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It’s been a tough day for Australia’s heads of state, with one nearly killed off and the other caught in a compromising position.

These twin gaffes would never have occurred in years gone by, although not for want of trying. But in today’s social-media driven world it’s only too easy to poke fun and pollies and wipe out the monarch with a keystroke.

First came the death of the Queen, which occurred after the BBC’s Ahmen Khawaja accidentally tweeted that Queen Elizabeth had been admitted to hospital (which she hadn’t).

“False alarm to Queen’s death!” it said. “She is being treated at King Edward 7th hospital. Statement due shortly”.

The journalist quickly retracted the tweet but not before the news had pinged around the world and was picked up by major news outlets such as CNN and Germany’s Bild network.


There are conflicting reports about the sequence of events led to the tweet. Ms Khawaja said it was a prank that occurred when her phone was left unattended, but a BBC spokesperson told the Independent it was a “rehearsal” for the 89-year-old Queen’s death.

“During a technical rehearsal for an obituary, tweets were mistakenly sent from the account of a BBC journalist saying that a member of the royal family had been taken ill. The tweets were swiftly deleted and we apologise for any offence”.

Next it was our Prime Minister’s turn. After a carefully scripted PR opportunity in which Tony Abbott met a local butcher in a shopping centre, a photographer captured this shot, which instantly became a social media sensation:     Tony Abbott Twitter reject  

It’s okay, Mr Abbott isn’t the first politician to be made a fool of, and we’re sure he won’t be the last. 



Once upon a time we paid our respects to politicians and the Monarchy, today it seems we’re more comfortable paying them out. Do you think our leaders deserve more respect?

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  1. Abbott in his element telling it how it is. This is another one of his Captains calls. LMFAO

    2 REPLY
    • Ruth this is off topic sorry but I wanted to thank you..the other day I saw you make a comment about an electric blanket for your chair and it was cheaper to run..well I have been freezing my behind off, so today I went out and bought one..thanks again xoxo

    • Libbi. Just remember to turn it down to about 5 or 6 once it has heated up. Other wise the automatic override will shut it down. I have had mine on all day as we have had 11c here and rain all day. I just love it.

  2. Respect? It is a thing of the past. Some Children are not learning it either from their disrespectful parents. Very sad.

    9 REPLY
    • Respect must be earned. You don’t just give it. Abbott has done absolutely nothing to earn my respect.

    • What has BILL done to get respect , he treats & speaks to people like he does to his Union workers. No class

    • Actually there was one of Bill this morning in exactly the same spot. If I remember around Election time there were a few more outside Reject shops of both, my guess photoshopped

    • How come you are allowed to be on here being rude to any one who disagrees with you. I could say same thing, I have seen both now, and both are photo shopped , real one has minister with him , and another girl

    • that photo is all over the news website and the video has been on the news..stop trolling and telling lies Dawn Bruce

    • Janet Farmer you are a disgrace on this site, Respect!!! You certainly have not earned any respect here. I find it unbelievable that you are supposedly a senior citizen. You have written rude and derogatory comments to everyone! Have to feel sorry for you in a way. So full of hate to everyone! Pathetic really

  3. What the lefties moving into the sixties. Bill shortarse had his photo in Queensland outside the Reject shop isn’t it the labour headquarters

    13 REPLY
    • Well leanna each to its own at least Abbott doesn’t have A suspected or accused of stabbing 2other pm in the back

      1 REPLY
    • IF you think the pensioners of this country are going to forget the stress he put us through for over 12 months..only to back down..your dreaming

    • Get over it im a pensioner and life isn’t that bad. It was worse under. Rudd and Gillard

    • That’s why Labor government left no money for the future. Keep dreaming

      1 REPLY
      • If Abbott is the saviour then how come he has doubled the debt in two Years and we do not look like getting out of in in the next ten.
        So if you think he is doing a good job you are dreaming.

    • Nola Trevor, can I remind you that Tony Abbott got rid of Malcolm Turnbull….that was definitely a back stab move. And this govt has spent more than Labour did when they were in government…and they had a global financial crisis to put up with. Open your eyes and get your facts right.

    • Have you ever. Worked or HAVE YOU Always been a dependent of the pension. You stupid old fool

    • I am still working and helping to support your lazy old azz Nola and its is none of your business to be asking anyone that 🙂

    • Some people have very short memories… Work later & you don’t get stress,worked until 70 in physical job now 76 & wish I was still working should have worked a couple of years longer,just been travelling the world about the last 30 years & still doing it..& I didn’t qualify to get the handout from Rudd the dud either so I bought my own big screen TV,but then I think he & Gillard the worst two this country has seen!!

    • Lynette Miles, what drugs are you on ? Bill Shorten stabbed Krudd in the back then he stabbed the new Julia in the back, so you should know that because you are a expert in backstabbing

  4. Rabbott and all his Morons encluding Mad Dam speaker are REJECTS

    9 REPLY
    • Sorry to say but God don’t make rejects……we may differ in opinion, have different viewpoints but your comment is utterly disrespectful. No wonder the younger generation doesn’t know the meaning of the word “respect”

    • You atheists have a right to your beliefs, but I beg to differ with you! There is a God, and no He doesn’t make rejects. I don’t like the disrespect you people show to out Prime Minister.

    • For your information im not a atheist but i don’t think Abbott is worthy to call himself Pm he’s a total disgrace and doesn’t deserve respect every word that comes out of his mouth is a lair about time he went and confessed all his sins he would sure be there for a long time

  5. I thought it was a good photo of the PM ..

    9 REPLY
  6. A little respect people. you are the idiots here in fact.

    4 REPLY
    • So you tell us to show respect and then call us idiots. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Janet you don’t have my respect! And I certainly dislike every word you have written here! You should be banned from this site for all the vitriol that comes from you!

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