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WARNING: Images below may disturb some readers


The New South Wales government has banned eyeball tattooing, however one Liberal MP has argued that politicians can’t ban all stupid or “dangerous” practices.

Dr Peter Phillips said that whilst certain tattoos, sports and sexual practices are inherently dangerous – individuals must be responsible for their own safety.

“There are many things in life that are dangerous. There are a wide range of things which are inherently dangerous, but the question is: Is it government’s role to ban them?”

Dr Phillips also told state parliament that whilst he would not personally get an unusual tattoo, he wouldn’t ban everyday Australians from doing so.

“Rugby league is inherently dangerous. Are we going to ban it? Ballet is dangerous. Things which I don’t engage in, but other people engage in”.

“Are we going to ban them because they are inherently dangerous? We are not going to ban rugby league, we are not going to ban ballet, we are not going to ban an*l”, Dr Phillips argued.

Dr Phillips’s candid views have been welcomed by the public. “Governments cannot and should not legislate against stupidity. It’s the thin edge of the wedge”, said one man online.

Whilst another added this sharp-tongued comment: “We shouldn’t be passing laws which interfere with natural selection. It adds some much-needed chlorine into the gene pool”.

Does the government have a responsibility to ban eyeball tattooing, or other bizarre and dangerous acts? Or do ordinary citizens need to exercise their common sense?


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  1. No, you just can’t help some folk! As long as they are not hurting others, let them do their own thing.

  2. The trouble is that whenever people are hurt doing something dangerous their injuries have to be paid for by taxpayers, including permanent injuries.

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