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AEC Staff and Voters at the Gillen Polling Both Alice Springs ,NT

You might have been focussed on the task at hand when attending your local polling booth for yesterday’s Federal election vote, but there were a few big-eared Aussie’s who couldn’t help but overhear the musings of those around them and in kind took to social media to share the comical — and occasionally disturbing — brain droppings.

As these things have a tendency of doing, the hashtag ‘overheard at the polling booth’ quickly started to trend on Twitter, which provides some light relief in what has been a tense 24 hours, with the election result currently too close to call.

While some of the utterances might have you questioning the requirement of compulsory voting, others might make you laugh out loud.

We’ve collected some of the best to indulge in while you’re having that Sunday morning brew.

There was confusion about the party acronyms, with some voters unable to tell the difference between the major parties. The confusion also extended to the information involving ‘how to vote’.

While others were upset about light refreshments and the sausage sizzle.

Did you hear anything unusual at the polling booth where you voted?

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  1. I didnt hear anything unusual – but quite a few people, including myself, were talking about how our voting system is so out of date – in this age of technology and all. Having to use a pencil to fill in the long long white sheet! Online voting seemed to be one of the suggestions made….

    2 REPLY
    • Yes the ballot sheets have got bigger and the booths smaller!

    • You DIDN’T have to use a pencil. You could have used your own pen.

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