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For most of us here in Australia and New Zealand the debate isn’t whether climate change is real, it is simply what are we going to do about it. But it takes a heartbreaking picture of a polar bear like this to allow us to see it in the north and south poles. NASA says that the temperature on the earth has risen by over three degrees in just 100 years. Sea levels are rising. Rainfall is increasing. The world we live in is changing, and the ice sheets are melting as a result, leaving Polar Bears natural habitats decimated.

The governments of the world are fighting over who’s fault it is and what we can do about it. Meanwhile bears starve as their glaciers melt, the seal migration changes path and the food sources for the Polar Bear are disappearing.

Adapt or die is the reality of this animal’s plight.

A photographer famous for Arctic photography has received a lot of attention for this image in recent weeks.

For tourists and wildlife photographers, the main reason to come to Svalbard is to see polar bears. And yes, usually we…

Posted by Kerstin Langenberger Photography on Thursday, August 20, 2015


Image source: Kerstin Langenberger Photography/Facebook

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  1. Very sad if true. I am afraid I am very sceptical about photos these days. With photoshopping any photo can be manipulated.

  2. Polar bears are doing well.
    This picture of an old bear is being used to manipulate you, the sheeple.

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    • 2 satellite and 4 balloon data sets show no extra global warming for nearly 2 decades.
      None of the models match reality.
      Sensitivity to CO2 has been Lowered with each ipcc report.

      Modern industrial societies are the Cleanest environments we’ve ever had thanks to abundant, cheap and reliable electricity.
      This allows us to process the water, sewerage and even emissions from power plants etc.
      4 million people die from indoor air pollution from burning wood, dung and anything else they can get their hands on for cooking, heating and light.
      Denying them access to Cheap, Reliable and Abundant Power is tantamount to genocide.

    • I don’t believe that they are doing well but my first thought was that this is a very old bear, my opinion and not at all sure on this and yes climate change is happening thats for sure.

    • And the climate is always changing.
      We’ve warmed about 0.8c from the Little Ice Age.
      I’m grateful for that.

    • I saw footage recently of dead polar bears over an extensive area where there was no sea ice and no food as they couldn’t get to the seals. I guess every single one was just old. Nobody disputes climate change occurs naturally the problem we have created is its rapid acceleration so species have no time to adapt. I prefer to believe 95% of climate scientists than 5% funded predominantly by two American brothers who would pay more to clean up their own industry than fund the anti climate change movement.

    • You should definitely let polar bear expert, Dr. Susan Crockford, know. Lol.
      You’ve been fed BS.
      In the last 18 years & 8 months we have increased our CO2 levels by 20%.
      The temperature didn’t increase.

      2 satellite and 4 balloon data sets show no extra global warming for nearly 2 decades.

      Further information,
      Wuwt, Notrickszone, notalotofpeopleknowthat, JoNova, Climate etc and Dr. Roy Spenser, RSS & UAH satellite data.

    • Cliff Clarke Well – well – So why is the ice melting? Just for fun? Maybe those fantastically healthy male polar bars are just farting the ice away.

    • Artic sea ice has increased from its lowest and Greenland is massively gaining ice.
      This years melt season looks to be the shortest on record.
      Denmark Institute of Meteorolgiske.
      The Antarctic sea ice has been setting new records yearly.
      You’ve been fed BS.
      Read some of the sites I mentioned above.

    • Cliff sea ice has increased in some areas because the size of glaciers has decreased, huge amounts of ice has crashed into the sea. Picking one area is deceptive you have to view the entire picture. Air temperature hasn’t increased as predicted but scientists have noticed an escalation in sea temperatures, hence the increase in cyclone activity with more occurring simultaneously than normal. At the same time I saw the story showing dead polar bears I also read a story of Alaskan natives with water lapping at their village edges and their livelihood threatened by the lack of sea ice impacting their traditional hunting. I was in Canada recently where the local glaciers have reduced markedly. It is easy to pick just those statistics that boost an anti argument and ignore completely those that show climate change is real and rapid.

    • Seriously ?
      We’re in a 4 year drought of major hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons.
      Dr. Roy Spenser, RSS & UAH satellite data.
      Unless the cognitive dissonance is too much for you.

    • Alaskan town built on sediment in an estuary.
      Covered months ago on wuwt site.
      Sea surface temperatures adjusted by Karl et al using old, dodgy, ships intake measurements to adjust the Argo data.
      Climate etc. Wuwt. Climate Audit.
      All discussed its shortcomings.

    • I wonder if Cliff Clarke is Tony Abbott’s nom de plume? Lets joke about the Pacific Nations’ sea not rising. They are just imagining that sea water at their front door which is obviously hilarious to rising water skeptics.

    • Barbara Easthope Thank you Barbara – I couldn’t be bothered doing all that typing when Cliff (who obviously doesn’t watch anything on ABC or Attenborough) has no intention of seeing reality. Bit like someone else we know and suffer from.

    • Leone,
      Empirical evidence.
      Auckland University did a study of Pacific islands.
      80 % had no change or had Increased in area.
      Some by 20 – 30 %.

      Not looking at the evidence is lazy.
      As is ad hominum attacks.

      The Cult of CAGW is the feelgood religion of today.

  3. With the melting sea ice , Polar Bears will extinct before too long , sadly image is a reflection of the damage climate change can do, they have found a new virus recently that had been trapped in the melting perma frost for thousands of years. There may be many viruses trapped that that will now be released as well as huge pockets of methane gas and it will escalate the problem of the climate changing. It is a disgrace that the Abbott Government not only chooses to ignore but they make jokes about it

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  4. Take note Abbott this is why the rest of the world is trying to do something about climate change, but you Mr know all know nothing think you know more than the rest of the world so you do nothing, but hey you stopped the boats, well done you tosser.

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    • So, the rest of the world is going to feed old polar bears as they reach the end of their lives? Perhaps you need to do more research.

    • Maybe you should study this Maureen….it’s based on scientific study of ice cores. Not on Al Gore’s or Flannery’s money spinning bullshit!

    • For shame, Maureen, can’t we do better than call people names if they don’t agree with our viewpoint. And as for calling an opposing view BS or calling people sheeple / climate change sheep, I think Cliff & Milo & Lester, you are not convincing the people who are making their equally researched, and more widely acknowledged, points.

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