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Although the government is legally obliged to disclose all of the information about the budget, it can often be difficult to look at the numbers with any perspective.

To help everyone, Acquire Procurement Services has created an incredibly simple but accurate chart that allows you to see where your tax dollars are spent and exactly what is spent on what.

All you have to do is click on the link below, hover over the contract to see what department organised it and there you have it!

So take a look at the chart by clicking on the link below. Tell us, in the next budget where would you like to see more money spent? Where would you like to see less? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

See the chart by clicking here:

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  1. I’d like to see how much money is spent each year on themselves, wages, super, & all the extras they claim as well, plus what we keep paying for after they leave their position that WE keep paying for.

  2. Lyn is right.. how much of taxpayers money is spent on these retired Politicians, not to mention the current ones. Then add on top the rorts like Hockey paying rent to his wife to stay in his own house and I bet it adds up to a huge amount

  3. What does it matter how much it costs? pensions have to be paid and how much did they reel in while we were all working? We must have all paid billions and billions in taxes, our pensions are a drop in the bucket to what we paid out. Without baby bonuses and high payments for our children

  4. I just had a look and I don’t get it. While there are some important things there, there are some not so. Are the people here not important? Leanna is right, our pensions are a drop in the bucket. Make the pollies live on same pension or add their pension amounts to what is the amount now and then evenly distribute it. We should all get a bit more and the pollies should get what the rest of this country get.

  5. The only people in Australia that get paid an on going bonus for getting sacked……Politicians? Yet we have paid extra in our taxes for years to supposedly pay our pensions? A lot of us are still working and contributing to the economy and I for one don’t mind my taxes going towards the leaners

  6. I have an idea, seeing as our objections about pensions not being paid fairly are being ignored by the government, maybe we could start sending letters to businesses where we can no longer purchase goods and services from. We could explain that as prices are going up higher than what we can pay. We will not be able to support that particular business anymore. For example, I will be telling our local coffee shop that what I was spending there a month now has to go to cover private health fund increases. Whilst this is small from me,imagine if we all started explaining this to businesses. They may get more action from a government that panders ro business

  7. Maybe it is time we Pensioners stopped whinge-ing and started to get pro-active. The “pollies” see us as easy beats, and don’t respect us, or value our input to the country over the decades. Should we put up with this discriminating behaviour? Or should we start an “anti Age Discrimination” party, and stand candidates in every seat at every election, Australia wide? The potential is exciting!

  8. Leanna Stephenson – What does it matter how much it costs? It matters a lot. That is why there are age, income and asset qualifications. Your taxes didn’t just pay for your parents pension, it educated you and your family and kept you healthy. You children’s taxes are paying for your pension. There are leanna’s and lifters.

  9. Seems to me that far too much is being spent on Defence – over a quarter!?

  10. Every election from now on us voters shoul focus on MPs salaries, pensions, benefits and running costs and TURF out as many of these bludgers as we can!!! THEY are the cause of our poorly performing economy and even after we unelect?fire them they have their big snouts in the public trough forever AND get on every company board they can….for more $$$! THEY waste time in governemnt and behave like kids/morons!!!! Just llok at Keating, Howard, Costello and for Gods sake even Gillard!!!!! WE NEED A HUGE CHANGE IN POLITICS, IT IS RUINING THE COUNTRY AND THEY WANT TO DENY THE REST OF US PENSIONS THAT WE, REPEAT WE, PAID FOR IN YEARS AND YEARS OF TAXES! WHAT, have they done …NOTHING!!! Lets make sure they know who is REALLY BOSS!!!!

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