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They say it’s for national security but the government’s newly unveiled $18.5 million plan seems a little creepy to us….

Overnight it was announced that our newest national security technology will allow police and security agencies to scan through up to 100 million facial images held in databases around Australia.


The facial recognition technology, nicknamed The Capability will take images can from drivers’ licences, passport photos or security cameras in your local shopping centre.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan said The Capability will help combat identity fraud and theft as well as terrorism and organised crime.

“It keeps Australians safe by protecting their identity and it allows our law enforcement authorities to accurately and efficiently to identify someone who might take their interest,” he said, reports the ABC.

But isn’t it a breach of our privacy? Cyber security analyst Patrick Gray said.

“This is a whole other league of creepy, this is a whole other league of invasive and the fact that there’s been no discussion around this is really weird”.

Privacy advocates have expressed concerns that people should always be asked or at least notified before their faces are scanned, which under law, can happen from a distance without a person’s knowledge.

The Capability works by identifying your most unique facial characteristics (a face print), measures the the uniqueness of eyes and nose region of a person’s face and matches that with various databases.

The system will ultimately cover every Australian citizen with a passport or drivers’ licence and can hold multiple photos of you.

“My concern is that because there’s no restriction on the way law enforcement can use this, it’s going to become a staple tool for law enforcement eventually”, Mr Gray said.

The Government’s facial matching system will not use live CCTV feeds but it will use stills, which experts warn are not foolproof.

Deakin University criminology expert Adam Molnar said we should be fearful of the technology’s ability to give false positives.

Tell us, would you be OK with this new technology? Does it creep you out or is it necessary to stop crime?

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  1. No before long we won’t be able to leave our house before we have to carry photo identification from the youngest child to the oldest person and we’ll have to have permission to travel to another town didn’t this happen in Germany many many years ago,I feel this is where we are heading again.

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    • We all had identity cards during WW2. I had mine for years and I possibly still do somewhere. I still remember my number. I have my mums as it was in a wallet belonging to dad.

  2. Civil Liberties groups are not happy with this and this is the reason we are seeing so many masked people protesting, they are afraid of being detected, this will change the role protestors have to protest issues they do not agree with

    4 REPLY
    • If masked people aren’t happy, means they have a problem, must be doing something wrong. Maybe they want to assault people or burnt flag as has happened .

    • I agree with you Dawn Bruce these same people have marching in the reclaim rallies, they are Neo Nazi’s and look down right evil

    • Some of those masked people marching are active service personnel who would be kicked out the services if identified. If you are not proud to be identified with a cause don’t march. Organisers can’t stop them marching and it is unfortunate as I think a cause is hampered by seeing masked participants. This is the problem with demonstrations, no matter what your own or groups intent others can hijack the event.

  3. You are already photographed and video recorded now just walking around etc, so it won’t be much different.

  4. Under this Government all of our freedoms have slowly been erroding

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  5. Thats right if you are not guilty why worry anyway l dont have a license or passport so l dont care

  6. Twenty plus years ago the NSW government had the ability to know who the driver of a vehicle was via the cameras in the gantries which are on the main roads checking heavy transport. I used to go to the motorcycle racing with the bloke who wrote the system.

    Every time I drive to FNQ I wave to the cameras which are mounted on the side of highway 1 in Queensland

    I’ve been getting around with some sort of identification tags for over 50 years.

    So yes, nothing surprises me

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    • well wink when you wave next time, they are upgrading the cameras in N.S.W to give sharper quality pics

    • I usually wear a cap and sunnies when I’m driving and if I’m driving long distances in the early or late light I wear a GoSo Adapta Cap. If I’m going fishing I’ll have my Buff on (see Profile)So they have some probs with me but I’m sure they are working on it.

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