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The 2015 Rugby World Cup took a decisive and somewhat terrifying turn last night as the All Blacks finally found 5th gear, running riot over their arch nemesis, the French.  In a show of free-flowing fancy footwork, and, let’s face it, brut force, the All Blacks sent shivers down the spins of the remaining teams.

Certainly, the Springboks, who only just got up over the Welsh in the dying minutes of the game, will have taken notice against their semi-final opponents. In stark contrast to their uniform, The All Blacks will go into that game as white hot favourites.

However, the business end of a World Cup has not always been a happy hunting ground for the Kiwis. After winning the inaugural Cup in 1987, there was a embarrassing drought until only four years ago when, upon home soil for the first time since, the AB’s were able to hoist the Webb Ellis Trophy for just the second time.

Last night’s win, suggests they might have their eyes set squarely on the first ever successful defence of a World Cup.

The Wallabies, who must overcome Scotland tomorrow morning, and then the winner of Ireland and Argentina in the semis to earn a spot in the coverted final, are in their best form for a long, long time…and appear to be, for an even longer time, a unified outfit.  Assuming they do so, the Rugby World Cup Final, could shape up as the biggest final in cup history.  I’m sure the Aussies would rather tackle the South Africans, but rugby fans the world over would relish the chance to see the two superpowers of the rugby world, Australia and New Zealand, face off in an encounter, the size of which has not been seen since Cuban missile crisis.

The All Blacks are menacing outfit.  Irrespective of their form, they always look dangerous and can simply run over teams at will, if they’re on game.  They draw parallels to Australian cricket’s The Invincibles team, the Queensland Maroons (05-13) and the Hawthorn Hawks of the 1980’s.  Games were never lost.  No margin was incapable of being mown down.  They all had never-say-die attitudes.

And whilst the Wallabies of 2015 have re-found that mongrel spirit that saw them hold aloft the silverware on two previous occasions, they will have to be at their very, VERY best to beat the All Blacks.

Either way, it’s shaping up to be a epic end to the 8th Rugby World Cup. The southern hemisphere teams are dominating with only the Scots and Irish left north of the equator.

So with the last weeks of the Rugby World Cup ahead of us, we want over 60s who love the Rugby to join us in becoming our commentators.  We want you to send in your own commentary on the upcoming games if you are passionate enough.  Anyone game? 


Brett Wilson

  1. Have been very disappointed with the racist remarks seen on my Facebook lately especially from the Welsh fans who seemed to be cultivating some sort of superior race syndrome in their fervour. I have Welsh rellies and I don’t remember ever hearing such unpleasant racist rants, let alone over sport. Luckily, Rugby players themselves are usually very decent sorts.

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    • I’m sick of racist remarks too Linda, and unfortunately it’s not just the Rugby we have to worry about.

    • I’m sorry Catherine if that is happening, however I must admit I have never heard racist remarks towards our kiwi neighbours’ and I have several kiwi friends.

    • I’m sorry too Catherine, it’s so ignorant and so misplaced. They are saying their opponents aren’t worthy in sport when they belittle others, so why play them. In life us poms and you kiwis cop a lot of ribbing but I think most Aussies have a soft spot for us.

    • Yes Linda we certainly do, the village I live in has a lot of pom’s and several kiwis and we are all the best of friends, I may have been born in Australia however our family heritage is Irish and I’m sure some people don’t think of that when they start their racist rants, I wish everyone would just get along with everyone it’s not that hard.

  2. I don’t follow any thugby type sports but it gives me a lift when an Australian team wins. If it can’t be the Wallabies – then an All Blacks win will be nice. Apart from those two, I couldn’t care less.

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  3. Remember those of you who write for “Starts at 60” this stream is well received in NZ, but I dp not approve of some of the language in this article. another comment mentions racist remarks!. Country pride is good but boundaries are also to be respected.

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    • I’ve read the article twice. Did I miss something? Couldn’t find any bad language or racist remarks in this article – just an avid sportsman acknowledging the supremacy of the All Blacks; a much improved Wallaby team; some other formidable opponents and the prospect of a wonderful Grand Final!

  4. Good Grief. This is SPORT. Where is everyone’s sense of Aussie pride and sense of humour. Go the Wallabies, you good things. Give it all you’ve got. I love to see the All Blacks, their chant, the Haka, is glorious – well done you champions. It would be wonderful for all the world to experience the ANZAC clash for the grand final, with the outcome of victorious Aussies. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI. xxxxxxx

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