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It’s been a precious day for the Royal Family with William and Kate giving birth to a new princess after a labour of just 2.5 hours. We’ve seen Baby Prince George go in to meet his sister. Then the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge packed up and left the hospital, carrying their beautiful baby girl and there are pictures of the baby looking absolutely beautiful. Here are all the photos as well as some of the tweets circulating this morning.


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous l wish the family happiness and joy

  2. Lovely news after the past few days God bless them

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    • New Moon many blessings & healings’ A Royal birth a Princess Queen..Long Life.. Good Health & Prosperity to All…George will be full of wonderment.. & excitement but he looked pretty tried to me…hopefully the family will have rest we wait patiently ..lovingly with peace & harmony..From:- Australia; “The Darling Buds of May”…Advance Australia Fair…Congradulations celebrations & Jubilations…Time for rejuvenations…At your Majesties’ Service Royal treatment, when ever you feel ready…Rest for a while knowing we wish you Peace.

  3. Lovely.The princess was born on my husbands birthday so i am hoping they name her John.LOL.It is so nice to hear some good news for a change.

  4. Oh God – here’s another royal brat. What about all the other new Mums around the world – where’s the congratulations for them? If these 2 privileged royals came from a council run housing estate, living on benefits, would they receive all this hype & Hoo – Haa ? No way. Although that basically is all they are – living off the benefits of the taxpayers money.

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