yesterday, the fact is LNP are governing now so it is they who can release them not ALP. I don’t care how many kids were locked up then or now that is not the issue, just let them out now, is what I am is wrong no matter who is in power.

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