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The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall have finished their royal tour.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have jetted out of the Middle East after wrapping up their week-long stay in the region.

The royal couple had a whopping 50 official engagements to attend over the week, finishing their stay in Bahrain where they lay a wreath to mark Remembrance Day.

They flew from Oman to the United Arab Emirates before landing in their final destination in Bahrain.

The philanthropic pair made the most of their time there visiting women’s shelters, checking out the local wildlife and enjoying a dune buggy ride through the sand.

Aside from their official duties, they also took part in a spot of shopping, picking up nine nesting dolls and a cushion at a souk in Manama.

With the weather considerably warmer there than back in England, Camila ditched the coats and stepped out in some truly gorgeous outfits.

Her departing outfit was one of the best, with comfortable white pants, a billowing camel-coloured top and simple silver flats.

While Camila struggled in the spotlight for many years it seems she’s found her footing in the royal family of late and is said to be very much at ease with William and Harry.

Charles and Camila will be arriving back in London in time to meet Prince Harry’s new girlfriend Meghan Markle who is currently visiting him at home.

What do you think of Camila’s lovely outfits? Would you wear something similar?

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      How many of our elderly and perhaps more naive readers been conned by these bastards?
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  3. Oh wow !!! How’s that last picture with the pink top Boy, is she a classy lady.
    Charles is just so lucky to have her as his true love and companion for life.
    What a crying shame he had to wait all those years to be with her, and not have had to endure that sham of an unhappy ‘suitable’ marriage to the adulterous Dippy Di !!! The only
    good things that came out of that fiasco was our future King William V … oh, and Harry too (I think?). Interestingly though, apparently Camilla’s family tree goes back to William the Conqueror and that she’s actually Charles’ 9th cousin removed.

    3 REPLY
    • Diana was only a breading machine for the royals Camila I hope will never be QUEEN there was only one that should have had that title and that’s DIANA she had a raw deal when she married Charles I don’t blame her for what she do e but she never deserved to be killed off and that’s what they did

      1 REPLY
      • ‘……..breading machine’…… many slices did she give?

    • She is a husband stealer what the hell Charles seen in her I never know when he had a beautiful wife like DIANA she didnot deserve to be treated like that no wonder she strayed when he was at it all the time with that woman

      1 REPLY
      • Glynis, WHAT UTTER ROT !!! Both your comments were devoid of any truthful facts …
        atrociously written and with absolutely no punctuation whatsoever. I guess they accurately indicate your ‘fairy tale’ attitudes on life in general. Your inane “she never deserved to be killed off and that’s what they did” shocker is a complete insult to any sane person’s intelligence.

    • Guy, you’re right again!

      Diana was chosen only as a ‘brood mare’.
      She had good ‘breeding stock’ lineage back to the 11th Century.

      Once she’d borne the ‘heir, & spare’, she’d done what was required of her.
      After that she was only useful as a ‘lay’ for whomsoever she chose, & she chose very badly, which proves she wasn’t the brightest, & to head Charities’.

      She wasn’t exactly the ‘sharpest tool in the shed’, in fact she was pretty much academically dumb.

      Fancy her thinking that the Royal Family would have ANYTHING to do with a Muslim!
      Whether she was pregnant at the time of her death to that Egyptian, or not, is a matter for History to tell in the future.
      The way all was treated from the moment of car’s impact, to her actually dying, leads me to conjecture she WAS pregnant. The ‘Frog’s’ have NEVER release the Autopsy results, either.

      They’re good at keeping things ‘under wraps’! On another slant, look how they’ve not released any details on supposed MH370 plane pieces’ tests, either!

      I agree wth you, that in Camilla, at least Charles has some happiness, in his dotage.

      1 REPLY
      • Yes, Duncan, Diana FAILED her O levels’……TWICE!
        Failed every single subject!
        No Einstein then, I’d guess!

        Daddy sent her to a Swiss ‘Finishing School’, as you do, where she passed ‘Deportment’!

        Now THAT subject needs the ‘brains’ of a ‘rocket scientist’……..NOT!

  4. Nothing classy about that woman .She will never come close to

    3 REPLY
    • Lesley, your angelic Diana was nothing but an adulterous tart. She was having it off many years before Camilla came on the scene and the marriage finally collapsed. Are you actually prepared to honestly state that Harry is Charles’ son ??? Boy, do some people live in La La Land !!

      1 REPLY
      • Harry’s the spitting image of James Hewitt & Diana.
        He bears little resemblance to William, except through his mother.

    • Lesley, WTF would she ever want to?

      Diana was a dipstick, in many ways.

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